July/August Book Haul

So after all the books I brought at YALC at the end of July I still brought more this month; not only way more than I ever had before but also way more than I should have. Granted though I got some books for free, thanks to NetGalley and #SFATW, the ones I paid for alone would normally constitute to two or three hauls instead of one.

July August Book Haul

There were a few books that have been on my to-buy list for a while now that I finally got around to buying, a few more I got on a whim, and even more which I brought for YALC.

And yes I have a load of gorgeous new books now but my bank account seriously hates me, especially when you combine this haul with the one from YALC. I’m going on another book buying ban for the next few months, it’ll give me a chance to get through all the new books I brought and re-read some old favourites as well.

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