Review Policy

CURRENT STATUS: I am not accepting requests to review books from authors or publishers. Sorry, but feel free to check back later.

Review Policy

Welcome to Reading Every Night. Before sending a request please read all the information on this page to ensure your book is the right fit for my blog, and that you’re sending your request to the right blog.

I accept ARCs in the form of physical books or eBooks formatted for Kindle devices from authors and publishers. I only accept requests to read and review books from the Young Adult genre. Subgenres I accept are; fantasy, contemporary, magical realism, sci-fi and dystopian. Please note that I do not accept historical or non-fiction books to review.

About my Reviews

My reviews are 100% my own opinion. In the event I do not like your book I will be honest but I will not be cruel, and my review will not be an attack on the author and/or publisher. All my opinions are justified based on my own impression of what I read.

All my reviews contain standard details on the book itself; the cover, title, author, series name (if applicable), publisher, release date and the blurb. My thoughts on a book are broken down into three sections where I talk about the plot, the characters and the setting if it’s a fantasy or sci-fi book.

I post all reviews on my blog, Reading Every Night. I also post a summary of my thoughts on Goodreads with a link to the full review on WordPress.

To check out some of my past reviews please go to my Review Index.


Five Stars

Five Stars: An amazing book. There was nothing I read that I didn’t like, and this has now become one of my all-time favourite books and/or series.

Four Stars

Four Stars: Still a good book, however there were a few small issues I spotted along the way which pulled me out of the story. Mainly little things like unanswered questions in terms of the world building or something missing in the relationship between characters.

Three Stars

Three Stars: An OK book but one with an equal amount of dislikes compared to likes. Usually this is a rating I give when there are issues with the development of the main characters, plot holes, or a lack of consistent world building.

Two Stars

Two Stars: Sadly a book I did not enjoy and one I can’t say I would recommend to any readers of my blog. The potential was there but it wasn’t reached in the story and left me disappointed.

One Stars

One Star: This is reserved for books I do not finish. I have yet to use this rating as I always try and finish the books I pick up, but it’s still there for a reason.

Thank you for reading all of my Review Policy, due to the amount of requests I will only reply to those with books I am interested in reading and reviewing.

If you would like to send a request for me to read and review your book then email me at; Also please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions about me or my reviews.


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