The Cookie Book Tag

Food book tags are probably my favourite of the lot; the questions are always so creative and the never fail to make me a little hungry as I try to think of answers. I’ve already taken part in the Dim Sum and Coffee book tags, and I have a couple more in my queue for the near future, but today it’s the Cookie book tag.

I was tagged by Stephanie at Adventures of a Bibliophile. Thanks so much for the tag Stephanie; everyone else should definitely check out her original post and her blog, she writes some amazing posts.

The Cookie Book Tag


  • In addition to linking back to the person who tagged you, it would be awesome if you link back to Nicole’s original post!
  • Pick a book that corresponds to the cookie’s ‘theme’.
  • Have fun!
  • Tag one to three people.

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The Coffee Book Tag

Another day another tag.

I may not drink coffee, being more of a tea person myself, but I had a lot of fun completing this tag and I hope you all enjoy the answers I came up with as well. I was tagged by Jesse at Books at Dawn, so thanks so much for the tag Jesse, you should all definitely check out his original post as well as his blog while you’re there.

The Coffee Book Tag

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