The Book Sacrifice Tag

Everyone has books they don’t enjoy, and it was definitely fun thinking of which books I’d choose for each scenario on this tag, however  I don’t think I could ever bring myself to destroy a book, no matter how bad it was. I was tagged by Kirstie at Upside-Down Books. Thanks so much for the tag Kirstie, I had a lot of fun with this one so I hope you enjoy reading my answers just as much.

The Book Sacrifice Tag

An Over-Hyped Book

Situation: You’re in a store when the zombie apocalypse hits. The military informs everyone that over-hyped books are the zombies only weakness. What book that everyone else says is amazing but you disliked do you start chucking at the zombies?

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

I know a few other people who aren’t keen on this book, but it does seem like we’re the minority. While I enjoyed Red Queen the first time I picked it up, when I re-read it I couldn’t understand what it was I liked so much about it. There was so many unanswered questions surrounding the characters and their world and I just couldn’t connect with Mare, two problems that only got worse in the second book.

Red Queen

A Sequel

Situation: Torrential downpour. What sequel are you willing to use as an umbrella to protect yourself?

Remembrance by Meg Cabot

When I heard that Meg Cabot was writing a sequel to the Mediator series, one of my favourite series in high school, I was thrilled. Unfortunately, and maybe this was because my expectations were too high, I can’t say I enjoyed Remembrance that much. It discounted everything that happened at the end of the sixth book, and after everything they went though in the original series I did not like Suze or Paul’s characterisation in this one.


A Classic

Situation: You’re in English class and your professor raves about a Classic that “transcends time”. If given the opportunity to travel back in time, which Classic would you try to stop from ever publishing?

Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare

Classics are a genre I don’t think I’ll ever be able to enjoy the same way I do YA books, and that’s mainly because of the required reading I had to do in high school. Of all the Classics I have picked up Julius Caesar was probably the one I enjoyed the least. I only read two scenes, not even getting to the part where he was killed which is likely the most interesting part of this play, and looking back now I can’t remember anything I read.


A Least Favourite Book

Situation: Apparently global warming equals a suddenly frozen wasteland. Your only hope of survival for warmth is to burn a book. Which book will you not regret lighting?

Reign of Shadows by Sophie Jordan

This was probably my least favourite book that I read last year. I had high hopes for Reign of Shadows as I normally love fairytale retellings, but I was really let down when I actually read this book. It felt like there was no real plot, no real world building, and no real character development. Normally no matter how bad a book is I have to carry on with the series to see how it ends, I won’t be doing this with the Reign of Shadows series.

Reign of Shadows

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And if there’s anyone else out there who wants to take part, consider yourself tagged. Just send me a link to your post in the comments so I can see what your answers are.

41 thoughts on “The Book Sacrifice Tag

  1. Ahah I love this tag!! ❤ I really enjoyed Red Queen when I first read it (last year, possibly??) but didn't like Glass Sword as much, and to be frank I doubt I would enjoy Red Queen as much if I reread it… And that's too bad about Reign of Shadows! I was looking forward to that one (because retellingsssss. <3) but have been putting it off. Looks like I'm not missing much! And awwww the Mediator series! Brings back so many memories ahah I remember loving those books. Too bad to hear about Remembrance! Loved reading this. 😀

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    1. It was a lot of fun to answer these questions! 😀 ❤ In the grand scheme of things Red Queen wasn't all bad, I didn't like it as much as I did the first time I picked it up, but Glass Sword was just terrible in my opinion. I still haven't gotten around to the third book yet and won't for a while I don't think.
      Yeah that was my thought at first, it's a retelling which I love but at the end of the day I just didn't like it at all. Shame. 🙂

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  2. I love this tag so much! And even though I wasn’t tagged I’m so adding this to my list because it’s one I want to do sometime soon. When I saw that you would sacrifice Red Queen in a zombie apocalypse I cracked up laughing because that is the book I would probably choose for that one too. I remember loving it so much when I first read it and even the second time but after Glass Sword and some reviews I started seeing a lot I didn’t like. Although, I enjoyed the novellas a lot. Especially the one with Shade. But the novella also made him my favorite only to have him die in Glass Sword which I’ll admit I’m still sore over, I was not happy about that. And I’m with you on Julius Caesar. I didn’t completely hate it when I read it in school but it also wasn’t one that I loved. I have two quotes from it memorized though and that’s because of The Fault in Our Stars. 😂 Great answers for this, Beth! I enjoyed reading them. 😊♥

