Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Audios I can’t get Enough of

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature that was created by The Broke and the Bookish and hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Born from a love of lists and a love of books each week there’s a new topic for bloggers to list their ‘top ten’.

Top Ten Tuesday '19 #10

Top Ten Audios I’m Currently Loving

Another week and another Top Ten Tuesday post where I’m straying from the set topic of Top Ten Outrageous Things I’ve done for the Love of Books. I’m not an ‘outrageous’ person, in fact the only thing I could think of for this topic was going to the midnight release for the last Harry Potter book, which I can’t really say is outrageous in my mind. So instead I’m going back to the Audio Freebie prompt from a couple of weeks ago and talking about some of the audios – podcasts, albums and songs – that I’m really loving at the moment.

Welcome to Night Vale

There aren’t many podcasts I listen to, that I can say I’m really hooked on, but I really love Welcome to Night Vale. It was the first podcast I tuned into and since I’ve been listening I’ve been lucky enough to have gone to a couple of the live shows, which is always an incredible experience. I’ve fallen behind on some of the newer episodes so I’m currently binge-listening from the very beginning to catch up.

Good Morning Night Vale

I can’t talk about Welcome to Night Vale in a post without also talking about Good Morning Night Vale. There aren’t as many episodes, but I’m really enjoying the behind-the-scenes view Good Morning Night Vale gives to each episode of Welcome to Night Vale.


Ever since they won XFactor (even though I don’t even watch XFactor) I’ve loved Little Mix. They’re my favourite girl band and every single one of their albums has been amazing, and are played on repeat on my iPod. I do think their releases have gotten better as they’ve gone along, so obviously LM5 is my favourite of their albums so far.

Dancing’s Not a Crime

Panic at the Disco were massive when I was in sixth form (my whole year, myself included, had an emo/scene kids phase in 2016/17) so hearing they were releasing a new album brought back some fun memories. I haven’t downloaded all of Pray for the Wicked yet, but the two singles from the album they’ve released so far are brilliant.

Thrilling Adventure Hour

This is the only other podcast that I regularly listen to, and it’s another favourite of mine. My favourite episodes are the Beyond Belief ones; I love anything paranormal, and Frank and Sadie are hilarious characters. Some new episodes have been released and I need to catch up on them, but Thrilling Adventure Hour is the kind of podcast where I’ll happily re-listen to the older episodes over and over again.

The Umbrella Academy

After binge-watching the TV show back in February my next step was obviously downloading the soundtrack and binge-listening to the songs. I’ve had The Umbrella Academy soundtrack on repeat on my iPod for weeks at a time (so much so that I probably know all the words to all the songs) and my favourite track seems to change with every listen (at the moment it’s Never Tear Us Apart).


I’ve never had a Jonas Brothers phase when I was younger, I think I remember listening to their songs but I was never in love with them or their music, so when I heard there was a new single behind released I wasn’t crazy hyped for it. Then I heard Sucker while watching 4Music and I got why everyone was raving about it. It’s so catchy, I always want to sing along whenever it comes on my iPod.


I feel like I’m very late on the mark discovering Halsey and her Badlands album. Some of her songs – Castle and Colours – hit my radar but the hype seemed to pass me by, until I finally downloaded her album after discovering some of her other tracks falling down a YouTube black hole. No surprise I loved it.

Don’t Feel Like Crying

I really need to download Sigrid’s album; all of the singles she’s released have been favourites of mine and obviously Don’t Feel Like Crying is no exception. Her songs have a very old school pop vibe to them which for me brings back memories from my childhood dancing around the living room to Top of the Pops. All her songs just make me want to start dancing along.

Pretty Shining People

Considering how much I’ve loved all the singles George Ezra has released from his Staying at Tamara’s album I really should download it in its entirety. Pretty Shining People is his latest release, and while it doesn’t knock Paradise off its position as my favourite George Ezra song it’s high on my list of favourite singles.

Did you take part in this week’s Top Ten Tuesday?

What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve done for the love of books? Have you been to midnight releases for books you’ve loved, or travelled across the country/world for a bookish event?

Do you enjoy podcasts, what ones would you recommend everyone check out? What songs are you loving at the moment, are any of the tracks I featured on my list this week favourites of yours as well?

46 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Audios I can’t get Enough of

  1. Halsey’s Badlands album is one of my absolute favorites! And I’m also a huge fan of Panic at the Disco, what’s your favorite album from the band?

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      1. For me when it comes to Panic! I enjoy certain aspects of each album as a whole so it’s really hard to pick a favorite. Fever is definitly up there but I love the vibe of Too Weird, the instrumental of V&V or even just the lyrics of Pretty Odd. 🤩

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  2. Awesome top 10, Beth! I plan on binging the Umbrella Academy comics soon before checking out the show too. I also explored audiobooks for the first time in the past weeks. Quite the unique medium. I could probably only do some stories in that format but definitely not my favourite hahah

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks so much Lashaan. 🙂 I really hope you enjoy the comics then, and the show too. I will say having loved the TV show I’m tempted to check out the comics as well.
      Yeah I think there are definitely some books which work better as audiobooks, it’s normally just finding out which ones they are that’s the issue. 🙂

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  3. I’ve only watched three episodes of Umbrella Academy but the soundtrack is already so good!! I’m watching the show with my parents so we have to figure out when everyone is available. I can’t wait to continue!!

