Discussion Time: NaNoWriMo Update and Introducing my Characters

So, as I mentioned last week, instead of doing normal discussion posts this month I’m going to talk about my NaNoWriMo progress and my current WIP.

If you’re not aware NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. It’s only once a year (if you’re anything like me and don’t take part in the Camp NaNo events in April and July) but the goal is to write 50K words in one month. It’s insane, 50K is more than I’ve wrote this whole year in the other ten months combined, but now I’m trying to do it in one month.

Slowly the end of November is creeping up on us all. I shouldn’t be surprised by how quickly this month has gone based on how quickly this year and every other month has gone, but I’m still freaking out a little because of how far I’ve fallen behind!

NaNoWriMo Update and Introducing my Characters

NaNoWriMo Update and Introducing my Characters

I said in my post I published one week ago I was hoping to catch up on my word count that same day, you can probably tell that didn’t happen, but no worries (I told myself) I can pull it back throughout the rest of the week and get above the target.

Again, didn’t happen.

NaNoWriMo 2018 Badge

I was in kind of a bad place last week. I was dealing with some mental health issues that were low-key compared to I’ve dealt with in the past but that still left me feeling tired and ill and so unmotivated to do anything at all related writing, or related to anything that wasn’t work (simply because I have to go to work) and sleep.

To no one’s surprise I fell even further behind.

Still the end of the week was better. Friday I managed to write over 3K words, which may not be a lot to some people but this year it’s the most I’ve ever written in one day before, and yesterday I wrote over 2K, which wasn’t as high as Friday’s number but considering I had a surprise party to head to in the evening which lasted until midnight I think that’s pretty good going.

NaNoWriMo 2018

My goal is still to end the month having written 50K; I think I can do it if I pull out all the stops and try to keep having good writing days like I did Friday and yesterday. According to the stats for my WIP on NaNoWriMo if I want to finish my novel (or finish the 50K I set out to write at the beginning of the month) by November 30th I need to write just over 2K per day, which is possible though it will be challenging given next week I’m going on holiday for the last weekend of November.

Still, keep your fingers crossed for me.

NaNoWriMo 2018 Stats (3)

NaNoWriMo 2018 Stats (4)

So far today I’ve written just over 700 words, I’m hoping to get to over 2K before the day is over.

Last week in my NaNoWriMo update post I introduced my WIP, so this week I’m going to introduce two of my characters. Maybe most people would have gone with the main characters, or even the characters they’d wrote the most words about, but I’m going with the two antiheroes, one of whom I’ve literally only just introduced (he’s had one short scene so far).


Zeva is currently my favourite character to write. She’s the daughter of the God/dess of Love and War, and she was lucky enough to escape the massacre that killed Aria and so many other demigods thanks to Aria. Since then Zeva has done whatever she has needed to to survive, she feels no loyalty towards her fellow demigods the only people she is loyal to are her father and younger sister.

Despite owing Aria her life Zeva still betrays her to her father for the change to secure more power for herself and safety for her family. Of course it all goes horribly wrong (I’m a very cruel writer and the amount of heartache I put my characters through is intense; there are no happy people in this story). Zeva’s journey is very separate to Aria’s, but the things she does affect Aria and vice versa.



Solon has only just been introduced, and already I plan on making him edge more to the villain side than the hero side of the antihero scale (it means I have a lot of work to do to try and redeem him later on). Ten years ago Solon had a choice to make; loyalty to someone he loved or loyalty to his people. He chose his people but the repercussions for the someone he loved were heavy ones.

He’s more of a shadow looming over the other characters at the very beginning. He’s not the main antagonist, but for one of my main character’s he’s the only antagonist there is. Solon is dedicated to a fault, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to protect his people and he tries, he just isn’t very good at balancing the negative effects on the people he can’t protect.


As it stands I’ve introduced all the major players in my WIP but I’m still writing the beginning; where the scenes are set, the characters are introduced to one another, enemies and allies are formed, and their journeys are just getting started. I still have a few minor characters to introduce but they don’t come into play until the middle/end of this story so I won’t be seeing them for a while (which is almost a shame, because another of my favourite characters only appears at the end of my WIP).

