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While I have been tagged to do the This or That tag before it was with different questions. So when I was tagged again by three amazing bloggers it was pretty much any excuse to do a tag that I really enjoyed and also to have a go at the second lot of questions I didn’t answer the first time around.

I was tagged by Kirstie at Upside-Down Books, Stephanie at Teacher of YA’s Book Blog, and Melissa at Book Nerd MoMo. Thank you all three of you for this tag, everyone else should definitely check out their original posts and while you’re there their blogs as well. All three are amazingly nice people and they deserve as much love from the WordPress community as you can give them.

This or That

The Rules:

  • Mention the creator of the tag. (Ayunda @ Tea and Paperbacks)
  • Thank the blogger who tagged you.
  • Choose one of the options, you don’t have to tell the reasons why you chose that but you can also do them if you want to.
  • Tag 5/10 other people to do this tag to spread the love.

Reading on the couch or in the bed?

In the bed.

I find it more comfy, and yes there is also a chance I’ll end up falling asleep half way through the book, but at the same time there is less chance of me being interrupted in the middle by my parents or my sister which is what would happen if I was reading downstairs in the living room on the couch.

Male main character or female main character?

Female main character.

I won’t say I avoid books with male main characters or anything but I tend to read more with female main characters. I’m not sure if this is just because there are more female main characters in YA books, or if just because as a female myself I tend to gravitate to those books.

Sweet snacks or salty snacks?


Honestly I’d say either, I’m not going to say no to a bar of chocolate while reading, but I love crisps so when I pick up a new book I normally have a bag of crisps open besides me to eat as I start reading.

Trilogies or quartets?


This is another one I’ll say I don’t mind either way. I’m terrible at waiting or books to be released though, so at least with trilogies I only have to wait for three books rather than four. Plus I’ve just read more, and have a lot more favourite, trilogies than quartets.

First person POV or third person POV?

Third person POV.

I feel as a reader you can get a lot more insight into the world, the other characters and the story in general with third person POV. When you’re reading a book in first person you tend to be limited to what that character knows, third person offers a more omnipotent view.

Reading at night or in the morning?

Reading in the morning.

This is probably going to surprise some people because I am a serious night owl. I stay up way too late at night even when I have to be up early in the mornings, and then when I don’t have to be up early I’ll sleep half the day away. But I do most of my reading on the train on my way in to work in the mornings. Also there’s nothing I like more than, when I just woke up, pulling a random book from my bookshelves and starting to read it, whether it’s one I’ve read a hundred times before or not.

Libraries or bookstores?


I’m largely basing this on my own personal experience. Don’t get me wrong libraries are great but at my local library the books there are not. The city spent so much money on a brand new building, re-did the whole library, but when it opened all the books inside were the same; more than a few years old and all ones I’d read before. Plus I like getting my books new and being able to keep them.

Books that make you laugh or books that make you cry?

Books that make me laugh.

Books that make me cry just seem to send me into a bit of a book hangover, I always find it so hard to let go of the characters and the story; even now after reading it over a month ago now I am still not over The Song of Achilles. I guess when it comes down to it I’ll always pick laughing over crying.

Black book covers or white book covers?

Black book covers.

Honestly this one I really had no preference on, but looking at my bookshelves I could see much more books with black covers than white so that’s what I’m going for.

Character driven or plot driven stories?

Plot driven stories.

Don’t get me wrong I love both but I feel it’s harder to get character driven stories right. Plus as someone who largely reads fantasy books it’s even harder to have a fantasy story which is solely character driven, you need some kind of plot or it just seems too slow.

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39 thoughts on “This or That Tag

      1. I think we may be thinking of the same series but I don’t want to say either in case the one I’m thinking of isn’t the one you’re thinking of and I end up spoiling that one for you. Let’s just say I was very disappointed with the last book and the way that character did die.
        Either way that’s not the one I was thinking of originally but it’s definitely one which applies! 😀


