Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read for the First Time in 2016

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week there is a new topic for bloggers to choose and list their top ten. This week’s theme is Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read for the First Time in 2016.

I’ve said time and time before that I’m shocked how quickly this year has gone, but looking back some of the books I read seemed like something I picked up last year at least. How was it only March that I started reading Sarah J Maas’s work, and was it seriously June that I started Wolf by Wolf? I was honestly surprised by some of the books I read this year because it feels like I’ve loved them, and the authors who wrote them, forever.


Alwyn Hamilton

I discovered Alwyn Hamilton’s debut novel, Rebel of the Sands, on NetGalley and knew I had to read it. I was lucky enough to get an ARC and, although the start was slow, it was a brilliant book and now I can’t wait for the second one. I was also lucky enough to meet Alwyn at YALC as well and she is such a lovely person.

Emily Henry

It was only after this book was released that I picked it up on a whim and started reading. I quickly fell in love with the characters, their romance, and their story. The Love That Split the World is one of my favourite magical realism books, and one of my favourite reads of 2016 as well. I can’t wait to Emily Henry’s next book to be released, I have high hopes for it after her debut novel.

Heidi Heilig

Time travel is one of my all-time favourite sub-genres. All a book has to do is reference time travel and it goes straight to the top of my to-read list. The Girl from Everywhere sounded amazing and I was desperate to get my hands on it when it was released. It’s an amazing story with such a unique concept behind the time travel as well.

Sarah J. Maas

I was incredibly late jumping on the Sarah J Maas bandwagon, but after reading A Court of Thorns and Roses and after reading Throne of Glass I was addicted. I binge read all her books and now I am desperately waiting for the sixth Throne of Glass novel and the third A Court of Thorns and Roses one. There were some mixed reviews for Throne of Glass, which is why it took me so long to get around to it, but my expectation were low and in the end the book more than exceeded them.

Jandy Nelson

When I was first looking into YA contemporary novels I could add to my to-read list back at the beginning of this year I’ll Give You the Sun seemed to be everywhere, and everyone seemed to love it as well so of course I had to add it to my to-read list. Jandy Nelson has quickly become one of my all-time favourite YA contemporary authors, anything she writes will now go to the top of my to-read list and I know I’m sure to love it.

Roshani Chokshi

The Star-Touched Queen was another book I discovered through NetGalley and, like with Alwyn Hamilton and Rebel of the Sands, as soon as I read the blurb I knew I had to have it. Once again I was lucky enough to get an ARC and as soon as I started reading I fell in love. Everything about Roshani’s writing, the world building and the story she wove, had me hooked.

Rick Riordan

Am I the last person to have started the Percy Jackson series? Probably not but it certainly feels that way.  Everyone was raving about these books and plenty of people told me to get started on the Percy Jackson series as soon as I could, so of course I did and of course I loved them. I have the rest of Rick Riordan’s releases on my to-read list but I am working my way through them slowly to savour the experience.

Ryan Graudin

I saw so many amazing reviews for Wolf by Wolf before finally picking it up myself and even though my expectations were sky high the first book still ended up exceeding them, and Blood by Blood was even better which I didn’t think was possible. This is an amazing series, Ryan Graudin is an amazing writer, and if anyone hasn’t picked up Wolf by Wolf yet I would highly recommend it.

Kasie West

Next to Jandy Nelson and Sarah Dessen Kasie West is one of my ultimate favourite YA contemporary authors. I picked up P.S. I Like You after seeing an amazing review for it, loved it, and then binge read all the other releases she had. If you’re ever looking for a light-hearted and fluffy romance with a happy ending then Kasie West is an author I would highly recommend.

Anna-Marie McLemore

I received an ARC for When the Moon Was Ours and fell in love. The story was so beautifully written and both Sam and Miel were amazing characters to get to know throughout. Anna-Marie McLemore has become one of my favourite magical realism authors now and I am so excited to see what she comes out with next. Both When the Moon Was Ours and The Weight of Feathers are two books I would recommend for anyone looking for a magical realism story.

So what do you think? Did you take part in this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, if so let me know who some of your new favourite authors whose work you read for the first time in 2016 are.


61 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read for the First Time in 2016

  1. 😀 😀 😀 I actually haven’t read any books from these authors. But I do have the whole Percy Jackson collection waiting for me. I thought I would have began this series this year, but it seems like it’s going to be a discovery for another year! Also really want to check out Ryan Graudin’s series. It has intrigued me since… ages… 😛 I’m glad you were able to discover all these folks this year though! Here’s to more new discoveries in 2017 (I don’t know if that’s a good thing for your TBR though!) 😀

    – Lashaan

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    1. Well in that case I would highly recommend all these authors. The Percy Jackson books are amazing, I’m hoping to get through the Heroes of Olympus books next year, but the original series is just as brilliant as well so I hope you love it. Plus I would highly highly recommend Ryan Graudin’s Wolf by Wolf duology. Honestly they’re two of the best books I’ve read this year and that’s high praise considering how much I have read so far!
      Same here, and yeah it may not be a good thing for my TBR list but it’s a great thing for me! 😀 Thanks, I hope there’s plenty of new discoveries for 2017 for you as well Lashaan! 😀


  2. I haven’t read books by any of these author’s…yet! But I have heard such good things about Alwyn Hamilton’s book. Good to hear that you enjoyed it, too! So neat that you got to meet her. I really hope I get it together and read it in 2017.

