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I was tagged by Melissa at Book Nerd Momo. Thanks so much for the tag Melissa, I had a lot of fun answering these questions and I hope you enjoyed reading them as much. Everyone should definitely check out Melissa’s original post and her blog as well while you’re there. Melissa is such an amazing person, and she writes some brilliant reviews, among other posts.



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  • Mention the creator; Kirsty at Kirsty and the Cat Read.
  • Match a book to each of the songs/characters below.
  • Tag as many people as you like.

“Tale As Old As Time”
A popular theme, trope or setting you will never get bored of reading.


Granted I could have just said fairytale retellings for this one because it’s one of my all-time favourite sub genres. However Alice in Wonderland, as my all-time favourite fairy tale, is always going to have a special place in my heart. There are plenty of books out there set in slightly different versions of Wonderland, and I’ve only read a small fraction of them myself, but some of my favourite books are Alice in Wonderland retellings.


A book you brought for its beautiful cover that’s just as beautiful inside too.

The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi

I discovered The Star-Touched Queen before it was released so I can’t really say it was the cover that led me to buy it, but it was the cover that led me to add this book to my to-read list and later to request it when I saw it on NetGalley. The blurb sounded just as incredible and luckily it more than lived up to my expectations. The Star-Touched Queen is one of my favourite reads from last year.

The Star-Touched Queen

A book you didn’t expect much from but pleasantly surprised you.

When the Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore

With When the Moon Was Ours it’s not that I had low expectations more that I didn’t have any, good or bad. The blurb sounded interesting but beyond that it was more a case of not knowing enough about the author to form any opinions on what I thought this book would be like before picking it up. Still When the Moon Was Ours completely blew me away with it gorgeous story, incredible characters, and beautiful writing.

When the Moon Was Ours

A book everyone loves that you don’t.

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

While there are a few people on WordPress who I know share my opinions on this book for the most part Red Queen is a really popular and well-loved. However I wasn’t a fan. The story seemed too generic, there was nothing to set it apart from the many other dystopian/fantasy books out there, and I could not connect with the characters which is never a good thing when it comes to books like this told in first person POV.

Red Queen

A loyal sidekick you can’t help but love more than their counterpart.

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

Don’t get me wrong I loved Cinder throughout the series, and I loved Scarlet, Cress and Winter as they were introduced as well, but Iko was always one of my favourite characters. As her best friend Iko is always by Cinder’s side no matter what she goes through. She believes in Cinder even when Cinder doesn’t believe in herself, and every scene with Iko in was pure gold.

The Lunar Chronicles

Mrs Potts, Chip, Lumière & Cogsworth:
A book that helped you through a difficult time or that taught you something valuable.

The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

I can’t really say this book helped me through a difficult time but there was something about the subject, and something about the way it was written and dealt with through the main character, that I really connected with. Loss like the type Lennie goes through is never easy but Jandy Nelson not only showed that but also showed how you can move on again afterwards.

The Sky is Everywhere

“Something There”
A book or a series that you weren’t into at first but picked up towards the end.

The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski

When I picked up this book it was right before the third in the trilogy was released and when there seemed to be a lot of hype going around for the series. I had high expectations to say the least but for the first half/two thirds I didn’t understand why everyone was raving about this trilogy. The Winner’s Curse was slow to start but when the action finally kicked into gear I understood why everyone loved this book and I was glad I stuck with it.

The Winner's Curse

“Be Our Guest”
A fictional character you’d love to have over for dinner.

Kaz, Inej, Matthias, Nina, Jesper, Wylan
Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

So, not one character but it is one crew so can I say it counts?

One of my favourite things about the Six of Crows duology was the dynamic and relationship between the six main characters. They may have only been pulled together for a job in Six of Crows but in Crooked Kingdom they became an actual team, and seeing the way they developed together throughout the series was one of my favourite parts of it. Suffice to say I think Kaz Brekker and his crew would make interesting dinner guests.

Six of Crows Series

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74 thoughts on “The Beauty and the Beast Book Tag

  1. I adore Alice in Wonderland as well. I haven’t read many books that were inspired by it though, which is a real shame as I do love Wonderland. I definitely plan on reading Heartless and then I’ll go from there.
    The Star-Touched Queen is really beautiful. The cover looks even more beautiful in real life. What drew me to this book at first (and the reason I picked it up as soon as I saw it) was the cover. The blurb does sound great as well, but it’s the cover that got my attention first.
    It would really be amazing to have the crew from the Six of Crows over for diner! (Though I imagine it would be a bit chaotic as well.) I love all their interactions and relationships so I can only imagine how amazing it would be to spend time with them.
    Thank you for tagging me! 😀