  1. Great post! I really loved reading through your answers. 🙂 Now that you mention it, I tend to read more books with a female point of view as well. I guess most of the books that interest me are just written in that way (or it might have to do with the ya genre as well).
    I also have to agree on preferring 3rd person point of view, I just feel as if the world can be built a lot better when the book is written in that way. (And we both know how that is important for fantasy books – which I mostly read.)
    I would love to go to a library…but there are two problems with that. As I live in an German speaking country the selection of books in English is quiet limited and I have no desire to read in German. And the second reason is that I haven’t quiet figured out how the libraries here work…which I should probably change! XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Anna. Yeah there’s definitely a lot more female characters, though when it comes down to it I’m honestly not sure if I prefer it because I’m genuinely more interested in a female POV or if there are just more books I can read with a female POV you know?
      I think it’s rare there are fantasy books with a first person POV. I’m not sure who well they work especially when, like you said, the world building is a lot better with a third person POV.
      Ohh yeah that can’t be easy. I know how my library works and we have a large selection of books in English just not the books I want to read, so kind of the opposite to your problems, but I hope you work out how your library works soon. It would be great if you could get some books there even if the selection is a little limited! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, I’m not sure which one I prefer either…I don’t think I care that much either way. I think for me it depends on what kind of personality the characters have, rather than the gender. Though I think I can relate more to female characters. XD
        Hahaha, yeah I hope I figure out how it works as well. I think I will start researching next week, as I don’t even know what I need to have to make an account (or whatever you call it) in the library! Well, at least I know whats next on my agenda. 🙂

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      2. Oh exactly, some of my favourite series have had male main characters. I tend to read more female main characters just because there’s more of them, but if a main character is well written and developed in the ends that what I care about the most.
        I remember having to make an account at my local library (twice because when I went to uni it was a different library chain) that’s always the most complicated part, after that you’re pretty much home free. And I hope it works out for you as well. Hopefully it won’t be too complicated! 😀

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  2. I also prefer salty snacks. I LOVE sweets but salty is what I tend to over-eat because my self-control just flies out of the window with them, haha.

    Sorry to hear about your local library being kind of a downer, by the way! I use my library like crazy (I have like 11 books out from it right now) and tbh can’t imagine having to buy all the books I read because I’ll just be broke forever then. Can you request stuff from your library? I request some really obscure titles and I usually get it — they’re really good at that stuff.

    I love that you did this tag, Beth! It’s one of my favourites because the answers sometimes just surprise people. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yeah I love sweets as well but, and it’s mainly crisps, but if I hate to choose I’d pick salty.
      It sucks, but then again I haven’t been to my local library in a while. I’m not expecting it will be a massive improvement but I am wondering if I go what new books there will be, and it would help my bank account a little if I did borrow rather than buy everything. 🙂 I can request stuff but honestly I’ve never really bothered. Not sure why.
      Oh I had so much fun answering these questions, and so much fun with this tag as well. I get what you mean it can be really surprising sometimes seeing what people pick for this one! 🙂


      1. Yeah, I didn’t really start requesting until recently too and it does take it aaaages to come, but I like to think of it as improving my library collection. I wonder if they sometimes disapprove requests – mine have always gone through, thankfully, but I wonder if they buy all reader requests or evaluate them and choose.


  3. I can relate so much to your first answer! I read in my room on my bed most of the time for the same reason – sometimes I get tired and fall asleep and there is less of a chance of my family interrupting me lol. And I’m with you on main female characters, third person pov, and trilogies. I’m not really partial to female over male characters but there are definitely more main female characters in YA today than male. Great answers, Beth! 😊

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    1. Yeah in my house the lounge is space for the family, and there’s always one person at any one time in there so I’d never get to read in peace. Plus there’s something just so cosy about behind wrapped in my duvet and reading, especially now it’s getting colder as Winter approaches.
      Yeah I wonder if it’s because there are more female YA authors than male, and it’s become a case of write what you know? Either way although some of my favourite series have male main characters there are a lot more that have female ones. And I’m always going to prefer third person POV, it gives you a much broader view of the world and even if I don’t connect with the main character it doesn’t tend to ruin the plot for me. That’s happened with some first person POV books lately.
      Thanks Melissa! ❤

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      1. It’s the same in my house and I completely agree. Some days I don’t even want to move. Even though it still feels like summer here, sadly.
        It could be. And I’m the same. I have several favorite books and series with main male characters but there are definitely more favorites with female main characters. I completely agree! Forever ago I actually preferred first person but now I feel like third person makes a book more seamless. It also cancels out the possibility of an unreliable narrator, which I don’t hate per say but in some books it frustrates me so much.
        You’re welcome! 😊

