Problematic Faves Tag

This is a tag that was created by Izzi over at Ravenclaw Book Club to celebrate reaching 100 followers. I was thrilled to be tagged in this one, although it’s taken me a while to get around to it.

Problematic Fave; (Noun) A favourite person (usually a character) who has problematic views and opinions.


Some of these questions were easier for me to answer than others; some I had an answer for as soon as I read it whereas others were a little harder and I had to scan my bookshelves thinking back on the characters and relationships in each.

Once again I was tagged by Izzi at Ravenclaw Book Club. Thank you so much for the tag Izzi; everyone else should definitely check out her original post and while you’re there her blog as well.

A character everyone loves that you hate

Mare Barrow, Red Queen

I know I’m not the only one who feels this way but I just couldn’t connect with Mare’s character at all. It wasn’t so bad in Red Queen but the way she acted in Glass Crown is a hard thing for an author to portray while still making the character likeable and sympathetic. In Glass Sword Mare becomes closed off, she cuts herself off from her family and her friends and pushes everyone away.

Red Queen

A character everyone hates that you love

Cassius au Bellona, Red Rising

So I’ll admit some of his actions made me hate him a little, and I have only read the first two books so my opinion could completely change with Morning Star, but I honestly feel for Cassius. He loved his brother, and he loved Darrow as well, so trying to come to terms with what happened to Julian at Darrow’s hands is hard for him.

Red Rising

A character who started out problematic but grew to be a better person

Manon Blackbeak, Throne of Glass

When Manon was first introduced in Heir of Fire she was nothing more than a loyal soldier, following her grandmother’s orders no matter what they were. However over the course of the later books in the series, including Empire of Storms, she started to change for the better as she learnt more about her grandmothers plans and more about herself as well. Manon has become one of my favourite characters of this series and I can’t wait to see what’s next in store for her.


A character who started out good but became problematic

Mal Oretsev, The Grisha Trilogy

In the first book Mal was one of my favourite characters; he was kind, dedicated to Alina, and willing to risk everything to save her from the Darkling. However in the second book he seemed to become a completely different character; he was withdrawn and petulant, he put Alina in danger despite it being his job to keep her safe. He spent most of the time they were together ignoring and somewhat hating her Grisha ability despite it being such a huge part of who she was.


A problematic couple that you ship (doesn’t have to be canon)

Morpheus and Alyssa, Splintered

While, by the end of the Splintered series, I did ship Morpheus and Alyssa in the first and a little bit of the second book I thought their relationship was very problematic. Morpheus trapped both Alyssa and Jeb in Wonderland in different ways, he manipulated them and constantly lied to get what he wanted. It took a while for me to come around to Morpheus but eventually I did.

Splintered Series

A couple everyone ships that you find problematic (doesn’t have to be canon)

Tamlin and Feyre, A Court of Thorns and Roses

Granted after reading A Court of Mist and Fury I don’t know if anyone does ship Tamlin and Feyre but in the first book I loved the relationship between them. However after reading the A Court of Mist and Fury and seeing the way Tamlin changed – how he came possessive and almost cruel towards Feyre – I can’t see the two of them together anymore.

A Court of Thorns and Roses Series

A problematic trope that you love

Enemies to lovers

I wouldn’t say this is a problematic trope, though I guess it depends on the book and the way the characters and their relationship is written that defines whether this is a problematic trope of not, but overall the enemies to lovers trope is my all-time favourite.

A book/TV show/movie that is problematic but you love anyway


Don’t get me wrong I still love this show, and I am so excited for the next season, but the way some of the characters are treated – mainly the women – is not ideal. How many episodes on average does a female character last for before they’re killed off? I’m not sure but it’s not many and the way Charlie was killed was so horrific I’m still not over it.


A book/TV show/movie that you hate because it’s problematic

Reign of Shadows

I wanted to enjoy this book because I love fairytale retellings and there are very few Rapunzel ones out there. However it just didn’t live up to my expectations. Even taking away the plots holes, and the issues with the setting and the world building, the character development of Luna almost felt like reverse development. She started off as a capable character, independent and fierce despite having been blind her whole life, but as she starts travelling with Fowler that strength slowly seems to disappear until she is weak and relies on Fowler to save her from anything and everything they come across.

Reign of Shadows

Lastly, your problematic fave

Ronan Lynch, The Raven Cycle

He’s reckless, doesn’t listen, has no respect for authority or anyone other than Gansey, Blue, Adam and Noah, but Ronan is still my favourite of all the Raven Boys.

The Raven Cycle

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And if there’s anyone else out there who wants to take part, consider yourself tagged. Just send me a link to your post in the comments so I can see what your answers are.