Now Onto the Discussion Part of This Post:

Are you taking part in NaNo this year, how has November so far gone for you?

Are you ahead of the standard daily targets set to reach 50K by the end of the month, or have you fallen behind a little like I have? If so do you have a plan to catch up?

Who is your favourite character to write and have they been introduced in your WIP yet? Do you have any antiheroes or is yours a story with just heroes and villains, no morally grey characters needed?

Let me know in the comments below.

40 thoughts on “Discussion Time: NaNoWriMo Update and Introducing my Characters

  1. Oh I’m so sorry to hear your health hasn’t been the greatest lately, Beth… Please take good care of yourself! I know focusing on our goals is so so important but our well-being is even more, so make sure to take plently of rest and not push yourself too hard. I keep stressing over blogging and reading goals all the time, so I’m not one to talk, but I still hope you heed my advice!

    Even if you’re not making the kind of progress you wished for, it’s still going incredibly well! I could never write so much in one day – I mean, 2K/3K words? You, girl, are a queen! I bow to your writing skills hahaha ❤

    Zeva sounds like a terrific character indeed and I'm glad you're having so much fun with her! I love villains the best so Solon looks like he would be a favourite as well 🙂 Redemption arcs are the best!!! I can't wait for you to get to that point (it also means you've made soooo much progress so win-win!)

    Best of luck with the rest of your NaNoWriMo 🙂 ❤ And you're so right, I have no idea where November has gone!! O_O Eek!

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    1. Thanks Sophie. ❤️ Honestly the second half of this month has been a massive slump when it comes to writing/reading/blogging but I’m coming back now – I’ve just got to catch up on blogging and then I can catch up on reading and writing again. Definitely, I stress out about too much and I feel like I was overdue a complete break, which is pretty much what happened. 🙂
      Ha, thanks Sophie. Yeah when I’m in the right zone 2/3k is my average, I can normally write more on the weekends when I don’t have to work or anything.
      Villains have always been more fun for me than heroes, and when it comes to redemption arcs I need to make sure I hit the right line of making these characters antiheroes but bringing them back around to the hero side of things again, it’s a fine line to walk for sure! 🙂
      Thanks so much, and speaking of November where has this year gone?! 😀 ❤️


      1. Oh that sucks… I’m so sorry Beth ❤ But I'm sure things are looking up now so that's great 😀 And don't worry, I'm a control freak myself! We can stick together hahaha
        Writing is probably one of the toughest lines of work there is! Those little things can really make and break something, can't they? I'm positive you'll do amazing, though 😉
        Argh, right??? I have sooo much to do still and the month's barely over… The day before yesterday someone mentioned they had to get something done before the 30th and I was just like "pff, girl, chill, that's miles away" and she just looked at me like "that's in two days" This was my face: 😱

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      2. Thanks Sophie, and yeah things are looking up now so hopefully they’ll just keep looking up. 🙂 Ha, yeah there needs to be some kind of help meeting to help us control our control freak nature right?! 😀
        Thanks so much, yeah writing is hard at times, and trying to get 50k words in one month is always going to be an intense challenge. I guess there are just some months I do better than others and this was one of the months I didn’t do better.
        Ha, I feel that way about the end of the year. It’s so close but it feels like it should be much further away right? 😀


  2. Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that you have been in a bad place last week and therefore also didn’t really catch up with your writing 😦 I feel you, as I haven’t been in the best place for all of November, so writing has been a daily struggle.