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  3. You discovered quite a bit of authors this year 🙂 I like this week’s theme and your answers. I was late to the Maas bandwagon too and the jury is still out on her case but Throne of Glass was a nice surprise overall. Kasie West will be a 2017 author for me, this year was too cramped to squeeze her books in. I met so many awesome new authors this year that the list would be too long to write, haha!

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    1. Yeah I definitely did. I think with Maas, for me at least, it was definitely a case of better late than never! I hope for you the jury comes in at some point, maybe with the fifth or sixth book.
      Oh I hope you love Kasie West when you get around to reading her books. And yeah there were some amazing books we both discovered this year weren’t there! 🙂


    1. Thanks so much Lauren! Ohh then you need to get around to them soon. I loved The Star-Touched Queen and can’t wait for the next book to be released from that world. Also yeah Rick Riordan was definitely one of the best authors I discovered this year. 😀


  4. Literally all of your list is on my TBR pile. I really need to read them especially, Throne of Glass and Rebel of the Sands. I feel like I’m missing out on some ultimate must reads here! Definitely going to prioritise some of these for early next year.

    Great List, Happy Reading
    Rachel @ Paein-and-Ms4Tune

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    1. Oh I had to include Jandy Nelson, of all the YA contemporary authors I read this year she is my favourite! And same, I feel like anything she releases now is going to be an automatic five star read for me. 😀
      I’d highly recommend When the Moon Was Ours, it’s such an amazing story and I think you’d really love it as well! ❤️

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  5. You are definitely not the last person to read the Percy Jackson series. I haven’t read it yet, at all. I want to, but there is a long wait at the library for it so I keep putting it off! One day I will read it!
    I agree Kasie West’s novels are just so easy to sink your teeth into and get lost in. 🙂

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    1. It can feel that way though, when everyone is telling you how amazing it is and the books themselves have been released for ages. Ohh, that’s a shame but hopefully you’ll be able to get a copy soon and when you do, trust me, it’ll have been worth the wait! 😀
      Whenever I’m in the mood for a light fluffy romance I go to Kasie West. I can read her books so quickly because they’re so easy to get lost in like you said! 😀

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  6. Oh such a great list! Most of these authors I either already love, or they are at the top of my TBR 🙂
    I’m so glad you enjoyed Sarah J. Maas’ books! They are some of my all-time favorites and I can’t wait for ACOWAR and Throne of Glass 6 next year! Alwyn Hamilton, Jandy Nelson and Ryan Graudin are some of the authors I hope to read very soon 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much, and yeah even though I only started these authors this year they’ve pretty much all climbed to the top of my favourites list!
      God I know what you mean, the wait at the moment is agonising, for both series, but it will be worth it when we have them in our hands won’t it? All three of those authors you mentioned are amazing so I really hope you love their books as much as I did! 😀


  7. Thank goodness you finally started reading Sarah J. Maas!! She’s an author definitely not to be missed. Now you can join in with the rest of the bookish world as we roll about in anxiety waiting for the next books in her series!

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    1. Definitely not to be missed, and now I’ve read her books I know what I was missing all those years and I’m kicking myself now for not starting sooner!
      Oh I’m definitely feeling the anxiety waiting for her next books! I need both the third ACOTAR and the sixth ToG so so badly! 😀

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  8. I also only discovered Sarah J. Maas and Kasie West this year. I still haven’t read the Throne of Glass books, though. I remember I was going to binge them but never got around to it because of my slump and being busy 🙈. I’m contemplating waiting for the last book now. But then beyond the last book there’s going to be several novellas, right? Several of the others on your list are on my TBR still. Hopefully I get to them next year. Great picks, Beth! 😊

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    1. It makes me feel better to know I wasn’t alone in only discovering SJM this year, I felt like I jumped on the fan bandwagon really late for her books. I’m hoping you find the time to binge them but I will recommend, just based on the way the fifth book ended, that you wait until the sixth book has been released. I hadn’t heard about the novellas but honestly I don’t think the wait for them will be as bad as it is for the sixth book right this moment!
      I hope you manage to get around to the others soon, and thanks Melissa! 😀

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      1. I felt the same exact way when I picked up her books. Especially since I picked up ACOTAR during all of the ACOMAF hype that happened right after it released. I actually hadn’t even planned on reading them but I’m so glad I did because her writing is fantastic. There’s a big chance that I will just wait for the last book. Especially since I’ve seen several people say the fifth book put them in a book hangover.
        You’re welcome, Beth! 😊

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      2. I picked up ACOTAR back in March I think and I was completely addicted to it, luckily then I didn’t have long to wait for the next book which was great! Now I have a long long time to wait for the next one. 🙂
        I’d always planned on reading her books but I always thought I’d started with the ToG books just because they were released first. I started ACOTAR first just because there was less in the series already released and I could get through it quicker. For now I’d recommend waiting for the sixth ToG book before starting the series!

