Wordless Wednesday: Fashion

Wordless Wednesday is a new weekly tag created by Grace at Kimmie.gg. Each week there’s a new topic, unrelated to books, which will hopefully provide some insight into my life outside of reading.

Each week, I will post a topic for a Wordless Wednesday that you may answer in whatever fashion you may like. All you need to do is link back to Kimmie.gg in your post so that I can also read your content!

This week’s theme was Art, and while I normally try and stick to the themes that are set for this one the only artist that came to mind when I thought of my favourites was Vincent Van Gogh. I love going to museums and seeing all the work on display, don’t get me wrong, but I never really seek out specific artist. So instead I decided to focus on fashion, because after all, isn’t fashion a form of art?

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