Top Ten Tuesday: Top Five Favourite Artists and Top Ten Favourite Albums

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week there is a new topic for bloggers to choose and list their top ten. This week’s theme is an all about audio freebie, so I picked Top Five Favourite Artists and Top Ten Favourite Albums.

As much as I love reading I think I love music even more. I’d rather leave home without my Kindle than leave without my iPod fully charged and full of music to listen to on my journey to and from work. I have thousands of songs on my iPod but I listen to the same bands, the same albums, and the same tracks over and over again. So for this week’s top ten I decided to pick my favourite artists, my favourite albums and, when the comes down to it, the songs I will listen to over and over on my iPod.


Fall Out Boy

I have loved Fall Out Boy ever since I heard Sugar We’re Goin Down when it was first released. Their two newest albums are my favourites though and picking only two favourite tracks was so hard because there’s so many I love and could have picked.

Save Rock and Roll
Favourite Song: Just One Yesterday

“If heaven’s grief brings hell’s rain
Then I’d trade all my tomorrows for just one yesterday.”

American Beauty/American Psycho
Favourite Song: The Kids Aren’t All Right

“And in the end
I’d do it all again
I think you’re my best friend
Don’t you know that the kids aren’t all, kids aren’t alright.”

Imagine Dragons

When Radioactive was released I downloaded their whole album and kept listening to it over and over again. As much as I loved Night Visions Smoke + Mirrors is actually my favourite of the two albums, and now I can’t wait to see what they come out with next.

Night Visions
Favourite Song: Nothing Left to Say

“Who knows how long I’ve been awake now?
The shadows on my wall don’t sleep
They keep calling me, beckoning.”

Smoke + Mirrors
Favourite Song: Warriors

“Here we are, don’t turn away now,
We are the warriors that built this town.”


I only discovered Bastille when my friend played one of their albums on a road trip where we were going god knows where, the song was Daniel in the Den and after she told me the name of the artist I just had to get my hands on their album.

Bad Blood
Favourite Song: Daniel in the Den

“And you thought the lions were bad
Well they tried to kill my brothers
And for every king that died
Oh they would crown another.”

All This Bad Blood
Favourite Song: Laughter Lines

“I’ll see you in the future when we’re older
And we are full of stories to be told.
Cross my heart and hope to die,
I’ll see you with your laughter lines.”

Taylor Swift

I really love Taylor Swift; there’s not a song off any of her albums I haven’t enjoyed and her newest album, 1989, is one I’ve listened to on repeat so many times now.

Favourite Song: Starlight

“The whole place was dressed to the nines,
And we were dancing, dancing
Like we’re made of starlight, starlight.”

Favourite Song: I Know Places

“Cause they got the cages, they got the boxes
And guns
They are the hunters, we are the foxes
And we run.”

Florence + the Machine

While I still haven’t got around to downloading her newest album the songs I have heard from it are brilliant; and if How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful is anything like Lungs or Ceremonials I know it’s going to be one I listen to on repeat for a few days at least.

Favourite Song: Drumming Song

“There’s a drumming noise inside my head
That starts when you’re around.”

Favourite Song: All This and Heaven Too

“And the heart is hard to translate
It has a language of its own.”

So what do you think? Did you take part in this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, if so let me know what you picked for this week’s themed free-for-all, or what some of your favourite albums and artists are.

94 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Five Favourite Artists and Top Ten Favourite Albums

  1. Whoa we have a lot in common! I love Fall out Boy, Taylor Swift and Imagine Dragons too! Also Train, Ed Sheeran and The Script ❤ I nominated you for the sunshine blogger award, so if you haven't already done it, and are interested, i would love to hear your answers!<3 -

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    1. Ohh yay! I was actually tempted to add The Script to my TTT picks for this week but it just missed the cut, and I also love Ed Sheeran and Train as well! ❤
      Thanks so much, I have a few outstanding nominations for that award so I'll be happy to answer your questions as well. 😀

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  2. Love Taylor Swift…the others seem familiar. I like Chainsmokers and 21 Pilots, too. And I’m a big fan of Ellie Goulding (that voice!)
    But I’ve heard of these bands…I should listen and see if they have songs I’ve heard before and I just forgot who wrote them!

