The Sunshine Blogger Award Part Two

I have some more nominations for the Sunshine Blogger Award sitting in my tags queue so it’s about time I got around to answering a few more of them. If you want to learn more about my general opinions on the worst books I’ve read, or the worst book-to-film adaptations I’ve seen, or get some recommendations for bookish blogs to check out then this is the post for you.

The Sunshine Blogger Award

I was tagged by The Readers Bay and Destiny at Howling Libraries. Thank you both so much for your nominations, I had a lot of fun answering the questions you set and I hope you enjoy reading my answers.


  • Thank the person(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog
  • Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and/or on your blog

The Readers Bays’ Questions

  1. I’m actually going to steal Emma’s question and ask: Kiss, marry, kill: The main characters of the last three fiction books you read.

I’d kiss Lundy from In An Absent Dream and marry Nikolai from King of Scars. I loved both their characters but I think Nikolai would be a lot more fun to be married to, even with the monster under his skin. I’d kill Marion from Sawkill Girls because I couldn’t connect to her, actually I couldn’t connect to anyone in that book.

The Sunshine Blogger Award (12)

  1. A trope that you absolutely hate and one that you’re always down for.

I really hate love triangles. They always seem to be thrown in to add tension between the characters or to the plot and it strikes me as a really cheap way to achieve that. Give me real stakes for characters to overcome instead of another love triangle I’ve read a hundred times before.

Tropes I love are enemies to lovers and friends to lovers. I know the question asked for one but I don’t think I could choose between them.

  1. Your favourite book as a child?

I had a lot of favourites as a child, but the main two that stick out in my mind are Harry Potter – cliché I know, but it’s the first series that really ‘hooked’ me on reading – and Alice in Wonderland – which is the only classic novel I can say I’ve read and loved.

The Sunshine Blogger Award (5)

However if we’re talking ultimate, obsessed-over favourites then it’s going to be Twilight. I know it’s a bad book but it’s always going to have a special place in my heart just because it got me back into reading and introduced me to the YA genre.


  1. What is your bookish pet peeve?

I answered this one previously in my Sunshine Blogger Award Part One post but two more (because I have a fair few bookish pet peeves) are people needlessly damaging books. Don’t crack the spines, don’t dog-ear pages, don’t eat and spill crumbs everywhere especially if it’s not your own book.

  1. If you had to befriend any character for a day, which character would it be? 

There are so many to choose from but I’d want to go on an adventure and I think Lila from the Shades of Magic series is the best person to make that happen. I’d get her to take me away from Grey London to Red London where magic is waiting, and I’d probably never come back.


  1. What is the one book that you will recommend for teenagers who aren’t big on reading?

Warcross is the perfect book for teenagers. It’s fast-paced to keep them hooked, futuristic but set in the modern world so they’ll have that connection to the setting, and there are so many twists and turns to keep them engaged until the very last page. Plus Marie Lu is an incredible writer.


  1. Suppose your house is catching fire and you have to run for your life. You pass your bookshelves on the way, and you just can’t resist taking a few beauties with you. What are the two books that you most definitely HAVE to take with you?

I could never just pick two books. If my house were on fire I’d probably die trying to save all my books (I have so many so it would take a long time) but if it comes down to it I’d have to say my special edition of Alice in Wonderland and one of my Harry Potter illustrated hardcovers.

The Sunshine Blogger Award (7)

  1. If you could live in any fictional world, which one would it be?

The Night Circus is always going to be my go-to answer for this question, more so than Hogwarts even. I fell in love with the story and the world Erin Morgenstern created, and if I had the chance I would jump head first at the opportunity to visit Le Cirque des Reves myself.

The Night Circus

  1. Which bookish family/sibling relationship is most like your own? In case of no siblings, which bookish friendship is most like your own?

I’m really close with my sister; Molly from The Upside of Unrequited is a character I identify with and I feel like Cassie is a character my sister could connect to. She’s outgoing so I tend to get dragged along in her wake, but when it comes down to it I know there’s be no one better to have in my corner.

The Upside of Unrequited

  1. Three of your least liked books. 

I thought Reign of Shadows would be a good book but sadly it wasn’t what I hoped it would be; the plot was weak, the setting fell flat, and the characters were really one-dimensional.

Stealing Snow had all the things I hate in books; there was insta-love and a love square (worse than a love triangle and I hate those) and looking back it was just a really forgettable story.

I hated the main character in The Truth and Lies of Ella Black, and in first person POV stories I need to like the main character if I want to like the book. Also it had the worst case of insta-love I’ve ever read.

