Title: Champion

Author: Marie Lu

Series: Legend, #3

Publisher: Penguin

Release Date: November 5th 2013


Five Stars

June and Day have sacrificed so much for the people of the Republic – and each other – and now their country is on the brink of a new existence. June is back in the good graces of the Republic, working within the government’s elite circles as Princeps Elect while Day has been assigned a high level military position. But neither could have predicted the circumstances that will reunite them once again. Just when a peace treaty is imminent, a plague outbreak causes panic in the Colonies, and war threatens the Republic’s border cities. This new strain of plague is deadlier than ever, and June is the only one who knows the key to her country’s defense. But saving the lives of thousands will mean asking the one she loves to give up everything he has. With heart-pounding action and suspense, Marie Lu’s bestselling trilogy draws to a stunning conclusion.

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This review may contain spoilers for previous book(s) in the series.

My Thoughts On…

…The Plot

“Sometimes, the sun sets earlier. Days don’t last forever, you know. But I’ll fight as hard as I can. I can promise you that.”

It’s been months since June and Day last saw one another, months since Day discovered he was dying. After everything the two did for in Prodigy they now have high positions within the Republic, and are watching as the Elector tries to usher in an age of peace with the Colonies. However the peace talks Anden is trying to negotiate come to a halt when a plague breaks out on the front lines, infecting the Colonies’ soldiers and seen as an attack by the Republic. After all the plague infecting the soldiers can be traced back to one biological weapons; Eden.

There’s no cure on hand, not without Eden’s blood, and without the cure there is no hope of resuming the peace talks. The Colonies have given Anden a deadline, and either he hands over the cure or their war resumes, but things look bleak when Day refuses to hand his brother back to the people who already experimented on Eden and ripped their family apart.

I look desperately around us, my vision blurred with tears, and everything is a smear of blood and smoke, light and ash, and all I can hear is screaming and gunfire and hatred, and I am so tired of the fighting, so frustrated, angry, helpless.
“Tell me there is still good in the world. Tell me there is still hope for all of us.”

When the Colonies attack the Republic and take Denver, heedless of the deadline they gave Anden, needs to act. Together with June and the other Princeps Elect he travels to Iceland seeking help, while Day stays behind with the remaining Patriots to try and delay the Colonies’ forces anyway they can. However as Day, June and Anden are pushed back to Los Angeles they need to come up with the cure or risk having to surrender; either to the Colonies or Iceland’s demands

This was the first time I picked up Champion, having previously read Legend and half of Prodigy a few years back, and as such my expectations were high but I wasn’t let down. Marie Lu has a way of writing stories that throw you right into the heart of the action, you fear for the characters as Lu refuses to pull any punches. I was terrified for June, Day, Anden, Tess and Eden throughout as they struggled to fight back against the Colonies and save the Republic, I never knew what to expect and the ending, though bittersweet, was a perfect one for this book.

…The Characters

“I’m not some invincible super-soldier—I’m a dying boy who’s about to be stuck, helpless, in the hospital while an enemy takes over our country.”

Day is still very much the same character he was in the first two books, but the tumour in his brain gives him a certain vulnerability in Champion that wasn’t as visible in Legend and Prodigy. When it comes down to it Day is still only a teenager, he’s been through so much and just when his life seems to finally be getting better this happens. He doesn’t want to leave Eden or June but there’s only so much the doctors can do and Day is very aware of that. Besides with the Colonies closing in it may be the war that kills him before the tumour does.

The Republic worship Day. He’s their legend and they look up to him in a way they don’t to June and Anden who have always been of a higher class and so are unable to understand their way of life. Day is a natural leader, the love he feels for the Republic and for the people he shares circumstances with make him the perfect person to fight in their corner when no one else can.

“Metias would be more merciful in my position.
But I was never as good a person as my brother.”

June had an incredible character journey in Legend and Prodigy, and while her development was interesting in Champion I felt this was definitely Day’s book more than June’s. As one of Anden’s Princeps Elect’s June has a place at the heart of the Republic. She knows the Republic in a way no one else does and Anden knows he needs her on his side. However June struggles with sitting back with the rest of the Republic put their lives on the line fighting the Colonies. All her life June has been following in her brother’s footsteps, ready to put her life on the line fighting, now she is forced to sit back by Anden’s side and rule alongside him from the shadows.

“No matter what happens in the future, no matter where our paths take us, this moment will be ours.”

Once Day discovered he was dying he pushed June away, and the two of them have drifted apart as June throws herself into Princeps Elect training and Day hides in San Francisco with his brother receiving treatment. Despite the distance they’re drawn to one another, regardless of their many differences. June knows the way Day thinks and in turn Day leans on June when he is at a loss for what to do next. However there is a lot still standing in their way; Day is grieving the loss of his mother and older brother, and although June didn’t pull the trigger herself she played a large role in their deaths that Day cannot forget.

I was really pleased to see Tess’s character develop more in Champion. She grew up a lot and the dynamic between her and Day changed tracks again to something I enjoyed reading a lot more. Additionally I loved seeing more of Eden. In spite of everything he’s been through he’s still a happy child, and like Day Eden wants to do everything he can to help the Republic, even if it means putting himself in danger. Anden was an interesting character to see more of. He is a strong ruler, but he struggles with what is the right thing to do in the face of many hard choices. It’s not easy but he is constantly trying to do right by his people.

…The Setting

“The Republic is weak and broken.” I narrow my eyes. “But it is still your country. Fight for it. This is your home, not theirs.”