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      3. I know right? The wait for the third book has been torture and I want it to be release day for that book already. I’m going to drop everything to read that one when it’s released. Hopefully it doesn’t put me into a slump lol.
        For me, I think it was a cover thing. It’s probably terrible but I’ve never really found the covers appealing so I was like eh until I started reading reviews. Just goes to show judging a book by it’s cover means you could miss out on some great books.
        But yeah I think that’s the same reason I started with ACOTAR, less in the series. Plus, I really wanted to read another faerie book at the time. 😊

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      4. I always think the best books are the ones you want to get your hands on as soon as possible, and every day you don’t have them is more painful than the last. I don’t think her second one put me in a slump so hopefully the third one won’t. But if it does I have some YA contemporary books to keep my going.
        Yeah but at the same time I admit I’ve not picked up books because of the covers, and I’m probably missing out on some great stories as well.
        I think ACOTAR is the only faerie book I read in a while, there are probably others admittedly but ACOTAR is the only one I can remember off the top of my head!

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      5. Yes! The problems of a bookworm – wanting a book so badly but having to wait forever.
        That’s true. I have some contemporaries up my sleeves too if it happens.
        It’s the same for me. Some covers just don’t do the books justice.
        The only other one I’ve read is The Iron Fey books. I have a few others on my TBR but haven’t been in the mood for one because I’m so focused on wanting the next ACOTAR book. 🙈

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      6. It’s why someone needs to invent a time machine, so we can travel forwards to the date a book is being released and grab it immediately!
        I haven’t read The Iron Fey books but I do have them on my to-read list.I have really enjoyed Julie Kagawa’s other series, The Immortal Rules I think it was, so I’m not sure why I haven’t picked up this one! 🙂

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      7. There are so many things you could do with a time machine if you had one but all we want it for is to get our hands on book releases early! 😀
        It’s a great series, I haven’t read The Iron Fey books but I’d definitely recommend The Immortal Rules ones. 🙂

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      8. Well, I do know that if a time machine was ever invented the first thing I would do, aside from getting books early, is to go back to the first showing of Phantom of the Opera in London. I’ll always wish I got to see it with the original cast. 🙈
        I’ll definitely have to check them out in the future. 😊

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    1. Oh I’d highly recommend them all because honestly they are amazing. Some of these books will even be on my favourites of 2016 list! Heidi Heilig and Roshani Chokshi are great but you definitely need to get around to SJM and Kasie West as soon as possible. 😀
      Thanks for the link. I’ll definitely check out your TTT! 🙂

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  9. We share a lot of firsts! 😂😂😂 I also started reading SJM just this year & quickly binged them. Rick Riordan I discovered a few years back & also take my time going through the books although that doesn’t stop me from reading the newly released spin-offs 🙈 I can’t resist anything Vikings Or Ares Lol. Roshani & Ryan are two authors that I am really excited to get to early 2017. Anna-Marie McLemore was a rare find, loved When The Moon Was Ours 😁 great finds Beth💕

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    1. I imagine these are quite a few people’s favourites of this year because, in my opinion, they’ve all released amazing books! Also yay for not being the last person to have started SJM’s books this year, it did feel like it for a while there.
      I’m trying to go through all his books in order. So far I’ve only read the first series so I have the Heroes of Olympus books next. I love mythology so anything like that is a major win for me.
      I think you’ll love both Roshani and Ryan, both of their releases are favourite reads of mine for this year, and I completely agree Anna-Marie McLemore was a rare find and a brilliant one because her books are amazing!
      Thanks Lilly! 😀 ❤️


  10. Yeees for Ryan Graudin and Roshani Choksi! Both such great authors – really can’t wait for what they write next.

    I also have The Girl from Everywhere on my TBR! Here’s hoping I enjoy it as much as you did. And I was unconvinced about Anne-Marie McLemore, but after hearing so many rave reviews about her books, I think I’m going to read When The Moon Was Ours eventually. Great choices, Beth. ❤

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    1. They’re amazing aren’t they? I think from now on anything either of them writes is going to the top of every list I have for books! 🙂
      I hope so too, I love time travel books and this one is an amazing one, one of my favourites and that’s saying something considering how many I’ve read! 😀
      Definitely definitely pick When When the Moon Was Ours as well Reg, it’s such an amazing book. I had no clue what it would be about (other than what the blurb told me) and I was completely blown away by the story and the characters and the writing.
      Thanks Reg! ❤️


      1. I’m super excited for anything Graudin writes, especially! I enjoyed TSTQ but that book had plenty of flaws for me, whereas Wolf by Wolf & Blood for Blood just blew my mind away, haha. Still excited, though. 😊

        And I will! I’m planning to for sure.

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    1. Oh I completely agree. I wasn’t sure what to expect from that book but all my expectations were exceeded and then some. I enjoyed The Weight of Feathers, I didn’t think it was as good as When the Moon Was Ours but still a brilliant story.
      As far as magical realism books go Anna-Marie McLemore has released some of the best I’ve read! 🙂

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