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    1. I think in comparison to some of the other fairytale retellings out there Wonderland isn’t one of the main ones. You see loads of Beauty and the Beast ones but not many Alice in Wonderland ones unfortunately. I hope you enjoy Heartless in that case, I certainly thought it was a good story. 🙂
      The cover is what first attracted my attention for The Star-Touched Queen but I think it was the blurb that really had me hooked, it just sounded so magical and luckily reading the book was the same experience!
      Definitely chaotic but also an evening to remember I guess. They just seemed like the perfect pick for that question.
      And that’s all right Anna, I can’t wait to see your answers for this one! 😀 ❤

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  2. This is a wonderful tag! And I love your choices 😀 I’ll definitely never get tired of Wonderland retelling either. I’m always on the lookout for them! And even though I wasn’t a fan of The Star-Touched Queen’s story, I can’t deny that both the cover and the writing are GORGEOUS. I absolutely love Iko, too, and YAS to having the Crows of for dinner. Most interesting dinner-party EVER lol.

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    1. Thanks so much Azia. I think part of the wonder of Wonderland is that no matter how many different ways it’s retold there’s always something new to discover about the world. Part of why it will never get boring to see another retelling!
      Oh that’s a shame about The Star-Touched Queen, but yeah I thought everything about that book was gorgeous and I’m glad I picked it in the end. 🙂
      An interesting dinner part yes, one I’ll survive with all my valuables still on my person is still in question though! 😀

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      1. Very true! I can’t wait to pick up more Wonderland books. Do you have any more suggestions I can possibly read? I have Splintered and I’ve read Heartless. Are there any others out at the moment?

        I’m really glad you liked The Star-Touched Queen! I wish the story had resonated with me a bit more, but I won’t deny the characters and the writing were lovely 🙂

        Hahaha! Very true. Best to keep all your valuable things locked up in a safe deep underground LOL

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      2. Other than the three I included pictures of in the post (two you’ve already got/read like you said, and the other is Alice by Christina Henry which is dark but still worth checking out) I would recommend The Looking Glass Wars series by Frank Beddor. I’ve only read the first one so far but I loved it and need to go back and finish the series one day soon.
        I guess even though the story didn’t resonate with you there were still aspects of the book you did enjoy right?
        Even then I wonder if that will keep them safe. Kaz is very good at what he does! 😀

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      3. I’ve heard of Alice by Henry. I keep passing by it in the store but haven’t heard much about it in the bookish community. I’ll still check it out sometime 🙂 And I forgot about the Looking Glass Wars! I had read the first book way back in high school, but never continued on with the series. I got distracted by other big name books like The Hunger Games and Clare’s TMI. I’ll have to go back and finish them 😀

        Definitely! I thought the imagery was wonderful and the characters were very personable. It was well-written, too, although a bit excessive in some places.

        And yes he is lol XD

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      4. In that case I hope you enjoy Alice, it’s a great story but very dark and gruesome in places. I forgot about the Looking Glass Wars as well after I read the first book, and actually it’s a series I need to get back around to one day.
        Well that’s good to hear at least! 🙂

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  3. Love this! The image at the very beginning of the post is great! Did you design it yourself, or is it the general image for this particular tag? I’ve just got Cinder out from the library so I’m going to read that soon. Sad to hear you didn’t like Red Queen, my sister bought me the first two books in the series for Christmas so I’ll hopefully be picking those up soon! So much yessss to the Six of Crows characters, they would make a dinner party SO exciting. Great tag!

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    1. Thanks Kate, it was a fun tag! And yeah I kind of designed it myself; I used an app called Word Swag on my iPad (it’s what I use to create all my banners) and just combined the picture with different font designs.
      Ohh I really hope you enjoy Cinder, it’s a great book that starts off an amazing series. And you never know hopefully you’ll love Red Queen as well. I think for the most part plenty of people do love it I just wasn’t one of them. 🙂
      The Six of Crows character would make brilliant dinner guests, not sure they wouldn’t try and con me at some point but it’d be an interesting evening to say the least! 😀

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      1. Ah that sounds cool, I’ll have to check it out! I tend to use Canva, but recently I’ve been wanting to personalise my banners and post headers a bit more. I’m trying to decide whether to read Cinder after I finish Fangirl, or to pick up one of my other library books instead. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I use a few different apps to create images for my blog, when I use images beyond the books covers, but Word Swag is probably the one I use the most.
        I’d say Cinder, but then The Lunar Chronicles is one of my all-time favourite series so I’d say that anyways! 😀