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    1. I’m actually listen to Taylor Swift as I write this comment, but yeah she’s amazing isn’t she?!
      Ohh I like Ellie Goulding and 21 Pilots too, haven’t heard of Chainsmokers before though!
      You probably have heard of at least some of their songs, they’ve all had some really popular tracks that were played all the time in the radio. 🙂

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      1. Oh, yes, I’m thinking I probably have. I have a CD stuck in my player in the car (I have a new deck ready to be installed but haven’t had the spare moolah), so I listen to A LOT of radio.
        Awesome picks for sure!

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    1. Thanks so much. I’d recommend checking out the ones you don’t know because, obviously, they’re favourites of mine! Love Story was actually the first Taylor Swift song I heard, and the one that got me hooked on the rest of her songs as well!
      I’ll definitely check out your TTT as well! 😀

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    1. Well yeah, if you have your firm favourites why change them right?! No matter how many songs I have on my iPod I will always listen to at least one song by the five bands I featured in this post daily.
      Thanks so much Meghan, oh Fall Out Boy are my favourite of my favourites! 😀

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    1. Oh they’re all amazing bands aren’t they? And yeah now you mention it it seems the only artist I picked that actually isn’t underrated is Taylor Swift. Still hopefully the others will get more recognition eventually, they definitely deserve it! 😀
      Thanks Sammie! 😀

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  3. Ditto. Taylor Swift is an artist I’ve enjoyed throughout her entire career. The “Red” and “1989” eras in particular are magical – even with their varying genres. Love how you set this post up too (with some of the song quotes).

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    1. I think it’s when she started branching out into more genres that I started to love her work more. Of all her albums Red and 1989 are my two favourites but picking just two songs from there that were my favourites was even harder!
      Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed my post! 🙂


  4. I love how you did this by featuring five artists and two songs from different albums! We have similar music taste. I love Taylor Swift’s Red and 1989 albums. For me on Red, All Too Well was my favorite. And for 1989, I adored I Know Places too (It always made me think of The Darkest Minds books for some reason.) but This Love was my favorite. I also really love Fall Out Boy, Bastille, and Imagine Dragons too. Great picks! 😊

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    1. Thanks so much Melissa! 😀 Yeah I could think of more than a few albums I loved but when it came to artists I don’t have too many all-time favourites you know. Yay, first books now music right? 😀
      I do love All Too Well but Starlight is just my favourite, it’s a close call with most of Taylor Swift’s songs. I never thought about that for I Know Places but when I listened to the song today I definitely get what you mean, now I’m really going to associate that song with The Darkest Minds.
      Fall Out Boy is my all-time favourite band, with Imagine Dragons close behind I think!
      Thanks! 😀

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      1. You’re welcome 💕!
        Yes! We were meant to friends, Beth! 🙌🏻🙈
        It really is. She’s a fantastic song writer and I end up loving most of her songs. I’m glad I wasn’t imagining it 😂. It really does remind me of TDM. I think around the time 1989 released I was rereading the series and reading In The Afterlight so I kind of associate a lot of the songs with Ruby and Liam and TDM in general lol. I listened to that album on repeat for weeks for a while.
        Fall Out Boy is one of my all time favorites as well! Their music brings back so many memories. 😊

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      2. Meant to be right? 😀
        Oh I have so many of her songs that I could pick for favourites because like you said she’s a fantastic song writer, and her songs are so catchy as well! I think now I need to re-read TDM series while listening to that song, I’m thinking back to the book and god it just first so well doesn’t it?!
        Same here, Fall Out Boy was pretty much the soundtrack to my high school years! 😀

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      3. Yes! And I looking back I realized I left the be out in my comment. That’s what happens when I blog late at night. Typos galore! 😂

        Same! People give her a ton of crap but she is talented and I can’t help but love her music. Lol you so should! I think it was the darker aspect of the song about being hunted and such. Because in TDM they are being hunted by people for what they are and all of that. I kind of want to reread them now too, it’s been so long.

        Mine too! Them along with All Time Low, MCR, and Green Day. 😊

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      4. Ehh, there are usually typos in my comments and posts, I write fast and miss things when I read back over it. Happens to everyone! 🙂
        Yeah it’s a shame how much crap she gets put on her shoulders but she doesn’t seem to let it get her down so that’s good! And she’s definitely so talented as well.
        I think as soon as you mentioned it I made the connection in my mind, and every time I hear that song now I just think of Ruby and Liam. It’s just the perfect song for them.
        Yep, those bands were pretty much always playing the common room at my high school! 😀