The Sunshine Blogger Award (16)

  1. Pick three books from your shelf. Open to random pages on each and choose the first character that comes. Now these three characters are battling in a war with each other. Who is most likely to win, lose and give up?

Emi from Warcross is a hacker more than a fighter, so I think she’d be out very quickly in a physical war. It would definitely be between Lila from Shades of Magic and Inej from Six of Crows but I think Inej would win; there are few people out there who’d stand a chance against the Wraith.

The Sunshine Blogger Award (6)

Destiny’s Questions

  1. What is your average rating on Goodreads? (It’s under your picture on your profile, if you didn’t know!)

I didn’t even know this was a thing Goodreads did, but I suppose it makes sense. After all if they have average ratings for books why wouldn’t they do the same for reviewers?

The Sunshine Blogger Award (8)

  1. What is the worst book-to-movie adaptation you’ve ever seen?

I read His Dark Materials before I saw the Golden Compass film which in hindsight may not have been the best idea because I really loved the books and the film did not live up to the series. I was so disappointed but I’m hopeful that the upcoming BBC adaptation will be better (the trailer looks good, so like I said I’m hopeful).

The Sunshine Blogger Award (19)

  1. Do you have a “guilty pleasure” genre, or do you openly admit your likes and dislikes no matter what?

I think I’m more of the latter; the only people I speak to about the books I read are people in the blogging community, everyone here already knows all about my likes and dislikes. If someone outside of the blogosphere asks I will share what I’m reading, but I never go in depth about my likes and dislikes because most of time they’re just asking surface questions.

  1. Have you ever bought clothing from a book series?

No, is that actually a thing though? Are there websites out there that sell clothes from book series? If so please someone tell me, and maybe share a few website links as well.

  1. What was the most recent bookish quote you fell in love with?

“If it’s not important to you, why do you tell everyone I’m applying there? It’s all you guys talk about. Like it’s the only worthwhile thing about me.” My voice begins to shake. “If I don’t get in, that’s it. I’ll be Ariel, the one who didn’t get into Harvard. I’ll let everyone down. I’ll let you guys down. And I might not get in. I really might not, because I’m not perfect. They asked for perfect, and I’m not, and I don’t know what else I can—”

“Ariel,” Mom says, voice breaking.

I realise all three of us are crying.

Dad leans forward. “Ariel.” He pauses a meets me eyes. “Everything about you is worthwhile.”

You Asked for Perfect

  1. Are you more likely to add books based on their cover and synopsis, or a friend’s review?

Definitely friends’ reviews, sometimes even just seeing a friend add a book to their TBR list will get me to check it out. I picked up the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy because my best friend read and loved it, and that’s not even touching on all the books I’ve added since I started blogging.

  1. What blogging friend do you think your taste is most similar to? Give them a shout-out!

I’m not sure how similar our taste actually is, but Malanie has gotten me to pick up some incredible books which have become some of my all-time favourites. I read Darius the Great is Not Okay because of her glowing review, and picked up and binge-read the All for the Game trilogy (which I love) because she kept talking about how great it was.

The Sunshine Blogger Award - Malanie Loves Fiction

  1. What is the most prominent spine colour on your shelves?

It’s hard to tell, I don’t have my books sorted by colour (although I do love the rainbow shelves some people have on Instagram) but there’s definitely a lot of dark colours – blacks, dark greens and dark blues – which fit in with the fantasy vibe I have going on when it comes to my reading tastes.

The Sunshine Blogger Award (9)

  1. Do you utilize libraries and/or used bookstores often?

Nope, my library doesn’t have a great selection of books – the local council spent so much money on a fancy new building but for some reason didn’t update the catalogue – and there aren’t any decent second hand bookstores near me either – and by ‘decent’ I really mean ‘any’.

  1. Do you like book-themed colouring books? If so, which is your favourite? If not, why not?

Not really. I don’t have anything specific against them but I barely have the time for the hobbies I do have (my life is forever being split between reading, blogging and writing, and one of those three things is always falling through the cracks) to add another one to the list.

  1. If you could be transported into one fantasy novel, which one would it be, and why?

Like I said in one of my previous answers The Night Circus has become my new ‘cliché’ answer for questions like these. It’s my all-time favourite book and the main reason is the world building, it’s so fantastical and magical, and I just want to jump into the pages to explore it for myself.

The Night Circus

As before I do still have some more nominations for The Sunshine Blogger Award…

…so there will be a couple more posts with me answering even more questions, but in the meantime let me know your answers to the questions in this post.