In my reviews for both Legend and Prodigy I mentioned that we didn’t see much of the war between the Republic and the Colonies, well in Champion that all changes. With the peace negotiations between the Republic and the Colonies having come to a standstill the ceasefire has ended, and as June stands by Anden’s side trying to find a way to reinstate the talks and Day works to halt the Colonies process we see the front lines of the war. There were also hints at what the rest of the world is like in this new dystopian world Lu has created, I only wish we’d seen more. Iceland seemed like it would have been an incredible country to explore, however we were only given a small glimpse before June and Anden had to return to Los Angeles.

The Legend trilogy has quickly become a favourite of mine. Normally I’m not a fan of dystopian series but there was something unique about this one that had me hooked, and had me loving every single chapter of all three books. Champion was a bittersweet ending to the trilogy, I was on the edge of my seat so many times, terrified for my favourite characters, but I couldn’t see the story ending any other way for June and Day.

What did you think of Champion? Was it a favourite of yours or could you just not get into the story? Let me know.

25 thoughts on “Champion

  1. I thought this book was the perfect ending for this story. Both Day and June grew so much over a course of three books and it was so easy to care for their well-being. They’re very sympathetic characters and I loved how Marie Lu didn’t magically erase the tension and issues lying between them. I agree that this book was more Day’s book, but each of them had really satisfying arcs. Other characters like Anden and Tessa were also given room to mature in their roles. The world-building was even stronger in this one as the outside world was pulled in, but I wished to see a lot more of the outside world. More of Iceland in particular. I really liked the way that system was described. This series is probably one of my favorite dystopians out there and it makes me so happy that you enjoyed it, too! 😀 Lovely review, Beth! ❤

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    1. Same here, there was so much happening in Champion both when it came to the plot and the character development. I can’t see it ending any other way for June and Day and to think about how they both were in legend when we met them it’s insane how far they’ve come by the end of Champion.
      Oh don’t get me wrong I loved June’s development in this book as well, and Anden’s and Tess’s, just when it came down to it Day’s was the story I felt most involved in you know?
      It would have been brilliant to see more of Iceland, it seemed like such an interesting and high tech city it would have been great to explore it a little more.
      Yeah it took me a while to get around to Legend but I managed it in the end and loved it as much as everyone else did. Thanks Azia! 😀 ❤

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      1. Yeah, their journey was insane. And the ending was the perfect way to semi-conclude their story!
        I was also more invested in Day’s adventures. Both he and June are fun to read about, but Day’s perspective was a bit more engrossing than June’s for this book!
        Maybe we’ll get to see more of Iceland and the world of Legend a little later. Never know what Marie Lu has planned! I just really want a spin-off of some sort haha
        That makes me really happy to hear. And of course! 😀 ❤

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      2. I can’t imagine it going any other way. The ten years they were separated gave them a chance to be their own separate characters.
        I think it’s because Day had a more heartbreaking journey. It felt like in the first book especially there was more at stake for June but in this one it was Day’s turn to experience all that heartache.
        I’m keeping my fingers crossed, I’d love to see a sequel because I’d have hope we’d get little glimpses of June and Day again! 😀 ❤

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      3. Oh yes, Day’s story hurt my heart so much. It was just so emotional and filled with sadness (but also hope and love). Let’s hope Marie Lu gives Day and June another thought! 😀 ❤

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      4. I almost cried when he learned of his condition. I was so SAD. But I know he got his happy ending. He deserves it 🙂 Plus, Marie Lu wouldn’t do that to us, right?

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  2. I also really loved Champion, it was a really good ending to the trilogy that tied up loose ends while introducing other elements. I really enjoyed seeing a bit more about the world and the character development. I am pretty sure I cried at the end, I was just so emotionally attached to the characters.

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    1. Champion was in my mind the perfect ending for this series. It definitely wrapped up the loose ends well, and left it open a little for out own interpretation of events, and that’s a perfect ending for me.
      I didn’t cry but it was a close thing. I became attached to these characters reading all three books, I just wanted them to be happy and safe at the end! 😀


    1. Yeah the dystopian genre is one I thought was getting a little tired a while ago, and I’m still not really over that train of thought so for me to really enjoy a dystopian book and rate it as highly as I did Champion it needs to stand out. This one really did. Honestly I don’t think there’s anything about Champion, and the whole series really, I didn’t like.
      Thanks Meggy! 😀


  3. Ahahah so nice to see this conclusion turned out to be the best of the series! It does sound like the characters had quite a journey, but it also seems like you have quite a journey with this series too! 😛 Great review, Beth! Do you plan on checking out the graphic novels of this series some day? 😀

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    1. For me Champion was definitely the best book of the series, there was a lot to answer and wrap up but Marie Lu did it really well with this book. Again the character development was amazing, and maybe I’ll pick up the graphic novel one day. I’ll have to add it to my to-read list in the hopes I’ll eventually get around to it! 😀

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  4. Ah, I totally agree that the ending is perfect for this book! I mean, it broke my heart SO SO bad, but it really is the right way to end this series. It was definitely super bittersweet — and also mysterious; did they actually get back together or did they become just friends? ASDFGHJKL THE FEELS. But at least they met again, right? I loved seeing Tess’ character grow as well. Great review! ❤

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    1. I can’t imagine how else this series could have ended. I kind of like how June and Day have a fresh start (almost) because when all is said and done there was a lot standing in their way before the epilogue. It feels right for them and their relationship you know? I like to think they ended up getting back to together. I can’t imagine June and Day just staying friends and yeah I’m glad they got to meet again. 🙂
      Tess was a lot better in this book, and I liked her character much better in Champion as well. Thanks May! 😀 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes I like that instead of continuing to be bitter she accepted Day’s feelings for June. It showed her character growth more than anything else I think.
        God ten years seems like too long, but at least they got back together in the end! 🙂

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