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  4. I also was not impressed with Red Queen. I expected it to be great, but I was left so underwhelmed by it. I am planning on reading the Winner’s series very soon, so if I’m not impressed by the first book, I’ll remember to stick with it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I actually really enjoyed Red Queen the first time I read it but then when I re-read it to review on this blog I was so underwhelmed.
      Hopefully you’ll enjoy The Winner’s trilogy much more, and yeah definitely stick with it it certainly gets better as it goes along! 😀

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  5. I still haven’t read Red Queen, despite having the book sitting on my Kindle since last May xD You were more tenacious than me with The Winner’s Curse, I did not make it up the hundredth page!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I seem to do pre-orders in stages. I’ll go on Amazon one day and order tons before the release date and then won’t do anything for another couple of months and then go on a pre-ordering binge again!
        Did pre-ordering in the hopes it would stop you buying loads work for you?

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  6. Awww, sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy Red Queen. I haven’t read it yet, but I do own it. I just love the cover. It’s simple but fascinating haha. I have heard a lot of mixed reviews on it! YAS! Completely agree with Iko. She’s so freaking adorable. I love her. She’s so funny. I think her and Thorne together were some of my favorite scenes. :3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, I think there are a lot more positive reviews for Red Queen than negative ones so hopefully you’ll enjoy it when you get around to it. I guess it just comes down to each reader’s perspective of it.
      I love Iko, then again I loved pretty much every character in The Lunar Chronicles! There’s just so much to love about all of them isn’t there? 😀


  7. Ooh, this looks like such a fun tag! I’ll probably have to do it sometime 🙂

    Red Queen and When the Moon Was Ours are currently both maybes for me – I have to know, does When the Moon Was Ours have much of a plot? I adore the writing style, but the twenty-ish preview I read indicated absolutely no semblance of plot whatsoever, and I don’t think I could sit through a book like that.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

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    1. Oh feel free to take part in this one as well, I’ll look forwards to seeing your answers for it.
      I can’t say I’d recommend Red Queen, not really a favourite of mine, but I would definitely 100% recommend When the Moon Was Ours. It’s an amazing book. In regards to the plot there is one in the book but it’s more a story about the characters and their development than anything else. If you do decide to pick it up I hope you enjoy it Ellie! 🙂


  8. Thanks for the tag, Beth! I’m with you on Red Queen – I also felt like most of the book was very “been there done that” and it didn’t help that I really disliked Mare as well.

    And I’m glad to hear that you ended up enjoying The Winner’s series! I actually really liked it from start to finish, though it definitely has flaws. The covers kind of misrepresented the story though… it definitely has political/warfare elements rather than, hmm, a high-society girl doing things. 😛

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    1. That’s all right Reg, and yeah Red Queen overall seems a really popular book but for the most part on WordPress people tend to feel the same way we do about the series, at least from what I’ve seen.
      Once I got into The Winner’s Curse I was hooked, and the second two books were brilliant I thought. It was just getting into the first book that was the issue. Still yeah the covers kind of don’t tell the same story as the books themselves do. I wonder if there are people who would have otherwise enjoyed the series who have been put off by the covers? 🙂


      1. I’m sure there are people who are turned off by the covers! At first I was – I saw the covers and thought it was like The Selection (which I didn’t like), so I just dropped it. It wasn’t until I read a review I think that I realised it’s not like TS and decided to pick it up. 😛

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      2. I hadn’t picked up The Selection series but I do remember not really picking up The Winner’s Trilogy until I saw some of the amazing reviews for it. I guess you can say I was someone who was maybe put off by the covers as well. 🙂


  9. Love your answers! I agree that Wonderland’s retellings won’t ever get boring, and I do want to read more and more of these, it’s a world I love so much! Also, I agree, Iko is such an amazing character. I think Cress always remains my favorite in The Lunar Chronicles, but Iko was a close-second favorite for sure.
    About Red Queen, do you think you’ll finish reading the series, or not? I read Glass Sword and was even more disappointed in it, but I’m curious to see if the series end well… I don’t know what to do haha 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Marie! ❤ I think there's so much to explore and so many different ways Wonderland can be written that no matter how many retellings there are they'll never be same-y you know? 🙂
      I find it so hard to pick favourites from The Lunar Chronicles, it seems like every time I'm asked I have a different answer. I'll just have to say them all in that case! 😀 Either way Iko was just such an amazing character wasn't she?
      I think I'll end up finished the series no matter what. I always tend to hold out hope that books get better with each addition and I just have a lot of trouble leaving series unfinished unless the book was so terrible I can't go on (so far there's only one book I read in 2016 that happened with.)

