Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Longest Books I’ve Ever Read

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Each week there is a new topic for bloggers to choose and list their top ten. This week’s theme is Top Ten Longest Books I’ve Ever Read.

This was a difficult topic for me because it’s rare that I pick up epically long books. There’s just something really intimidating when you see a massive book sitting on your shelves and you know it’s going to be a mission getting through it. Still I managed to come up with ten, though I did cheat a little and feature one that I haven’t got around to yet but that I will be reading as soon as I can.

Top Ten Tuesday #123

Iron Gold by Pierce Brown
601 Pages

Given how much Pierce Brown has to introduce in Iron Gold – not just a new world, considering everything that happened in the ten years between the end of Morning Star and the start of this book, but three new POVs as well – I wasn’t surprised to see the length of this book.

Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor
613 Pages

This is one of those rare books that doesn’t feel like it’s as long as it actually is. Dreams of Gods and Monsters was one of my most anticipated releases back in 2015 and when I finally got my hands on it I couldn’t put it down, even re-reading it this year I was so hooked I didn’t pay much mind to the page numbers.

Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness
643 Pages

When I read this book I was on holiday, and considering how much I can read while sitting on the beach it probably comes as no surprise when I say I literally flew through Monsters of Men. It probably helped that I was so addicted to the series that I wouldn’t have put this one down before I got to the end for anything.

Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
659 Pages

Currently this is my longest read of 2018, and even though I know it counts part of me still wonders if I should count it, just because of the format the book is told in. The pages Gemina uses to tell its story aren’t the same as the pages any other book would use to tell its story.

A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab
666 Pages

Like Dreams of Gods and Monsters this is another book that didn’t feel the length it actually was. I was so hyped for A Conjuring of Light that I started it the second I had it in my hands, and didn’t ever want it to end. This book could have had double the amount of pages and I wouldn’t be complaining.

Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas
693 Pages

Empire of Storms was the longest book I read in 2016, and I’ll be re-reading it again this year before the release of Kingdom of Ash so for a while it will be the longest books I’ve read in 2018 as well.

Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare
698 Pages

I haven’t read The Dark Artifices series yet because I’ve heard terrible things about the cliffhangers, I’m not starting Lady Midnight until I have Queen of Air and Darkness in my hands. However based on what I’ve heard from other people I know I’ll love this book (and the whole trilogy) so the length isn’t intimidating me so much.

A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas
699 Pages

A Court of Wings and Ruin was the longest book I read in 2017. Sarah J Maas writes massive books (not that I’m complaining, she’s one of my favourite authors after all) but there was a lot to tie up in A Court of Wings and Ruin and while it wasn’t my favourite of the trilogy it was still a good ending.

Winter by Marissa Meyer
824 Pages

Winter was the longest book I read in 2016. The funny thing is I didn’t realise how big this book actually was until long after I’d finished it, though given how much Marissa Meyer had to introduce and wrap up in Winter I’m not surprised it ended up exceeding 800 pages.

A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin
1178 Pages

I read this long before I started blogging, and currently it’s the longest book I have ever read. I’ve managed to get through books one to four of the Song of Ice and Fire series, but book five is currently intimidating me a little too much to actually start it.

Plus at this stage I’d have to re-read books one to four if I want to understand what’s going on in A Dance of Dragons, and that’s a whole project I’m not willing to start just yet.

So what do you think? Did you take part in this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, if so let me know what the longest books you’ve ever read are? Are you like me and aren’t a fan of epically long books either, or do you search them out in bookstores?

51 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Longest Books I’ve Ever Read

  1. As we near the end of the year, I start panicking about the number of books I have read and the number of pages become a factor in choosing a book. I still have not opened IT by Stephen King for just the reason.

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    1. I get the whole end of the year panic that seems to be coming up. I feel like I haven’t got through nearly the amount of books I wanted to. :/
      Ohh, It is not on my TBR list (I’m not a fan of the horror genre at all) but how many pages is it?


  2. Hello Beth!
    I know what you mean- I am SO intimidated by long books and I’m guilty of letting the length of a book impact my decision of whether or not to read it :’) Of the books on your list here, I’ve read Gemina, A Conjuring of Light and Dreams of Gods and Monsters and I agree that none of these books felt as long as they actually are. I haven’t officially looked through all the books I’ve read this year, but Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is most likely on this list! Great post ❤

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    1. I think you need to be in a certain mood to read longer books, because you know they’re going to take longer it’s almost like you need to decide whether the time you’ll be investing in the story will be worth it. At least that’s how it’s always seemed for me.
      Ohh, I didn’t think of the Harry Potter books, it’s been ages since I’ve read or re-read them, but actually at least one of them should have made it on this list. I’ll just have to remember for next time. Thanks so much Sophie. 🙂 ❤

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      1. Haha yes reading long books do require a certain frame of mind! I find that it is a bit easier to read an ebook or listen to the audiobook version, maybe because I don’t physically see how big the book is. Often I won’t even realize how long the book is until I’ve finished it, especially when it is a captivating story 🙂

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      2. Yeah I do a lot of reading on my Kindle so I don’t always notice how long a book actually is, especially because I also hide the percentage complete I am that shows up on the bottom. I guess I find it easier to get into the story when I’m not feeling like I’m counting it down you know?