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    1. Oh definitely add this tag to your list Melissa, I had such a lot of fun with it and I’d love to see your answers as well. 😀
      Ha, yeah from the comments people seem a little mixed; some people agree with me sacrificing Red Queen but others loved the series so much they can’t believe I’d do that. It’s a series with such mixed opinions isn’t it? Then again if I had to choose I’d sacrifice Glass Sword before I did Red Queen! 😀
      I haven’t actually read the novellas yet, maybe one day maybe not, but I was a little sore over Shade’s death as well. It’s like he was brought back only to be killed again, kind of pointless if you think about it too much.
      I don’t even have two quotes memorized from it, and I have read The Fault in Our Stars as well! Classics just aren’t for me, and William Shakespeare’s books even less I think!
      Thanks so much Melissa! 😀 ❤

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      1. I added it! I’ll probably try get it done at the beginning of the month since I might be lacking on post due to binge reading ACOWAR. 😂
        It really is! I feel like it has a lot to do with what people like. Red Queen is heavier on the political side rather than full of a ton of action like one would expect from a fantasy/dystopia. I know I’ve seen a lot of reviews commenting on that and how the pacing made them bored. Then aside from that I’ve seen a lot of complaints about Mare. Personally, I don’t care for the whole Cal/Mare/Maven triangle. If you can call it that. Then the only character I really liked aside from Shade was Cal.
        Same! I would definitely sacrifice Glass Sword over Red Queen too.
        Right? I didn’t get that! First we think he’s dead and then he isn’t and then she kills him. It felt so pointless. Shade’s death is actually what almost made me DNF Glass Sword. I walked away from it for a few days.
        I think I only have them memorized because they were in TFiOS and I’ve reread it way too many times lol.
        You’re welcome, Beth!! 😊♥

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      2. To be honest I’ll probably be the same the second I get my hands on my copy of ACOWAR, it’s going to be a major priority for me getting started on and finishing that book.
        I didn’t mind Red Queen so much, even the political side wasn’t too bad because it was developing the world and the situation. I think for me in Glass Sword the main thing that let it down was the characterisation. I did not like Mare at all, didn’t care for Cal that much either, and given the book was about those two kind of made it hard to keep interest in the story.
        They could have kept Shade’s character dead and it would have made no difference to the story whatsoever, especially considering he died anyways. It just seemed to create tension and add another aspect to the story bringing him back only to kill him and make Mare witness his death this time you know?
        Well if it’s a book you like then you’re bound to remember key quotes like that! 😀

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      3. We will climb into our reading holes and not leave until we’re finished! Or until we can process what happens because I’m expecting some heartbreak from ACOWAR. I’ve seen some get their copies already and I’m so jealous. 😣
        I didn’t either, I actually liked the political side because it was interesting but, yeah, I had a problem with the whole triangle. I’m in the minority that doesn’t like Maven, I think. So him playing a big role wasn’t enjoyable for me. Then in Glass Sword everything went downhill for me too. It wasn’t even that I disliked Mare or Cal (since Cal was my favorite) but rather that I remember certain aspects annoying me. And then everything with Shade. That and my expectations were so high and it just didn’t meet them. True, she could have kept Shade dead and it wouldn’t have made a difference. Bringing him in and then making him a likable character to only actually kill him. Why? I will always wonder why. 🙈

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      4. Same here, mine won’t be arriving until next week so I’m really tempted to buy the Kindle version as well so I can get started on it right away. I’m expecting heartbreak but hopefully it won’t be too bad. Right?
        I didn’t really like either Maven or Cal, or Mare to be honest. When you don’t like any of the characters who the series kind of revolves around you know you’re in trouble when it comes to a book. I liked Shade but that didn’t last long. It seems like he was just brought back for the shock factor, the whole he’s alive and then dead again thing. Kind of suck-y in my opinion though. :/

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      5. That’s what I ended up doing. I was too impatient to wait for a physical copy. Sometimes I wish that books were like DVDs and if you buy the physical copy you get a free download of the ebook. Would be helpful! 40% in and so far nothing that’s broken my heart too bad. Here’s to hoping! I just want a happy ending for all of them.
        Right? I definitely can’t stick with a series if I don’t like the characters. I completely agree about Shade. It just felt like a way to spice things up a little and was sucky. There are so many better ways to add some extra drama rather than the whole he’s alive and then he’s dead again thing.