53 thoughts on “Problematic Faves Tag

  1. I just realised I hadn’t commented on this yet, which is tragic considering I came up with the tag and tagged you haha. I haven’t read any of these books, so I can’t say whether I agree or disagree with most of your answers, but Charlie’s death in Supernatural was definitely unfair!

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    1. That’s all right! 😀 It was a great tag so thanks again for coming up with it and tagging me as well Izzi.
      That’s a shame about the books but yeah Charlie’s death was just really shocking wasn’t it? I know there was a lot of backlash after that episode aired because of it.

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  2. This is so much fun and the questions are hard lol. However, you had some answers here that had me like “YES YES YES”
    1- Manon Blackbeak. I actually didn’t really even like her chapters in Heir of Fire when we meet her. I was like “oh great another character that I won’t get along with” but she definitely grew to be one of my favorites because of her character development.
    2- Mal from Grisha. I always had a little problem with him after book two but now that you pointed out, yes I agree with you 100% he wasn’t really there for her when she needed him and they had this push and shove.
    3- Tamlin and Feyre. I was originally shipping them till we met Rhys in ACOTAR, then I started siding with him. But they definitely had problems since book 1. But Rhys is my precious baby lol.

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    1. Yeah there were a few I struggled with but some were just so easy to answer. It was a really fun tag, you should definitely take part as well if you want.
      I actually liked Manon from the beginning but I think she’s one of those characters people have mixed opinions about, I just can’t wait to see her in the sixth book! I need to know where her character goes next.
      I loved Mal in the first but then my feelings did a complete 180 because he was a jerk in the second, and he didn’t improve 100% in the third either.
      I didn’t actually notice any issues between them in the first book, not saying they weren’t there or anything I just didn’t pick up on them, but oh the second book it was all about Rhys for me! I love him so much! 😀

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      1. I look forward to Manon’s character in the 6th book also. I didn’t like how Aelin treated Manon on EoS so I wonder how Manon will go about all of this now that her thirteen is back.
        Mal was annoying. I think I preferred Alina to stay all alone in the end, then with either Mal or the Darkling.
        Rhys ❤ forever!

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      2. Yeah, but on the other hand I hope her and Aelin work together, just because I think they’d pretty much be unbeatable. Ohh and I do want to see more of the Thirteen in the sixth book!
        Yeah same here actually, it would have been a much more satisfying ending but when it comes down to it I think the ending we got fit Alina’s character better. 🙂

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  3. Thank you!
    This is a great tag! I agree with Morpheus and Alyssa…it hurt my heart but the ending was perfect.
    And I agree with pretty much everything else you mentioned…I Think the girls die on Supernatural because it’s always been about Sam and Dean…and nothing can interrupt that relationship.

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    1. That’s all right.
      Yep, the Splintered series has one of the only love triangles I’ve actually enjoyed, and a large part of that is because of be way it was resolved. 🙂
      Well yeah, I do enjoy the fact that it’s always been, and always will be, Sam and Dean but at the same time I’d love to see some more female characters who don’t die gruesome deaths as soon as the series finale comes around!


    1. Same here! I think from the second he was introduced I though to myself ‘God he’s an ass, and of course my new favourite character!’ 🙂
      Oh I’d highly recommend the Grisha trilogy, because then you can read the Six of Crows duology.
      No I wouldn’t recommend Reign of Shadows at all, overall it was just a terrible book for me.


  4. So many of these I haven’t read (or haven’t finished reading in the case of TRC) but need to 🙈! I actually have a lot of mixed feelings for Mare. She’s the one character I can’t help but love even though I hated a lot of how she was in Glass Sword. I didn’t agree with a lot of what she did/how she acted in that book, but then everything happened and the ending and I’m full of mixed feelings toward her because of it. I can’t wait to see what/if anything changes in King’s Cage! I’m so with you on Mal though. I loved him at first as well but over time he really did become problematic. I ended up not really liking him. When I read that series I remember everyone was either for Mal or the Darkling and I was never for either of them lol. As for Tamlin and Feyre you know I completely agree with you on them! Thank you so much for the tag, Beth. I can’t wait to do this one! I officially need to set a day of the week where I do tags because I’m so behind 😂.

