A Postcard from Algarve

It’s official; I am now back from holiday and back from my mini hiatus which I took while I was in the Algarve last week.

Last year my friend and I went to Cancun for the week – and it was all sun, sand and swimming – and it ended up being one of the best holidays I went on because it actually felt like a break. Normally when we go away we’re on our feet all hours of the day, wandering around whatever city we’ve found ourselves in, which is nice don’t get me wrong. However sometimes you just want to spend a week by the pool or on the beach in no rush to go anywhere, just sunbathing with a drink in one hand and a book in the other.




That’s what Algarve was; we still did some excursions but for the most part it was a holiday where we slept in in the mornings, lay by the pool in the afternoons, and went out in the evenings.

Algarve is a gorgeous place but there is so much of it to see. We ended up staying just outside of Albufeira; where we could visit both the Old Town and the Strip, where there were plenty of bars and shops to pass away an afternoon or evening, and where there were amazing beaches. After all, the beaches are why we went to Algarve in the first place.



If you search for Algarve on the Internet you’ll find pictures of the many rock formations that make up the beaches, and seeing them in person is so much more than that. Standing on the beach there are plenty on the sand and in the shallows of the sea you can walk around, but if you want to get the full experience there are plenty of tours you can go in which take you into some of the caves that before you’ve probably only read about. My friend and I did a kayaking tour and a boat tour, both of which took us through caves we would have never got to see if we’d stayed on the beaches. We also got to see some wild dolphins while on the boat.



Advice (a.k.a. learn from my mistakes)

  • Look up the public transportation before you go…It’s pretty much just buses but god it’s terrible. There’s no set times and you can end up having to wait anywhere between half an hour to well over an hour for the next bus if you miss one. Most hotels do some kind of shuttle transportation so it’s well worth looking into, if not either walk or get a taxi.
  • Watch out for the rocks…As amazing and beautiful as the massive ones are, which you can see a mile away, there are some smaller ones on the beach half buried under the sand. I learnt this the hard way and I’ll let you imagine how painful that was when I stubbed my toe on one while not wearing any shoes.
  • Drink water…It gets really hot in Algarve, especially if you are an English native used to highs of mid to late twenties once a blue moon.
  • Use sun cream…Again this is an obvious one, and one that for the most part I was quite good at, until the last day that is.
  • Visit the city…This may seem like an obvious one but a lot of the hotels in the Algarve are all-inclusive, and it can be really tempting to either spend all your time by the hotel pool or all your time on the local beach. Instead take a day or an afternoon to visit the nearest city or visit the next city along. There’s always plenty to do in terms of food, bars, entertainment and shops; and you never know what you may find.


For both me and my friend Algarve was a relaxing holiday. We did the kayaking and boat tours, did a quad biking tour in the Albufeira countryside, but for the most part the trip was all about relaxing. We spend afternoons by the pool and mornings on the beach because we had a gorgeous hotel and all the beaches nearby were just stunning.

35 thoughts on “A Postcard from Algarve

  1. Wow, those pictures are wonderful! And Algarve looks simply beautiful. I’m really glad that you had fun and that it was a relaxing holiday. 🙂

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  2. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous, and you’re right, sometimes we just need some holidays to relax and spend the day by the beach, enjoying the sun. It seems like you had a wonderful time, this makes me so happy, and all I want to know is where you are headed to, next, because knowing you, I know you can’t be staying put for that long, can you? 🙂
    so good to have you back on the blogosphere, Beth! And best of luck for getting back to work ❤

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    1. Thanks so much Marie ❤
      It's a gorgeous city over there and it was nice to get away from work to relax by the pool or beach. Overall it was a great holiday, and I wish I was back there because it was so warm and it's now so cold in England :/
      Next me and my sister are going to Copenhagen in November, another holiday I'm excited for!
      Thanks it's going to feel a little strange going back to work after so long but I am so pleased to be back on the blogosphere again! 😀 ❤

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  3. Algarve looks so gorgeous 😍! Especially those rock formations and beaches. Another place to add to the list of places I want to visit one day. Ouch about the toe thing though. Stubbing your toe is the worst. I’m so glad you had a wonderful holiday! I definitely missed our daily conversations though so it’s good to have you back on the blogosphere. 😊

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    1. Oh it is a beautiful city, my pictures don’t fully do it justice because there is something about seeing it with your own two eyes which makes it even more stunning.
      Yeah that was really painful and I had to walk through the sand and seawater as well which did not help!
      I missed you all too but I’m glad to be back now and I don’t think I can leave WordPress for a week again! 😀

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      1. I feel like it’s that way for a lot of things. Picture can never fully do incredible things justice! That’s why I hope I’m able to travel one day. There’s so many places I want to see with my own eyes. 😊
        Ouch. On the plus side I hear saltwater is good for cleaning cuts so that’s good.
        WordPress is definitely addicting! I can barely go a day without getting on. 🙈

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      2. It’s a completely different thing seeing it in real life from your own perspective. It would be great if you did travel there because it’s just an amazing city, and so beautiful as well!
        Yeah that’s what I heard as well. My friend had a plaster luckily so when I was on even ground I quickly put that on my toe and it helped a little!
        It’s such a huge part of our lives as well, it felt wrong not replying to comments and posting this past week! 🙂

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  4. Welcome back, Beth! I know it’s been like, a week, but we’ve missed you in the community.

    I’m so glad to hear that you felt like you had a break. Algarve sounds like a wonderful place, and from the pictures it looks like it too. It’s also really cool that you got to see dolphins that up close – I’d have loved that. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. 💕

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    1. Thanks so much Reg ❤ yeah I've definitely missed everyone on WordPress as well, and blogging. I'm not sure I'll be able to leave my blog for this long again but it was nice to have a break!
      Oh it's a gorgeous place, and honestly so much more beautiful seeing it with your own eyes rather than through pictures you know? The dolphins were one of my favourite parts, in fact we were lucky we got to see them because they aren't always out every tour.
      That's all right, I'm glad you enjoyed my pictures! 😀


  5. Yay!! It’s still so warm here (crazy weather for October). Really glad that you enjoyed your vacation here 🙂 make sure to pm me next time! ❤

    Amazing pictures! I live very close to the ocean and sometimes too lazy to take pictures I all the beautiful places.

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    1. Ohh in that case I’m glad I got to enjoy some of the warmer weather. It’s freezing back here in England making me wish I was still in the Algarve. Thanks, it was honestly a great vacation, and I definitely will. ❤
      Thanks again, yeah it's kind of like that where I am, there are so many sights in London/Southend I love but I never take any pictures of them! 🙂

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  6. I’m glad you enjoyed Algarve :). I live in Lisbon, but my sister lives in Albufeira, and I was working there for 2 months this summer. There’s nothing much to do there, tbh. And you’re so right: the buses are the worst!

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    1. Oh Algarve is a beautiful place isn’t it, and I’d love to visit Lisbon myself someday as well actually.
      Yeah I was talking to my friend about this because you got some people that were there for ten days/two weeks and we thought that was too much because, like you said, not much to do. I think the five days we were there was kind of a nice amount.
      God I can’t get over that bus timetable, it would be chaos if it was like that where I lived and worked! 😀


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