If your house was to catch fire and you could only save two books which would you pick? What’s the worst book-to-film adaptation you’ve seen, do you agree with me that it’s the Golden Compass or is there a worse one out there for you?

31 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award Part Two

  1. I think all of us had a Twilight phase! I was obsessed with it for a while, when I was younger. Yes, they aren’t the best books out there and they have their problems (big ones at that) but I’ll always remember the fond memories that I have for that series. 🙂 Plus I remember one of the first conversations that I ever had with my now best friend being about those books! So there is that as well. Amazing post Beth! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha, yeah it was such a phenomenon there was really no escaping it was there? I’ll always have fond memories of it too, I mean it got me back into reading so I’m always going to be thankful for that.
      In the end yeah they’re not great books, but we loved them at the time and that definitely counts for something.
      Thanks so much. 🙂 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Beth!!
    I really loved reading your answers and can definitely relate to a lot of these. Between Inej and Lila, I really wouldn’t be able to pick haha. They are both mentally sharp and physically skilled as well. However if they are fighting in a virtual world, Emi would take the cake haha 🙂
    I used to be okay with love triangles but now they really tick me off haha. I guess I see them too often and it becomes too cliche. Love triangles do happen in real life but definitely not as often as they do in books! (at least I think?)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Sophie! 🙂 ❤
      I feel like it's more likely Inej and Lila would team up and wreak havoc on everyone else, but unfortunately that wasn't the question I was asked. Virtual world there wouldn't be any character who could take on Emi I think. 😀
      They seem to happen more often than not I think sometimes, kind of understandable how we can get a little tired of them in those cases. Yeah, and they never seem as dramatic in real life as they do in books either.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Your bookshelves are so pretty! I aspire to have my shelves look even remotely beautiful as that lol. I had read the premise for You Asked for Perfect and fell in love but I haven’t heard much about it. However, that quote has sold me. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Must read! I definitely feel that bookish pet peeve. Why must one dog-ear the pages or bend the spine? WHY?! It makes me cringe whenever I see something like that. And now I see it all the time now that I work in an elementary school LOL. SO PAINFUL. Anyways, wonderful post, Beth! Congratulations again 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much. 😀 I spent ages re-arranging them when I had a major book unhaul at the beginning of the year. It was worth it in the end. It was the same for me, the second I read the premise I knew I needed that book in my hands!
      Yeah I’d never do that to my own books so I can’t understand people who do it to theirs. Just use a bookmark rather than dog-ear pages! :/
      Thanks so much. 🙂 ❤

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  4. Oh I need to check An Absent Dream if it includes kissable characters! xD And I don’t remember whether Nikolai is marriage material or not, but I want to find out now… I think I’ll pass Sawkill Girls though.
    Enemies to lovers – yes, yes, YES! Favourite trope of all time probably. Not a huge fan of friends to lovers but not opposed to it either. Can be quite cute if done right 🙂
    I think my biggest pet peeve is people carving on books… YIKES. I mean, I understand it’s art but I hope to God they use books that are already damaged and ready to bin, otherwise…
    I always struggle with reading books about POVs I hate. I’m not even sure anyone can make it through one of those!
    I am DYING to see the new His Dark Materials. I think the main actress, while not as I imagined Lyra to be like physically, will be a powerhouse on screen (from my experience with Logan, where she was amazing).
    Also, I know I said this before but your love for The Night Circus is really rubbing off on me. Why, why haven’t I picked it up yet? T_T
    Excellent tag, Beth ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha, I’d recommend An Absent Dream just because it’s an amazing book. I feel like of all three characters Nikolai was the best marriage choice, maybe if I’d have had another three books my answer would have been different. Yeah I wouldn’t recommend Sawkill Girls either.
      I can never resist enemies to lovers tropes. Even if it’s the same story over and over and you know how it’s going to end I still can’t resist. Carving on books? I don’t think I’ve ever seen something like that but I get what you mean; it’s something that’d be on Instagram right? Art and the like?
      Oh definitely, there are a few of the characters who aren’t like I imagined they would be but the trailer looks amazing so I have high hopes for sure.
      Ha, I mention it enough, and yes you seriously need to pick it up ASAP. 🙂 ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha fair enough 😛 And same! I always complain about repetitive things and routine and I always need something NEW in my life but in the end, I just go back to the same old stuff over and over and never get tired of it, no matter how similar xD
        Hmm carving like when people cut into the pages and then when you open the books you have shapes in them? I’m not sure if there’s a name for that. But yeah, it can look super pretty and ridiculously artistic yet I’d never be able to do that to my books XD
        I think the only one that looks pretty much like what I had in mind is Lin-Manuel Miranda! Lee Scoresby was always one of my favourites too 🙂
        Will do! hahaha