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    1. For the most part I think they’re amazing books, especially TRC series, I would recommend finishing that one as soon as you get a chance!
      I don’t think I was ever really that invested in Mare’s character, even in the beginning. And then with everything that happened in Glass Sword and the way her character went I just didn’t like her at all. I’m still kind of looking forwards to seeing what happens next after that ending.
      God my feelings for Mal went a complete 180 during Siege and Storm, and honestly even in the last book he didn’t completely redeem himself. Honestly I don’t think I was for either Mal or the Darkling either but I did know who she would eventually end up with.
      Yep, goodbye Tamlin and Feyre, hello Rhysand and Feyre! 😀
      That’s all right, and yeah I know the feeling, I’m really behind on mine as well, but I hope you have fun with this one! 😀

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      1. I plan on it! I don’t even know why I never finished it considering I loved the first two books so much and back when I was really into tumblr I remember stalking the author’s page for teasers because I wanted to know what could possibly happen so badly 😂.
        I get that. A lot of people don’t really care for her character. Which I see where that comes from even if I do happen to be in the group that does like her.
        Same! For all the love I have for the series I remember not being completely satisfied with the ending. I knew the same. From the beginning I felt it was pretty obvious. Even if for a few seconds there I wanted her with who she didn’t end up with until he showed his true colors and then I was like nope haha.
        YES! I actually reread ACOMAF this weekend and Rhys and Feyre. I love them together so much! 😍
        I have a feeling that I will! 😊

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      2. It can get like that sometimes, if you wait so long for a book sometimes you just put it to the back of your mind and even when it’s released you don’t end up picking it up. The wait for The Raven King was pretty unbearable so at least you won’t have to deal with that! 🙂
        At the same time I can see why people like her, and I do want to see both her and the series improve in my mind, but at the moment it’s not looking good unfortunately.
        I think from the beginning he was the only option, it felt like she made her decision instantly and the whole love triangle/square was just unnecessary.
        I’m feel the need to re-read it myself actually, I just want more of the two of them together, and that book was amazing! 😀

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      3. Exactly! And yes at least now I won’t be waiting for the last book. 🙈
        More and more lately I’ve been buying series and then waiting for all the books so I can binge read haha.
        True! I felt the same way about the whole love triangle/square.
        You so should! That book is a book I’ll never get tired of rereading. I’ve reread it so many times at this point that I can quote parts 😂.

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      4. I need to start doing that with books because I always end up desperate for the next book and there’s always still so long to go! And yeah that’s what I do if I’m about to start a series, buy all the books released so far so I can jump straight from one into the other! 🙂
        In that case I’m adding it back onto my to-read list as well! After all why I should I read some of the many books I still haven’t got around to once when I can re-read old favourites! 😀

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      5. Binge reading is the best! But at the same time it can cause the worst reading slumps. That always ends up happening to me after I binge a really great series.
        Lol yes 😂! That’s how I feel sometimes. I even randomly pick up books off my selves when I’m reading another book and go into reread mode. There’s just so many great books to read, even the ones we’ve already read. 😊

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      6. I don’t think I’ve ever had a slump because of binge reading, most times it’s been the other way round (I’ve come out of a slump and immediately started binge reading!)
        Yeah same here. I think at times now matter how amazing a book your currently reading is there are always going to be old favourites you always want to go back and re-read! 😀

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  5. I did this tag a while back when Izzi created it. I totally agree with you on Mare. I liked her when I read Red Queen and it was even one of my first rave reviews, but the more I thought about her, I really didn’t like the book all that much or Mare. I have the second book and still haven’t read it. I hear she’s even more unlikable in that book. I also shipped Morpheus and Alyssa. That was one of the few YA love triangles I actually liked. I still need to finish that series. Great tag! 🙂

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    1. Oops, sorry for tagging you again then!
      But yeah I wasn’t that much of a fan of Mare in Red Queen after I re-read the book either. See the first time I read it I think I really enjoyed it and gave it four stars but then going back and re-reading it I just came across a lot of problems and couldn’t look past them. Oh she’s definitely more unlike bale in the second, I think if you had issues with Red Queen then they won’t be solved in Glass Sword.
      Same here, normally I am not a fan of love triangles at all, I feel that’s well known about me, but this was actually one I really enjoyed so props to A.G. Howard for that! Also I hope you enjoy the rest of the series as well, is it just the last one you need to read or the last two?
      Thanks Jill! 😀

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      1. No problem. I’ll do the next tag. 🙂 This is a fun tag Izzi put together. I also loved Res Queen the first time around. Then I started making comparisons to other books, and I felt like the author ripped off the whole story. The plot really annoys me now that I think about it, too. I was really surprised by how much I liked the love triangle in Splintered. I didn’t know what to make of Morpheus at first and I liked Jeb. I better finish up this and Red Rising so we can chat about them. I need to read the last two books in both series. I wish I hadn’t started so many series and left them unfinished. That’s why I didn’t read ADSOM in September. I didn’t want to start another series and not finish it. Plus, it’s also our winner for Hype or Like for November.