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  10. I’m so glad that you had fun doing this tag, Beth! And I loved reading your answers. I officially feel like the universe is telling me that I need to read The Star-Touched Queen, When The Moon Was Ours, and The Lunar Chronicles ASAP because I keep seeing them everywhere 😂. Also, I’m so with you on The Sky is Everywhere. That book was probably the first book I read that dealt with grief really closely, if that makes sense, and I connected so much with Lennie. I hear that Jandy Nelson’s new book might be published this year. I’m not sure if it’s definite but I’m excited! And you picked the perfect dinner guests! I can so imagine a dinner with the Six of Crows crew haha. It would be very interesting. Great answers! 😊💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh it was a brilliant one, and I love Disney as well so it’s the perfect tag for me in that respect as well! 😀
      I’m not sure about the universe but right now I’m telling you to read The Star-Touched Queen, When The Moon Was Ours, and The Lunar Chronicles. They are ultimate all-time favourites of mine so I need to you read them so we can fangirl over them!
      It was the same for me with The Sky is Everywhere, I can’t remember another book I read before this one that stuck with me as much. I haven’t heard anything about her new book but I will try and keep a close eye out for it in that case!
      Certainly they’d be interesting dinner guests. Not sure I’d make it out of the meal alive though, or with all of my worldly possessions in tact, but it’ll be interesting to say the least!
      Thanks Melissa. 😀 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s exactly how I felt. Especially because it’s Beauty and the Beast. That’s probably one of my favorite Disney movies. I can’t wait for the live action movie with Emma Watson.
        I so need too because I’ve heard great things and also so we can fangirl over them! I have The Lunar Chronicles and When The Moon Was Ours on my list for this year and I’ll have to add The Star-Touched Queen.
        Me either. I also think it’s my most reread book, even over ACOMAF. I used to carry it everywhere and have highlights and notes in my copy and everything 😂. I haven’t heard much either. Just the little bits of info on the GR page.
        I know right? I have a feeling a few things would go missing with Kaz and Inej there LOL. They’re quite sneaky. But yeah it would be a dinner party to remember.
        You’re welcome!! 💕😊

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      2. It’s one of my favourites as well, after Alice in Wonderland of course! 😀 No I can’t wait for the live action movie either; me and my sister already have plans to go and see it after it’s released.
        Already looking forwards to fangirling over these books with you Melissa! I’m sure you’ll love them just as much as I did and I honestly can’t want to hear what you think of them.
        Wow that is a lot of re-reads in that case! I think that’s a sign of a well-loved book. I have one like that were the spine is really creased and the cover is almost falling apart because I’ve re-read it so much! 😀
        I’d have to keep all my valuables really really safe in that case, but hey as long as I make it out with my life I’ll be happy! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That’s awesome! I’m planning to go see it with my mom and little sisters. 😊
        I can’t wait! I’ll let you know when I get around to reading them.
        Definitely. I have one other book that is just like that too, cover falling apart and everything. Funny enough it’s Twilight. Back when I was really into that series I reread the first book so many times. 😂
        True. Plus, I’d imagine it would make for interesting conversation. I can imagine Jesper’s commentary at least lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Hopefully we’ll both enjoy the film then, the trailers and promos they’ve released so far look amazing don’t they?
        I think my edition of Twilight is falling apart as well. Back when I was a fan of the series I would pretty much constantly re-read it, finishing it one day and then going back and starting again the next. I couldn’t get enough of that book.
        Jesper alone would be worth holding a dinner party for! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      5. They really do! Have you heard the clip of Emma singing? She sounds so good and I can’t wait to hear the rest of the songs. I hope they plan on releasing a soundtrack too.
        I was the same way 😂. I couldn’t stop rereading it. I had people asking me how many times I’d read it at one point. There was something so addicting about that series.
        True lol. 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      6. I haven’t actually no, I tend to not really watch film trailers that often so I think the only one I’ve seen for this film is the first teaser they released.
        There were probably people asking me the same thing when I was in my Twilight phase! 😀

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  11. Thanks for tagging me! I tried to read Red Queen since I won a signed copy but I couldn’t get passed 100 pages! I even tried listening to the audiobook, but still no luck. Like you said, I couldn’t connect with any of the characters and so it was hard for me to enjoy the book. I ended up just giving up all together.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s all right, I hope you have fun with this tag and I can’t wait to see your answers for it!
      Yeah it’s always a shame when you can’t get into books isn’t it. I managed to read all of Red Queen and Glass Sword but I just didn’t connect with any of the characters and the plot wasn’t enough to save the book for me you know?

      Liked by 1 person

  12. I don’t want to take part, but I really just wanted to say thank you!! I have been looking for some good reads for a while now and you gave me a few that I would love to take a look at! As a fellow book junky I wanted to say I love reading your blog! Now I have to go hunt down these books! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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