Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Bookworm Delights

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week there is a new topic for bloggers to choose and list their top ten. This week’s theme is Top Ten Bookworm Delights.

There are so many things I love about books, probably why I buy so many and why I blog about the in my spare time. The only issue I had with this week’s topic was narrowing it down to only ten because there is so much I could have chose; when I arrive home and see a parcel from Amazon on my doorstep, when I start a new book or when I finish a favourite series. There is so much to love about reading and blogging and this week I highlighted my favourite parts of being a bookaholic.

My bookish delights are…

…When a book I’ve been waiting for is finally released.
The Raven King, The Rose and The Dagger, The Star-Touched Queen; all three were my most anticipated releases for April and all three have been released today. There is nothing better than reaching a book’s release day, a book you’ve been waiting for for ages, and knowing soon you’ll have it in your hands and you’ll be able to start reading it.

…The final book in a series.
If you start reading a series from the very beginning then reaching the end feels like a massive accomplishment. There can be a long wait for the very last book, The Lunar Chronicles series comes to mind. The wait between Cress and Winter was horribly long, but reading the last book was such an amazing experience it made all the waiting worthwhile.

…The smell of books.
There is nothing better than the smell of a new book. I may read a lot on my Kindle going to and from work but nothing beats a simple paperback in that aspect. Also I recently discovered Frostbeard Studio, which takes the smell of books and makes them a candle. In my opinion there is nothing better than lighting a candle that smells like Butterbeer, or The Shire, or Hatter’s Tea Party and reading a book.

…Wandering around a bookstore.
I could spend hours in Waterstones, and anytime I go on holiday I always make sure to scout out the nearest bookstore. While I buy most of my books on Amazon, because there’s a much bigger selection and it’s cheaper as well, nothing beats going into a bookstore. Seeing all the covers they have on display, browsing the titles, reading the blurbs, and potentially finding something you wouldn’t have picked up at first but you think could become a favourite.

…Buying books.
This one had to go on this week’s list. I could, and do, spend hours browsing Amazon adding books to my basket. I have overspent by a lot this month but I know when I see all the parcels on my doorstep it’s all going to be worth it; because nothing beats knowing there a new book waiting at home for you to start reading, especially if it’s a new and much-anticipated release.

…Filling up my bookshelves.
I have a lot of bookshelves, it’s got to the stage now where I physically can’t fit anymore in my room and still have room for my wardrobe and bed. However starting off with an empty bookshelf and slowly seeing it fill up as I buy more and more books is such fun, and probably why I have such an issue sticking to a monthly book buying budget if I’m honest.

…Matching covers, preferably gorgeous ones.
There are some series on my shelves with two or even three different cover designs. It’s not a must for me to have all matching covers for all the series on my bookshelves but I can’t deny that it looks a lot better when I do. I love gorgeous book covers, more than a few books I own were brought solely because of how pretty the covers look, so there is a very large part of me that loves having complete series with matching covers gracing my bookshelves.

…Re-reading an old favourite series.
Of course Harry Potter immediately comes to mind for this one. I re-read the series over and over because each time, starting from the very first book, I fall right back into the world and am reminded of all the things I love about each and every book.

…Finishing a book and realising it’s going to be one of my favourites forever.
The Book Thief, The Night Circus, The Lunar Chronicles, The Star-Touched Queen. As soon as I finished each of these books I knew instantly they were going to the top of my favourites list, and they would be staying there for a long time. It’s an amazing feeling when you finish a story and you know it’s going to stay with you long after you’ve closed the book.

…Cracking open the first page of a new book.
It’s where all journeys begin; where you start to fall in love with the characters and get drawn in by the story. No matter how many books I read there is never going to be a better feeling than starting a new one; be it an old favourite, a hyped new release, or even one I just picked up on a whim.

So what do you think? Did you take part in this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, if so let me know what some of your bookish delights are.


19 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Bookworm Delights

  1. OMG YES FOR TRATD! I haven’t gotten my hands on it just yet but just knowing that it’s out there excites me, haha. I’m hoping reviews will come up soon. 😛

    And reading a book and knowing it’ll be a favourite is just an amazing feeling – I don’t get it very often, so every time I do is really special. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My copy has been pre-ordered and I am just waiting on Amazon to dispatch it! I’ve literally been checking my account every hour or so to check if it’s been sent to me yet! I know what you mean though I am so excited to see what people ink of it but I feel like I already know it’s going to be amazing!
      The most recent one like that for me was The Star-Touched Queen, I don’t think I was even halfway through before I knew this would be a book added to the top of my favourites list 😀


      1. OMG I HOPE YOU READ IT AS SOON AS YOU GET TO IT and update all of us! Gaaah, I just can’t wait. 🙂

        That’s super good to hear. I just got my copy of The Star-Touched Queen and I’m really looking forward to starting it, hopefully this weekend!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Neither can I, I’m gonna tear that package apart trying to get to the book! I need it like I need air!
        Oh my god I am so so excited for you to read The Star-Touched Queen and I cannot wait to see your review for it either. I really really hope you love it as much as I did! 😀


      3. Thank youuuu! I hope I do too. I’m currently binge-watching Modern Family and tbh it’s taking over pretty much all of my free time so you’ll probably get to TRATD sooner than I get to The Star-Touched Queen. 😛

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      4. I love Modern Family, it’s such a brilliant show! Hopefully I’ll get to read TRATD soon but at the moment it STILL hasn’t been dispatched from Amazon. The estimated delivery date is for 3rd May so hopefully it will be soon. I need this book like I need air!


      5. Normally stuff arrives from Amazon really quickly once it has been dispatched, and actually books are dispatched quickly once they’ve been released. It just seems like the books I really desperately need to read right now are taking the longest to be sent to me!


    1. They did a Night Circus one a few months back (last year I think) but it’s not available anymore and I am totally gutted because I would have LOVED that one. But there are a few others I have my eye on now! Mainly the Harry Potter ones 😀
      God yes, whenever I’m out I always go into my bookstore to see what there is and find more book recommendations! And nothing beats the feeling of buying new books does it, probably why I have a major problem sticking to a monthly book budget!

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    1. Thanks so much Jenna ❤️
      God yes I love re-reading Harry Potter, it’s remained my favourite series even after all this time and after everything else I’ve read 😀
      There are so many bookish delights aren’t there, I think book buying is a big one for me. Probably why I’m constantly overspending each month. I just can’t help myself 😀

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  2. I also love when you finish a book and know that this was an immediate favourite. Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare comes to mind for me. Nothing can beat that experience for me 🙂

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