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      2. Hey I guess if the same stuff over and over again works then why not stick to it. It works for a reason after all.
        Yeah I definitely have seen some of those pictures. It does look really pretty but I’d never be able to do that to my books either. It would just hurt my soul too much.
        I was a bit so-so about that casting when I heard it, but based on the tiny glimpse we got in the trailer I’m definitely coming around. My final judgement will be based on when the show is released! 😀


  5. I love your answers so much, Beth! 🙂
    I have to say that I’m not too surprised you mentioned The Night Circus, this book really is… well, so atmospheric, I’d love to jump into its pages to see what it’s like there, too 🙂
    And yes I was so disappointed by the movie adaptation of Northern Lights, I had such high hopes for it all :/ I’m excited about the upcoming series and I really hope that it will be great, I watched the first trailer and so far… it seems pretty good? Fingers crossed, haha.
    And this bookish quote is one of my favorites of all times. Amazing pick, Beth ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Marie, and yeah I think the surprise would be if I didn’t mention The Night Circus. It’s so beautifully written you just can’t help but want to experience it for yourself. 🙂
      It’s a great book series. I think everyone must have had high expectations for the film. I mean we know they can do book to film adaptations for children well because they did with Harry Potter, so I’m not sure how the Golden Compass film went so wrong. Yes exactly, I’m excited for the TV adaptation to be released. 🙂
      Thanks Marie. 🙂 ❤️

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  6. The two books that i would make a frantic grab for in the event of a fire (IF I couldn’t put the fire out)…Let me just point out that I am a HUGE lover and supporter of bricks and mortar book shops and this has a big impact on my answer…the books would be my hard cover of Scotsman Shaun Bythell’s “The Diary of a Bookseller”- which he kindly signed and included a personal message for me when he came to New Zealand to do a book reading. Shaun owns the largest 2nd hand bookshop in Scotland.
    And the second book would probably be another hardcover, “Shakespeare & Company Paris – A history of the Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart” which is all about the founding of and the story behind one of the most wonderful bookshops in the world that i have had the pleasure to visit, and it’s eccentric owner George Whitman.
    BUT I do have some other signed books so I’d probably try to grab an armful rather than just 2.
    As for the worst book to movie release…..there have been so many it’s impossible for me to pick just one. Books are always more detailed and play out in movie theatre of our own minds where we are the directors, where as the actual movie is someone else’s take on the book….I must admit that I have neither read the Golden Compass books nor seen the movie so I can’t pass judgement there. One of the most disappointing books AND movies, in my opinion, was The Bookshop by Penelope Fitzgerald – which was somehow shortlisted for the Booker prize, and the movie of the same name starring Emily Mortimer, Patricia Clarkson, and Bill Nighy (who I usually love to watch). Both the book and the film were BORING! The movie was marginally worse than the book and I’m not sure if it was the fault of the actors, director or scriptwriter that the acting and diction was so “wooden”.
    Also….I’d just like to agree with your pet peeve about people who deliberately damage books by cracking the spine, bending the corner of pages over …..or even doodle in the margins. AAAARGH!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yeah obviously the first goal is to put the fire out. That way we can save all our books and don’t have to make that hard choice, because let’s be honest what bookworm wouldn’t have a hard time picking just two books to save?! But honestly a book that’s been signed and personalised by an author is a major must to grab if you can only pick two. It’s got to have some nice memories for you. Ha, yeah why try for just two. Like I said I’d probably try and take my whole bookshelves with me. I could save all my books that way. 🙂
      I get what you mean, when we imagine books in our heads there are no limitations but sadly that isn’t the case with films. When it comes to our favourite books we want it to be epic and more often than not you can’t for epic into a two and a half hour film. :/ I haven’t seen The Bookshop myself but unfortunately I can’t recommend the Golden Compass film. There’s a TV adaptation in the works so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that one will be better.
      Exactly. It just hurts my soul when people don’t respect their books, and it really really annoys me when people crack the spines of books I’ve lent them.


  7. Great answers Beth! Gosh, if my house was on fire I wouldn’t even begin to know what to save! Such a hard question! I agree with you on the Golden Compass, what a weird movie!
    I love the owl theme you have on your shelves! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Meghan. 🙂 Yeah and as much as I hate to admit it if my house was on fire there are probably more than a few things I’d save before my books anyways. I’m hoping the new TV adaptation of the His Dark Materials books will be better than the film. Fingers crossed.
      Ha, thanks. If you couldn’t tell owls are my favourite animals. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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