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    1. Don’t worry I’m really behind too, but I’m sure we’ll catch up before too long. Oh definitely soothing, and I get it because it kind of makes all the craziness that happens in Night Vale all the more intense doesn’t it? 🙂


  4. I literally gasped when I saw Welcome to Night Vale on this post! 😂 I love Night Vale, and I’ve been listening to it for almost 4 years now! I’m not caught up, either, but I’ve only missed the past 10 episodes or so.

    Thanks for the other recommendations! I’m always looking for something new 🙂

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    1. Ha, yeah it was actually the first thing that popped to mind because it’s been a solid favourite for years now. Even with those missed episodes you’re still further ahead than I am. I need to actually sit down and dedicate the time to catching up, there are just so many that have been released so far.
      That’s all right, I hope you enjoy the ones on this list you decide to check out. 🙂 ❤️

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  5. I haven’t heard many of these except George Ezra’s new album! Which was pretty good. It didn’t beat his previous one for me, but I still love his voice ❤ The music from The Umbrella Academy is pure gold. You've reminded me that I need to download that one ASAP. I also need to listen to Pray for the Wicked in full. I recently listened to their Death of a Bachelor album again. My favorite I think! Can't wait to listen to their newer sings though! And I'm always down to listen to more podcasts. I need to expand my interests lol. And I've only heard one song from Sigrid (Everybody Knows) but that one is enough to make me wanna try her other songs! Great list Beth! Definitely will have to check all these out 😀

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    1. I should probably download it soon then (as well as his previous one if you think that’s the better of the two). I mean I’ve loved his singles so far so chances are I’ll love his albums too. 🙂
      The Umbrella Academy was one of my priority downloads. I was that addicted to the show. I’ve never really listened to any of their albums in full, which is strange now I think about it because I’ve love all their singles.
      All her songs have a really infectious beat, and I feel like if you’ve loved even one of her tracks it’s a pretty strong guarantee you’re going to love them all.
      Thanks so much Azia, and I’m glad I could potentially introduce you to some new songs! 🙂 ❤️

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      1. They are! — and I got into podcasting relatively late, so have lots of catch-up to do on my current subscriptions. Not enough hours in the day …

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  6. Ahh, I have really enjoyed listening to Sucker, too! I also didn’t have a large Jonas Brothers phase (I was more Hannah Montana, lol) but I have loved listening to it so far and I was still excited for their return. I don’t listen to podcasts, but my favorite music lately has been Ed Sheeran. 🙂

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  7. I love Halsey and Panic! At The Disco soo much!! All of their songs are so edgy and fun to listen to. I also really like Sucker. I was never into the Jonas Brothers when I was younger, but this song is so catchy. I can’t wait to see what else they come out with.

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    1. Yeah they’re the songs I loved when I was in high school/sixth form (well, Halsey if she’d been around then) but I never stopped loving their music.
      I guess we get to have our Jonas Brothers fan phase now, but I guess if they keep releasing songs like Sucker that’s not going to be an issue for me! 🙂

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  8. I can’t believe I haven’t discovered Thrilling Adventure Hour before; I just checked out the people behind it and I recognize (and admire) almost all of them! Glad you included it here. 😊😎
    My favorite podcasts are The Librarian Is In (from the New York Public Library), as well as LeVar Burton Reads.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I only discovered it by accident but it quickly became a favourite of mine. There are some amazing people behind it and all the episodes are amazing in my opinion! 🙂
      I’ll have to check those out, I may have been listening to some podcasts for years but there are so few I’ve discovered and loved. 🙂

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  9. I haven’t done anything outrageous either… not that I can think of, anyway.

    I honestly havent gotten into podcasts too much, but I really should give «welcome to night vale» a shot! Specially now knowing it inspired radio silence, im kinda curious..

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah I’m not an outrageous person so this topic was really hard for me. So I thought why not go with something else? 🙂
      I’m not a massive podcast person (not like I am a reading a book person) but I think Welcome to Night Vale is well worth tuning into. It’s so out there and funny, it really had me hooked from the start. 🙂

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  10. Great list Beth! I’m always listening to something! I love how you included music & podcasts! 😀 I’ve been a big fan of podcasts for a few years now. Although I’ve had them come and go, my favourite right now would have to be Reply All. It’s a podcast about the Internet. Pretty much every other week the two hosts, Alex and PJ pick something that has been happening on the Internet and talk about it. It could be downright weird, to helping someone with tech-support, to a heartwarming story. Every episode is different and you kinda start to love Alex and PJ, haha! I’d definitely recommend it! 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much Meghan. 🙂 ❤️ Yeah I need to have something to fill the air other than silence. I find it too hard to concentrate otherwise. I don’t have as many favourite podcasts as songs, despite the fact I’ve been following some for years I’m still new at actually discovering them. Oh that actually sounds like an interesting one, I may have to check it out. I’m always looking for different things to check out and I like the sound of the variety too. One of the things I love about the podcasts I featured in my list this week is that I really never know what each episode is going to be about (I don’t normally read the synopsis before listening to any episodes either). 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome Beth! 😀
        Right, when you can hear nothing it’s a little freaky!
        Oh I know what you mean. I never read what episodes are going to be about, that way I’m surprised. I was pleasantly surprised at the beginning of the year when they had a guest on the podcast that I really love, it made the podcast that much more enjoyable! 😀

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      2. It makes it too hard for me to focus. I’m too aware of the silence.
        It’s better that way too. I mean I know it’s never the case but I always worry about spoilers accidentally written in the synopsis, this way I don’t have to worry about it because I never read them. 🙂

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