    I totally believe in you though, you can definitely still catch up!! ❤ What I find helpful is trying to work out what your writing pace is and then calculate how much time you need each day, so you can more easily incoporate writing into your routines 🙂

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    1. Yeah there are some months that just turn out like that right? Unfortunately November has really been one of those for me and my writing hasn’t been able to improve at any point really.
      Well at this point I’m definitely not going to be able to catch up, but that’s great advice. I’ll definitely be taking that into account for future months (even though NaNo is over soon I’m going to keep setting a monthly writing word limit goal). 😀 ❤️

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  3. Aw man, sorry to hear about those mental health issues you had to tackle on early on. I hope it has gotten a lot better lately, Beth. You should definitely not worry about not making progress during those tougher days. It’s okay to be behind, and it’s even better to take care of yourself first. I do like the progression you have so far, and it definitely looks like you can make it to 50k if no sudden surprises decide to.. well… surprise you in the final blitz! Keep it up, Beth! 😀

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    1. Thanks so much Lashaan. 🙂 Unfortunately the mental health issues didn’t get much better (until about now I think) and I had a major blogging/writing/reading slump. Still I think I’m on the other side of it now and even though I’m not going to get to 50k this month I’m happy with what I’ve managed to write either way.
      Thanks again. 🙂 ❤️

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  4. That’s all right that you’ve fallen behind. Sometimes life just doesn’t cooperate with us right? I think it is important to put our health and our mental health first.
    It is exciting that you’re going on vacation in the upcoming week, and it is understandable to not write as much during this time. When I go on trips, I tend to set writing aside so that I can focus on the traveling experience 🙂
    That is great that you are still aiming to reach 50K by the end of the month. I think whether or not you reach this goal, it will be a success if you’ve written more than you would have otherwise. I think the ultimate success is to finish this novel, however long it will take. It sounds like a fascinating story and the world needs to see it!!!
    I love the sound of the new characters you introduced. Since we’ve talked a lot about antiheroes before, I am not surprised that you have some in your story!! I love antiheroes as well (one MC in my current WIP and another in Shapeshifter are actually antiheroes haha 🙂 )

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    1. Well unfortunately I haven’t caught up (I actually don’t think I’ve written more than 1k words since I posted this) but this has just been a terrible month (holiday asides) and yeah I guess I’ve just needed to take a step back from everything and focus on my mental health because like I said…terrible month. 🙂
      I’m still happy with what I’ve wrote this month, it’s more than I’ve written any other month, and I have a plan for going forwards I’ll talk more about in my recap post a little later. I haven’t fallen out of love with this WIP or writing in general so I just need to get back on it which I definitely will.
      Yep, every story needs antiheroes in my opinion! 😀 ❤️

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      1. I’m sad to hear that it’s been a bad month for you. Health comes first, so it’s for the best that you’ve taken a step away from things to recover. That’s good to hear that you’re happy with what you’ve written this month, and that you’re still loving your WIP. 50K is a lot of words and finishing a novel in 1 month is a huge goal. Not even published writers write this fast!! (Think about how long we have to wait for the next book in our fav series to come out haha) so it’s all right to not reach this goal. What you’ve written already is great! Keep at it and keep writing in the upcoming months! I’m really enjoying everything I’ve read about your WIP so far and I’m looking forward to hearing more updates! 🙂 ❤

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      2. Yes definitely, and it’s not just writing that’s fallen in the wayside but everything, so blogging and reading as well. Yeah even though I didn’t get to 50k words I wrote more this month than ever before. Ha, yeah there’s a book I’ve been waiting nearly 20 years for so I’m not beating myself up over not finishing my WIP this month. Thanks, and don’t worry I may have failed at NaNo this month but I’ll still be doing writing updates. 🙂 ❤️

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  5. lskdjf I am such a fan of this WIP!!!?????? I love Zeva’s loyalty to her family & Solon’s loyalty to his people && I LOVE when characters are so loyal they pretty much become villains *breathes*

    this story is going to be so intense and cool ❤ ❤ you're aesthetics are 110%

    + I know exactly where you're coming from w falling behind w the WIP, I didn't write for two days last week because I had bad days w depression BUTTT I'm travelling to see family later this week so hopefully I can write while going to and from??

    good luck w your WIP + reaching your word count i'm cheering for youuuu c: c: c: c:

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    1. Thanks so much Malanie! 😀 Yeah when it comes to antiheroes I kind of feel I need something to make them relatable, with both Zeva and Solon they’re trapped making all the wrong choices for the right people (if that makes sense).
      Thanks so much! 😀
      Yeah it happens, writing 50K words in one month is a really hard goal and really intense, but I think we can do it. Besides even if we can;t I’ve just been telling myself anything I manage to write is an achievement. 🙂
      Thanks so much! 😀 ❤ ❤

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      1. “I’ve just been telling myself anything I manage to write is an achievement. ” ===== my #1 inspiration for writing today ❤ ❤ i was in such a slump but this helped so muchhh

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  6. I’m so sorry last week hasn’t been great, Beth, I really hope you are feeling a bit better now and always know that I’m here whenever you need to chat or rant or anything! ❤ ❤
    You're still doing fantastic even if you haven't reached the NaNo word goal per day for you just yet, you wrote a little or a lot every day and that's already such a great accomplishment. But…you're going on holidays soon? Whereeeeeeeeeeeee, that's so great haha. Sorry, I can't help but be very curious 🙂
    Your characters sound amazing! I'm really curious about Solon. And your aesthetics are on point 🙂
    Happy writing, Beth ❤

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    1. Thanks Marie. Yeah I think this month has been a bit of a challenging one, kind of that nearly the end of year feeling. I think I’m coming out of the other side again but thanks for the offer. 🙂 ❤
      Thanks so much, yeah considering how much writing I've done throughout the rest of this year anything I get written this month is an achievement for me. I'm just going to continue doing what I can and not worry if I don't make it to the 50K goal by the end of the month.
      Yep, me and my sister are going to Stockholm which will be a lot of fun, and thanks so so much Marie. 🙂 ❤

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      1. Yes keep on going, that’s what matters! As long as you’re doing a little something for your story, that’s going forward and that’s GREAT 😀
        AHHHH wow, that’s amazing!! I can’t wait to hear all about your trip ❤

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  7. I decided not to do Nano this year. I just didn’t make the time to plan it properly even though I did have an idea. But having done it last year, I know how tough it can be. You just need to do your best. Even though you’re behind, you’re still doing great and you never know, there may be a few days where you just get a fabulous wind and smash your goals for that day. You can do it, Beth!
    Also, loving the character aesthetics. They’re awesome. 🙂

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    1. NaNo definitely isn’t for everyone, and even though I beat the 50K goal last year and I am really struggling with it this year. Yeah, to be honest I’m still going to try and shoot for the 50K goal, because it’s what I started NaNo to do, but anything I manage to write this month will be a success even if it isn’t 50K. 🙂
      Thanks so much Ashley. 🙂 ❤

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      1. We can’t be perfectly on top every year but it’s great that you’re still going to try for the big 50. That’s a good mentality to have, too. Hopefully you have fun and come out with a draft of something you can work with afterwards. 😊
        No worries!

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  8. Oh, it was interesting to read about your character. Also, Solon remind me of one character of mine! He also tend to be a bit of a villain, but also kind of an anti-hero? He’s a really mixed type. But yeah… his people are not his main concern *coff coff*

    I don’t really have a favorites. When I write my characters (as an heavy cast, they’re like nine in the first novel) I really fell inside their world. Not everyone has a POV, also because my POV are also in third person but filtred from their position. For sure there are some characters that come out better but is not a thing I notice reallt well


  9. You go girl! I’m still rooting for you! 😊❤️
    I hope you’re feeling better! 🙂 3K is still a lot of words, plus there are still two weeks for you to have amazing writing days! I know you can do it! And even if you don’t, you should still be proud of what you did accomplish! 😀


  10. Good luck on reading your 50K goal, Beth!! You can do it; I believe in you. ❤️ (I hope you’re feeling better now, btw.) And great job on writing over 3K words on Friday and 2K words yesterday; that’s incredible! Both Zeva and Solon sound like such interesting characters and antiheroes. Loved learning more about your WIP! ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Dezzy. 🙂 ❤ I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but even if I don't reach that 50K goal I'll still be happy with anything I get written this month.
      Thanks again, and there'll be more to learn because I'll be posting more about my WIP going forwards, even when NaNoWriMo is over. 🙂

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