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      3. You are right 🙂 I’m definitely guilty of looking at how many chapters/minutes/percent is left haha, and it does feel like a countdown sometimes. Maybe I will try your approach of hiding the number 🙂

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  3. WINTER!!!!!! Just when I begin to (tragically and horribly) forget about the Lunar Chronicles someone reminds me and I’m so happpyyyyy c: c: She was my second favorite, next to Cress. But it was so long????? I think I skimmed the last book, just because I was so excited to read the entire thing and there was SO MUCHHH.

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    1. Oh you can never forget about The Lunar Chronicles Malanie! 😀 I’ll never let you forget because it’s my favourite series and I just love talking about it. 😀 Cress is always going to be my favourite, but yeah I think Winter and Cinder are a joint close second. It was a long book, but a great ending at the same time right?! 🙂

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      1. omg THAT ENDING!!!! that’s so true, even though it was almost 1000 pages it was worth it bc THE SOFT ENDING!!???? I just needed my Cress to be okay, and I needed my Cresswell ship to thrive

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  4. I agree that Monsters of Men and A Conjuring of Light both didn’t feel like they were that long – they flew by! And I remember reading Winter for the first time and being shocked that it was 800 pages, considering how quickly I read it! 😂

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    1. I was so hooked on those stories I could still be reading them now, years after their release, and they still wouldn’t feel long enough. There are some books I just never want to end. Winter was one I sped through too, another series I was addicted to. 🙂


  5. You know what, I was thinking the exact same thing: “Dreams of Gods and Monsters” didn’t feel that long!” And I guess when a book’s really great you don’t see the time ticking away do you? Hahaha

    I felt the same way about Winter too. I have most of the others on my TBR so I’m excited to see whether I have a similar experience or not! It sure would suck if I ended up bored or just not interested in picking them up after a few chapters…

    Length is usually a big no-no for me as I’ve learned my attention span is close to that of a goldfish and I lose interest quickly. But we’ll see 🙂

    Great list, Beth!

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    1. Yeah so many books on this list are that for me. With Dreams of Gods and Monsters I never wanted it to end, so I would have been happy even if it was double the length it ended up being. 🙂
      Winter is amazing, honestly I was so caught up in the story and the fact that it was the last book in The Lunar Chronicles series I didn’t even register how many pages it was. Even now what I remember of the story doesn’t seem like 800+ pages worth you know?
      Same here, there are books I have been putting off (and likely will keep putting off) just because of how long they are (one day I may actually get around to them, one day).
      Thanks so much Sophie. 🙂 ❤

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  6. I agree that long books are a bit intimidating, I always tend to be a bit nervous before picking them up, they’re quite the commitment haha. But when reading Winter, I did not realize it was this long because I just flew through it, I never got bored once and I loved it 😀 Lovely list, Beth! xx

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    1. Yeah some of them I’m still putting off because of the length, kind of like the Game of Thrones books, I still need to read the fifth but it’s so long I almost don’t want to start it you know? Winter seems to be one of those books not many people realised the length of, I guess when a story is as addictive as Winter was it’s hard to notice the pages flying past. 😀

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      1. I get that – there is something a bit scary about big books like that haha 🙂
        (by the way, this is completely out of topic, but I thought I’d reach you quicker here than by email: your blog post has been published for shattering stigmas!! feel free to let me know if something it’s alright and feel free to answer your comments as well 😀 THANK YOU AGAIN for your contribution!!! <3)

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  7. I have Lady Midnight, ACOWAR, and Winter on my list as well, and I’m planning on adding EOS to it soon as well, I’m currently in the middle of my reread of the series, so I’m hoping to catch up by the end of the year.

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      1. The first time I read the first two books in the series they both sent me into reading slumps. It’s something about the writing for me, I felt like they dragged a little, which I noticed where I reread TOG, but in HOF that seemed to be remedied.

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  8. Wonderful list Beth! I have to agree, both Dreams of Gods and Monsters & Winter did not feel as hefty as their page count. They were effortless to read & quite entertaining 💜 Iron Gold definitely had a justifiable page count IMO. Pierce had a ton of ground to cover as you’ve mentioned, I cannot wait for Dark Age 🖤 🎶I like big books and I cannot lie🎶 😂

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    1. Thanks so much Lilly. 🙂 ❤️ Yeah I feel like with both of those because they were last books in my favourite series I wanted them to be longer, I never wanted them to end you know? Plus I was so hooked the pages just flew by. 😀
      Well yeah, plus there were three new characters and POVs to be introduced to. I would have been disappointed if it hadn’t made this list. Ha, yeah I’m counting down the days until Dark Age. 🙂


  9. I totally agree on the Winter thing! I genuinely didn’t recognize that it was like 800 pages long until after I’d finished it, which shocked me. I guess I was just super engaged in the story haha.

    And oh god, I’ve been contemplating reading TID and TDA (since two of my friends who didn’t like TMI read them and loved it) but the size of those books just intimidate me — I know they’ll take me a super long time to read!

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    1. Part of me feels like because Winter is the last book in my favourite series it could never have been too long, even if it ended up being over 1000 pages. Ha, yeah when you get really into a story the whole world kind of falls away doesn’t it?
      See Lady Midnight doesn’t actually intimidate me that much. I’ve heard so many good things about it I just can’t wait to get started. 🙂

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