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      2. Oh yeah, a lot of fun! I was glad I was tagged it just took me a while to get around to it.
        Yeah it’s just too much of a generic story for me to enjoy it, the amount of fantasy and dystopian books out there now I feel like there needs to be something unique to them in order for me to enjoy them. Red Queen just didn’t have it, and going back and re-reading it that became really obvious you know?
        Yeah, by the end of the series I wasn’t sure who I was rooting for to end up with Alyssa, I loved both character equally and wanted them all to get their happy ending.
        Yes definitely, I still need to read the last book but am thinking of doing a re-read of the whole series soon!
        I can’t wait for you to read ADSOM, but yeah I guess you have a few other series you need to get around to first! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That’s how I felt about Red Queen. It had too much of every popular book out there in one book. I’m not sure who I would want Alyssa to end up with either. I kind want her to live in Wonderland with Morpheus, but I’d also like her to be human and go back and live with her parents once the curse is broken and end up with Jeb. I think that ending would make more sense since she was doing it to help her mom. I guess I better start reading the next two. 🙂 Unfortunately, I have tons of books before ADSOM. Once I realized it was our book for Hype or Like, I decided to read other ARCs I had been holding off on. I’ll have a review up by the end of November. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Exactly, and there was nothing about it that felt unique enough to make the story stand out for me.
        I’m not going to spoil anything for you but I will say I really enjoyed the ending to this series, and the way A.G. Howard resolved everything, so I hope you do as well. Definitely start them when you get a chance.
        And nooo! But I can wait for November for your review, I really cannot wait to see what you think of it, I’m so so excited for you to read it now! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Oh that’s awesome! I can’t wait to finish the series. I shouldn’t have started so many series at once or I would’ve been done already. I have Splintered, Red Rising, and a few others to finish up. I’m looking forward to ADSOM. Next month is my horror month.

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      6. Oh I do the same thing, but at the same time most of them are unfinished simply because the next book hasn’t been released yet. Yeah I need to finish Red Rising as well.
        I’m looking forwards to your horror month as well, perfect for Halloween right? 😀

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    1. Oh yes, Ronan is my all-time favourite character in that trilogy, I love him even more than Gansey does! 😀 I can’t wait for you to read The Dream Thieves Marie; I really hope you love it, and Ronan, as well.
      Yeah it’s a classic trope but it works doesn’t it? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! Oh well in that case I would recommend some of these series, in spite of their problematic characters! 🙂
      Yeah Ronan is just amazing! 😀
      That’s all right, and there’s no rush so feel free to take as much time as you need. I’ll be looking forwards to seeing your answers for this one!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I might actually do this one 😂😂 I totally shipped Morpheus and Alyssa too!! I really wanted them to get together and I always believed that Morpheus would redeem himself, especially because of the reasoning behind his trickery!! I never actually fully shipped Tamlin and Feyre? I thought their relationship was forced and I didn’t actually think it would last!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You definitely should! I’d love to see what you pick for this.
      Oh Morpheus was a great character, I think it just took me a little while to come around to him but once I did I definitely shipped him and Alyssa!
      I did at the very beginning, but I think as soon as I started ACOMAF I started to see the cracks, and now I can’t believe I ever shipped the two of them. It’s Rhysand all the way now! 😀


  7. Great answers, Beth! I completely agree about Mare, although I feel like most people actually dislike her rather than the other way around. I haven’t really heard that many flattering things about her at all. 😂

    And I still haven’t read Reign of Shadows! So tempted to though because there really aren’t that many Rapunzel retellings in YA fiction… in fact, is that the only one? Too bad it’s problematic. :/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Reg! Yeah I see what you mean but I know the Red Queen series is a popular one so I feel there are probably a lot of people out there who like Mare. Guess maybe it’s the people who don’t who have the blogs and write the reviews for the series! 😀
      I wouldn’t recommend it. Yeah there aren’t many Rapunzel stories out there but this just was not a good one for me at all, I couldn’t get into the story just because there seemed to be something I didn’t like every other page.
      Although if you did read it I’d be interested to see what you did think of it. 🙂


  8. I also thought Mare was okay in Red Queen, but couldn’t stand her in Glass Sword. I’m hoping she’ll act more mature in King’s Cage. I actually had no idea that people seriously thought Feyre and Tamlin were a cute couple – I’ve always thought that Feyre and Rhysand were meant to be together from the start! Tamlin is so flawed and just not a good fit for Feyre; she deserves someone who will help her grow instead of limiting her potential.

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    1. Ahh, see I didn’t like her much in Red Queen but yeah like you I couldn’t stand her in Glass Sword. I’ll still be picking up King’s Cage, I can’t leave series unfinished, but I’m not sure I have any hope for Mare’s character. It will take a lot to redeem her in my mind.
      Oh I loved Feyre and Tamlin at the beginning, but from the start of ACOMAF pretty much I started to see how Rhysand was better for her, and now I can understand how I ever shipped Feyre and Tamlin together!

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