The Blog Most Likely To…

The Blog Most Likely To… challenge is one that was inspired by Huntley Fitzpatrick’s book, The Boy Most Likely To. In the run up to its release bloggers were asked to choose their own superlative for their blog using the tag “The Blog Most Likely To…”. Even though the book is well past its release day this challenge is still floating around out there and I was tagged by Analee at Book Snacks, so thank you Analee for this tag.

The Blog Most Likely To...

When I read The Boy Most Likely To at the beginning of this year I loved it, even more than the previous companion novel My Life Next Door. Tim’s journey throughout was so wonderfully written, so moving, and it made the whole book felt real and incredibly well developed. Of course I jumped at the chance to take part in this challenge; despite the facts that The Boy Most Likely To has been released for a while now and that it’s taken me a long time to get around to this tag.

The Boy Most Likely To

He’s a kid. Not a man, not on some deadline. But with his jaw set and raised—I know that face. The I’m going to push on through, no problem, I’ll deal. Moving right along. Nothing to see here face. Know it as well as my own. It is my own. And I picture the rest of the lines on that paper.

Tim Mason: The Boy Most Likely To…
Forget his own name even before we do
Turn down the hottest girl in the world for the coldest beer
Be six feet under by our fifth reunion

Don’t go that way, Tim. Such a stupid, stupid waste.

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