Discussion Time: Is Romance in YA Taking Too Much Away from Character Development?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love romantic relationships in books but recently, and I’m not sure if this is because I’m getting older or blogging has opened my eyes to it, I’ve started seeing romantic relationships that have felt shoehorned into the plot. They’re simply there to appeal to readers who love reading romance, and more often than not it seems to take away from the character development.

I still want to see romance in books, sometimes there is literally nothing more I want than a fluffy contemporary book with a heart-warming romance to read one afternoon, but I don’t want it to feel like something added in to make the story ‘better’ regardless of all the other aspects that make a good book great.

Is Romance in YA Taking Too Much Away from Character Development

Is Romance in YA Taking Too Much Away from Character Development?

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Discussion Time: Tropes in YA Fiction

Everyone has tropes they love seeing in books, and everyone has tropes they hate seeing in books. However whether you love them or hate them you see them everywhere, especially it seems in YA fiction (although this could be something I notice more in YA books because I read more YA books).

Now don’t get me wrong they’re tropes for a reason, and they’re in so many books because they work to help move a story along. But when you’re looking at the books you own that rely on tropes to tell a story doesn’t it get a bit tired essentially reading the same story over and over again, just with different names?

Tropes in YA Fiction

Tropes in YA Fiction.

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Discussion Time: Does “Second Book Syndrome” Exist?

Like it seems to have with most bookish topics my opinions on Second Book Syndrome have changed a lot since I started blogging. While I do still think it exists with certain books and/or series I’ve come to realise it isn’t as common as I once thought it was.

Second book syndrome is something we’ve all probably experienced at one point or another. When a series starts off amazing you’re left hyping up the next book, desperate to find out what happens next in this series you love, but when you finally get your hands on book number two you’re left disappointed by what you’ve read.

Does 'Second Book Syndrome' Exist

Does “Second Book Syndrome” Exist?

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Discussion Time: Is Book Shaming a Thing in Bookish Communities?

After my first discussion post was a success in my mind I am a lot more confident on posting my second one. I have a schedule now; I will be posting these discussions twice a month on the second and fourth Saturday of the month, at least until I start running out of ideas and have to cut down on them a little until inspiration strikes again.

For this week I did have another idea for what I wanted to talk about in this discussion, but then something happened in a conversation that kind of inspired me. This means that I still have my original idea saved for next time, but now onto the topic;

Is Book Shaming a Thing in Bookish Communities

Is Book Shaming a Thing in Bookish Communities?

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Discussion Time: Why is There So Much Girl Hate in YA Fiction?

Discussion posts are something I’ve been thinking about adding to my blog for a while now and the New Year seemed like a perfect time to start, let’s just pretend I posted this sometime in January rather than waiting until the end of February to get started.

Granted this does depend on my blogging/reading schedule but I’d like to post these two times a month. I’m not sure how this will work so please bear with me for the first few posts as I work out the format and the writing style and everything else that comes with posting discussions on WordPress, but now onto the topic;


Why is There So Much Girl Hate in YA Fiction?

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