The Blogger Behind the Books Tag

Before I was tagged in it I hadn’t actually seen this one around anywhere, but it seemed like so much fun. There are few tags it seems that actually focuses on the blogger rather than the books so I was excited to get started on this one.

I was tagged by Lila at The Bookkeeper’s Secrets. Thanks so much for the tag Lila, like I said this was a completely new one for me so I was very excited to take part in it.

The Blogger Behind the Books

“The Night We Said Yes”
A time you felt like you were on top of the world and could do anything.

When I graduated from university back in 2011. I’d finished all my education; got good grades in my GCSEs and A Levels, as well as completed my BA (Hons). It felt like a big change to actually be leaving school for good and going into full-time work but at the same time it felt like I could do anything, like the whole world was wide open for me to do whatever I wanted.

Describe a time you were irrationally in love with someone or something when you know you shouldn’t have been.

I’ve never actually been in love with someone or something I shouldn’t have. Unless you count book crushes that is.

“Beautiful Disaster”
A place or person that you can call home.

This is probably going to sound kind of simplistic but for me it’s home. When I was at university I was studying in Brighton, which is about two and a half hours on the train from home, so quite far away. The first time I went home for the holidays was during Reading Week and travelling the last leg of my journey I looked out the window and saw across the sea (well, the English Channel) the outline of Kent. A sense of nostalgia hit me and I just felt like I was home again.

Talk about what you love most. Your favourite things, people, books whatever.

Well first there’s my family and my dog Tommy. I love them all to pieces and couldn’t imagine my life without any of them. My parents have always been there for me and my sister can be one of my best friends at times, my dog is adorable and I love him so much, even if all he does is sleep and try to eat our food.

Talk about who (outside of your family) has been the most influential person in your life.

Probably my best friend Catherine. I’ve known her for ages now; we became best friends in high school, went to the same university to study the same course and lived together for three years, and even though she lives in Croydon and I live in Southend we still meet up at least once a month. Honestly the reason I’ve done so many of the amazing things I have is because she suggested it first and asked if I want to go as well.

“The Giver”
Do you feel like our society now are headed in the direction (or are already in a state) of a Dystopia.

Yes. A few weeks ago my friends and I were talking about the caste system in India, and honest to god it sounds like a couple of the dystopian novels I’ve read before. Also with the situation in America surrounding the election, as well as everything you see on the evening news, I do wonder if we’re not heading in that direction. Hell at times I wonder if we’re not already there.

“Harry Potter”
Describe a moment where you felt like you where exactly where you were supposed to be, a moment where you felt on the right path.

Probably when I handed in my notice at my old job. I wasn’t enjoying it and had previously been signed off from stress related anxiety issues. So when I got the call from one of my interviewers telling me I’d gotten the job I’d applied for, and was able to write and hand in my notice at my old job, it just felt so good. I was leaving to do something I wanted to do and something I felt like I could have an actual career in. Over two years later I still feel it was the best choice I’ve ever made.

“Carpe Diem”
Tell us about a person/experience that taught you to LIM (live in the moment)

It’s mostly when I’m on holidays. I worry a lot about money and I always feel like I need to save more than what I currently do if I want to move out. But, standing on top of the Empire State Building in New York, swimming with stingrays in Cancun, staring up at the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City in Rome, seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland, it just all seems worthwhile. I don’t worry so much about saving because I have so many great experiences I can look back on.

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And if there’s anyone else out there who wants to take part, consider yourself tagged. Just send me a link to your post in the comments so I can see what your answers are.

25 thoughts on “The Blogger Behind the Books Tag

  1. Aw, Beth, I absolutely loved reading this! I know I’ve said this before but I love the way you write. I totally agree with the whole Dystopian thing. It’s scary when you think about how the world currently is. Your travelling sounds absolutely amazing. I can’t even imagine how wonderful those experiences must have been!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Lauren! I’m glad you loved reading this post so much. Oh yes there are things you hear about in the news and just in general that honestly terrify me because of the way we seem to be going. Who knows where we’ll be ten years in the future!
      I love travelling, I’d love to be able to take time out from work and spend six or nine months travelling, but yeah I’ve already seem some amazing things out there 😀
      Thanks again Lauren ❤️


      1. Oh yes, you turn it on and it’s pretty much all doom and gloom. God that sounds amazing! I’d love to travel all over Europe and through Asia and America, just everywhere really, there’s so many places and sights I want to see.


      2. I’m trying to go everywhere I can in smaller holidays but I’d love to be able to spend six months continually travelling. See I’d love to visit Australia one day, it’s so far away from England though so it’d need to be a long trip rather than a short weekend break!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I have actually never seen this tag either before now. Thank you for tagging me, I really look forward to answering all these questions. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I loved learning more about you Beth ❤ You seem like such a wonderful person! And I totally understand what you mean about going home, I feel the exact same way 🙂

    Ooh and thanks for tagging me! I can't wait to answer these questions myself.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Jenna, I’m glad you liked this post so much ❤️
      I think no matter where I end up moving to or where I go Southend is always going to be home to me, just because it’s where I grew up, it’s where my family and friends are. In that aspect it can’t be beat 🙂
      And that’s all right 😀 I can’t wait to see your answers for this tag!

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  4. This was so beautiful, really, I loved reading it. I love the feeling you talked about when going home, I feel the exact same way when I am going home. It feels so good. And you live in Southend?! Did you know that that place is kind of on my bucket list, it sounds like such a cute place!
    And yes, holidays just definitely teaches me to live in the moment as well. There’s nothing like it, really. You’ve seen the northern lights?!!! That’s SO cool, I am jealous ahah ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Marie ❤️ I’m glad you liked this post so much!
      I think that was the first time it hit me, it was the longest I’d been away from home so going back for the first time just felt amazing in its own way.
      Oh my god it would be amazing if you did come to Southend, I could show you around all the best places! Although I find it weird sometimes that people come to Southend for holidays, obviously people do but for me it’s just home. I dunno, do you ever feel like that about your home town?
      Yes I completely agree, and seeing everything that world has to offer cannot be beat. The Northern Lights are amazing, you do have to go during certain times to see them at their best but it’s an unforgettable experience!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh yes, it feels great to come back after such a long time. I get the feeling everytime I’m going back home, if it’s been two weeks or two months, ahah, I guess there’s this feeling about home ❤
        Ohh, I'd love to! Well, it seems like such a gorgeous city, just a bit away from London, exactly needed for like, a few days get-away! I get it though, I would feel the same way, but I know a awful LOT of people coming for holidays in my hometown, after all the NYTimes put it on a list of places to go to, haha. But yeah, since it's home for us, it's different! 🙂
        I bet it is! It's definitely something on my bucket-list! ❤

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      2. The longest I’ve been away from home was when I was at university, going back during the holidays every time was just, I dunno, like you said it’s just that feeling about home ❤️
        As much as I love going on holiday I love returning home again as well 😀
        It’s close enough to London for a day trip but far enough away that it’s just a completely different place. There are some beautiful places in Southend, especially in the summer when it’s warm and sunny! That must have been a spike in tourism then!
        Ahh man there are still so many places I wanna go and things I wanna see. One day I think I’d like to go back to Iceland and see the northern lights again 🙂

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  5. “The first time I went home for the holidays was during Reading Week and travelling the last leg of my journey I looked out the window and saw across the sea (well, the English Channel) the outline of Kent.”

    I imagined this so vividly as I was reading it, I felt a pang of nostalgia, myself. I’ve never been to England, and haven’t experienced that view, but I want to now. Weird, huh? =)

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