Discussion Time: Series Vs. Standalones

I was browsing Goodreads the other day for more books I could add to my already massive TBR list, when I came across an “upcoming” release I’d almost forgotten I was waiting for. This book is the last in a series that I first read when I was still in primary school, and maybe that’s given you a clue as to how long I’ve waited but in case it hasn’t this is a book that was supposed to be released in 1999.

Let that sink in for a moment; I’ve been waiting for a book, the last in the series, for nearly twenty years now, and looking on Amazon the release date has been set to 2030. At this rate I’m going to have to get this book delivered to my nursing home, but it did get me thinking and I came up with this discussion topic.

Series Vs. Standalones

Series Vs. Standalones

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The Candy Book Tag

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love taking part in food tags. They always make me so hungry and this one was no exception. I almost needed a pile of candy next to me to snack on as I answered these questions. I was tagged by Michelle at Book Adventures. Thanks so much for the tag Michelle, I had a lot of fun with this one so I hope you enjoy reading my answers just as much.

The Candy Book Tag

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Totally Should’ve Book Tag

I’m a little (a lot) ashamed by how long it’s taking me to get through my tags at the moment. I am steadily working through them I just think in the future I’m going to have to post more each month to make a dent in my queue.

I was tagged in the Totally Should’ve Book Tag by Husfa at The Clockwork Millennial, you should all definitely check out her original post, and while you’re there her blog as well because it is amazing. Thanks so much for the tag as well Husfa, I’d seen this around a lot before I was tagged (not so much after for some reason) so I was really excited to be able to take part and post my own answers.

Totally Should've Book Tag

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