Waiting on Wednesday: A Million Worlds With You

Waiting on Wednesday

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted at Breaking the Spine, which shines a light on eagerly anticipated upcoming releases.

This week my pick is;

A Million Worlds With You

A Million Worlds With You by Claudia Gray

Publisher: Harper Teen

Release Date: 1st November 2016


A million universes. A million dangers. One destiny.

The fate of the multiverse rests in Marguerite Caine’s hands. Marguerite has been at the centre of a cross-dimensional feud since she first travelled to another universe using her parents’ invention, the Firebird. Only now has she learned the true plans of the evil Triad Corporation—and that those plans could spell doom for dozens or hundreds of universes, each facing total annihilation.

Paul Markov has always been at Marguerite’s side, but Triad’s last attack has left him a changed man—angry and shadowed by tragedy. He struggles to overcome the damage done to him, but despite Marguerite’s efforts to help, Paul may never be the same again.

So it’s up to Marguerite alone to stop the destruction of the multiverse. Billions of lives are at stake. The risks have never been higher. And Triad has unleashed its ultimate weapon: another dimension’s Marguerite—wicked, psychologically twisted, and always one step ahead.

In the epic conclusion to Claudia Gray’s Firebird trilogy, fate and family will be questioned, loves will be won and lost, and the multiverse will be forever changed. It’s a battle of the Marguerites…and only one can win.

I have just finished the second book in this series (I will be posting my review tomorrow) and wow, just wow. It more than lived up to everyone’s recommendations as well as my own expectations. Only now I find myself left with a really long wait for the last book in the series, and after that ending I need to get my hands on A Million Worlds With You as soon as possible.

So what does everyone think; is A Million Worlds With You a must on anyone else’s to-read list or are there any other books that you can’t wait for to be released?

8 thoughts on “Waiting on Wednesday: A Million Worlds With You

  1. I haven’t read any of them yet but the covers of this series are SO amazing – the colours are just gorgeous! Glad to hear that the second book lives up to recommendations, that’s always a hard feat. 😛


    1. They’re really good books, and probably the prettiest covers I have on my bookshelf as well 🙂
      I’d heard a lot of good things about the second book but it definitely more than lived up I my expectations. There were so many ways it was better than the first, especially in terms of the character development! Do you plan to read this series at all?


      1. It’s so rare that second books turn out better than their first, in my experience, so even greater! Truthfully I’m not super interested so I have no strict plans, haha. The blurb just doesn’t engage me, unfortunately. 😛

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      2. I know what you mean, there are a few that come to mind I’ve enjoyed more and they’re all favourite series of mine! There are more where I either haven’t liked the second as much or have only liked it the same amount as the first (really hope that makes sense)
        Ahh that’s a shame, but everyone has different reading tastes obviously. The multiverse travel was what really hooked me, well, that and the covers 😀

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