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      6. Exactly, especially when Amazon never ship pre-orders so they arrive the day of release. If they did that they’d be a very popular site. God that would be amazing, why don’t they do that already? If they do for DVDs why not books?
        Same here, but I feel like there’s going to be a lot of heartbreak before we get there.
        There were so many ways they could have developed his character and actually made him a part of the story, seems like they just didn’t do that and ruined the surprise of bringing him back by killing him again. It kind of seemed like it was all so Mare could see her brother killed in front of her eyes instead of just hearing about it you know?

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      7. Most of the time with Amazon Prime they tend to ship books so you’ll get it on the release date. Definitely a big reason why I have it. For ACOWAR though I had ordered the Target edition. 🙈 Right? I mean I would be willing to spend a few extra dollars if it meant I could buy a book and get a free ebook download with it.
        I completely agree! There were so many ways they could have developed his character within the story. But yeah, in the end it was pretty much just a plot device, like you said, to have Mare see her brother killed. A way to break her character, I guess.

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      8. Yeah I’ve been thinking about getting Amazon Prime actually, and I may actually end up getting it because the amount I buy from there having free and next day shipping would be worth £7.99 a month! I think everyone would to be honest.
        I really don’t like that in stories, if you introduce a character you want him or her to be more than just a way to further another characters development with a death scene!

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      9. Amazon Prime is definitely worth it! Especially if you buy a lot from it. And with books you’ll almost always get them on the release day. 😊
        Exactly, I feel like there are so many other ways to develop a character than by bringing in another one just to kill them when you’ve barely introduced them. I mean I’m not against character deaths for development because grief can change people but pointless to bring in a character for one book only for them to die to further another character.

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      10. Yeah I buy a lot from Amazon, and if I could have one day delivery, or release day delivery, I’d end up buying from them a lot more so I’d really be saving money at the end of the day.
        No I’m not against character deaths either, but it needs to feel natural you know? I hate it when it feels like a character only died to further the development of another character. It really does a disservice to the character who ended up dead.

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  3. It’s a shame that you didn’t enjoy red queen the second time around! I really enjoy it and I’m looking forward to the final book next year. I’ve also heard a lot of bad things about Reign of Shadows … which is making me consider taking it off my tbr 😂

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    1. Yeah I had quite high hopes for Red Queen going into it a second time but I just didn’t enjoy it, and Glass Sword was even worse in my opinion. I’m glad you enjoy this series though Lauren, and I hope the last book is one you love too.
      I wouldn’t recommend it at all, but if you wanna give it a go then why not? I’d be interested to see what you think of it. 🙂

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      1. I’m really looking forward to the final instalment – especially after everything we learnt in Kings Cage 🙂 but Aveyard keeps blowing holes in my ship and I’m not entirely sure it’s a ship that’s gonna set sail… but I’m hoping it does!

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      2. I have heard from plenty of people that King’s Cage kind of puts the series back on track (this is from people who had the same opinion as I did on Glass Sword) so I do plan to read it myself one day. You never know it may end up changing my opinion of the series! 😀

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    1. Well I’m glad you enjoyed Julius Caesar at least, I just don’t think classics are for me and having to read it for school probably didn’t help the situation at all!
      Oh that’s a shame about Blue Lily, Lily Blue and The Raven Boys, they’re both favourites of mine, but yeah I agree with you on Wintersong. 🙂


    1. Well I haven’t read Long May She Reign so I can’t say for sure but Reign of Shadows was such a disappointment for me. Honestly I can’t recommend it to anyone it was that bad. Still if you do read it I’ll be interested to see what you do think Stephanie. 🙂


    1. Ha, yeah I feel like I’m in the minority with that book, it just wasn’t what I hoped it would be is all. 🙂
      Julius Caesar I honestly had no interest in, and yeah I just can’t recommend Reign of Shadows to anyone. There wasn’t really anything about it I enjoyed. :/

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