Netflix and Books Tag

There are so many TV programs I love, and even more that are on my to-watch list, however I don’t actually have Netflix myself. Still I figured you don’t need to have Netflix to take part in this tag! I was tagged by Reg at She Latitude. Thanks so much for the tag Reg, I had a lot of fun answering these questions and I hope you enjoyed reading them as much. Everyone should definitely check out Reg’s original post and her blog as well while you’re there. Reg is such an amazing person, and she writes some brilliant reviews, among other posts.



  • Choose a book or book series that best matches the prompt provided.
  • Feel free to change the TV show if you’d like it to reflect your preferences!
  • A blank set of the prompts is located at the very bottom.
  • Link back to the creators, Christy at Novel Ink and Lauren at Bookmark Lit, and tag some friends to join in!

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