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      2. Oh it’s getting so cold here, I actually felt like I needed my gloves today it was so cold this morning. Lying in bed with a book and a warm drink is a perfect day for me right now! 🙂
        Yeah see I am beginning to think that it’s simply because there are more female main characters than male out there, which is a shame because I’d enjoy reading more books about male main characters as well. See I can’t remember whether my preference has changed, I just know that for fantasy books which is my main genre third person works so much better! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I’m jealous! Here’s to hoping Texas catches up to the fact that it is Fall after this month. I need some cold weather. 🙈
        I feel the same. I’ve actually read a great deal of books this year with main male characters – Last Seen Leaving, Our Chemical Hearts, Six of Crows (though that has multiple POVs), and etc. So, main male characters are definitely starting to make more of an appearance but really are still outnumbered at this point.
        It really does work better for fantasy books 😊. In fact I think most of the ones I read are in third person. Although I have noticed a lot of the more NA fantasy books tend to be in first person.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. It’ll be nice for a while but in a few months/weeks I’ll be complaining about how it’s too cold! I’m British we’re never happy with the weather! 😀
        Yeah I’ve noticed that, and while I haven’t read the first two Six of Crows is definitely a favourite of mine with male leads. They’re outnumbered but if books released carry on with the trend of having male main characters in a few years I may have a different answer to that question!
        Sometimes first person POV can work but I think in terms of fantasy it’s just easier to build the world and all the characters with third person POVs. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I feel like Texans are very similar. Most of us wish for summer but when it gets here everyone gripes and wishes it away. I’m always wishing for winter but then during winter sometimes I missed the warm weather haha. 🙈
        Same! I don’t think I’ll ever get over loving strong female leads but it’ll definitely be nice if we get even more great male leads.
        True and it definitely is. 😊

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      6. Maybe it’s a human thing. Although I am actually really looking forwards to it getting colder, and for Christmas this year as well! I do love Winter more than Summer anyways.
        I don’t think there’s ever going to be a shortage of female main characters, we just need a few more males to balance the scales a little. 😀

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      7. I wouldn’t mind a cold winter but I don’t want it to snow. Everything kind of shuts down when it snows and considering I need public transport to get into work that’d be a real headache for me!
        Oh I’ve already been singing Christmas carols while working/blogging, and buying Christmas presents as well! 😀

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      8. The same thing happens when it snows here. I actually don’t mind the snow but only because it happens so rarely. Probably once every several years.
        I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet. I’m such a last minute shopper. 😂

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  4. Great answers! That’s unfortunate about your library. The city over from mine is the same way; I find it so strange how the library systems vary from city to city even though they aren’t that far apart. I got lucky with my system and most new releases get ordered before they come out, or shortly after.
    I also agree with reading in the morning, although I read both in the morning, on my way to work, then into the night before I go to bed. But getting up and getting to read even just a little bit is an amazing way to start the day! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Meghan. Yeah I feel like I’d read a lot more, or at least save a lot more money on books, if my library was better stocked. That’s great you managed to get lucky with new releases. I feel like I should head to my library again one day and see what books they actually have, in the meantime I’m just buying them from Waterstones/Amazon.
      It’s always nice having a book on the commute to work, my evenings are normally dedicated to blogging but if I get a chance to read it’s always a good evening as well. I certainly makes it easier to start my work day if I’ve started an amazing book! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Great answers! I always feel like the female vs male main character question is a tricky one. As soon as I’m asked it my brain is like ARE THERE EVEN ANY MALE MAINS? And then I remember that, yes, there are. But I swear every book I pick up lately is girl power for the win *fist pumping*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Kirstie, yeah it’s a difficult one. There are amazing books out there, and some of them are favourite series of mine, with male main characters – Red Rising and the Chaos Walking trilogies to name two – but in terms of series with female main characters there just no comparison is there. I wonder if it’s because there are more female authors and it’s just a case of writing what you know?

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m so with you on almost every one of these. I have to read at night, but I’d love to read more in the daytime. I bet you get a lot of reading done on the train. Trilogies are my favorite. There’s something about three books that’s more interesting to me. 🙂 I also love black covers. The graphics seem to stand out more with darker colors and fantasy always looks better with a darker vibe. Love your answers! 🙂 I’m so behind on tags I can’t even remember which ones I need to do. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m a night owl so I’m always more active at night, especially when it comes to reading and blogging. Most mornings, if I’m not going to work, I’m sleeping in. 🙂 Quite a bit, both ways my journey is about three hours so that is a lot of time to read each day.
      Yeah I’m not sure what it is, I wonder if it’s simply that I have more trilogies on my shelves than any other kind you know. I know it’s definitely that with the black vs. white covers but I agree with you that the graphics tend to look better with a darker background.
      Thanks Jill, yeah I’m still really behind on tags as well! I have a list of the ones still to do and let me just say there is a lot! 😀

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