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      5. True! I try to catch my typos but sometimes they just slip through 😂.
        It really is! I love how she doesn’t let it get her down.
        Yep, it’s definitely the perfect song for them! 😃
        I need to buy a physical copy of 1989 so I can listen to it because I always did when I had Apple Music but now that I don’t it’s been so long and I want to put the whole album on repeat lol.
        They’re great bands! 😃
        Also, you should so check out this tweet Samantha Shannon retweeted this morning
        I’m kind of scared for TSR now. And we thought we only had to worry about the 4th book’s ending. 😱

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Yeah same here, and I normally only notice after I’ve posted a comment that there’s a glaring typo in it! :/
        Oh I always have actual copies of albums on my iPod, I never really got into the whole Apple Music or Spotify thing, but I always have albums on repeat, best way to listen to them!
        Oh my god, I imagine my review of the book will probably be the same, and yeah if that is for TSR what in god’s name is going to be everyone’s reaction to the fourth book! :O

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Same! And then I wish for an edit button so I can fix it. 😣
        I’ll admit I do use Spotify but that’s mainly because I rarely put music on my phone, not enough space. Definitely is the best way to listen to them! 😊
        Me too! I don’t even know if my review will be coherent. I can imagine wanting to type in all caps 😂. I know right!? I mean I know she was saying everything would change in the fourth book but if that is a reaction to TSR I wonder how much further she can go there with the series. I think the fourth book is going to obliterate our hearts. I’m going to need time to prepare for it lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      8. Yeah there needs to be I think.
        I don’t put music on my phone but I have my iPod for that very reason. I just prefer that to apps like Spotify or Apple Music.
        My review will probably just consist of me screaming over and over how amazing this book was but how much it hurt me as well! God I’m starting to get a little terrified of the fourth book, I don’t even think the time we have before it comes out is enough to fully prepare ourselves for it!

        Liked by 1 person

      9. Same! I’m probably going to pull out some gifs for that review just because I don’t think all caps is going to convey my feelings enough 😂. I know right!? I’m going to have a tough time not giving into the urge to peak at the end when it’s released.

        Liked by 1 person

      10. Same! I have the worst spoiler urge when it comes to books I’m really excited for though. I’m going to fight it though because I want to be shocked by whatever she has planned. Samantha Shannon actually tweeted about book 5 today and lighter moments and now I want it. She is the only author who can make me want books when we don’t even have the ones that come before it. 😂🙈

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      11. Yeah, when I was younger I used to skip to the end and read the last page just to see what happened, I stopped that a while back because the journey is such a huge part of the story isn’t it?!
        I think no matter what she writes I’ll end up being really shocked! Also oh my god she’s talking about book 5 now! It’s making me want it as well! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      12. See it was the exact opposite for me, when I was younger I never spoiled books for myself. I actually didn’t start the whole spoiling stuff until I read Divergent. I didn’t look ahead once while reading that series and then the ending. Let’s just say I find it hard to trust endings now 😂. Although I adore Divergent and have realized how true the ending was to the characters but still. I completely agree with you though! The journey is a huge part of the story and that’s why I’m trying to do away with my spoiler problem haha.
        Same! I know right!? I actually got up the courage to send in several ARC requests today and am thinking about going ahead and sending one to for TSR just because. I mean the worst that can happen is they say no. I can deal with a no even if I’ll silently be sad 😂🙈.

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      13. Oh I know that feeling. Sometimes you just want to know what happens in the end, to make sure all the characters you’ve fallen in love with are safe on the final page. But, as much as the journey is the biggest part, it’s still not worth spoiling yourself for the actual ending, at least that’s how I feel. I want the worry of not knowing who will survive or if the characters will get their happily ever after!
        I’m thinking about sending some myself but honestly I’m not even sure how to go about drafting an email to send off to publishers. I am definitely going to request an ARC for TSR though, like you said the worst that happen is they say no but the best that can happen is you get an ARC of the book! 🙂

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      14. Exactly! But true. I’ve actually not looked ahead once while reading any of TBS books so far so I’m going to force myself no matter how much I want to know haha. See, it’s the not surviving part that worries me 🙈. I’ll just need a while to prepare my heart for this.

        I use this guideline: 😊
        Someone sent it to me on twitter when I couldn’t figure out what to say. I pretty much ignore the whole part about stat requirements before requesting because I don’t believe in all of that, but the how to write the email guideline is pretty helpful. Exactly! I haven’t sent my email in but I’m going to first thing in the morning. 😊

        Liked by 2 people

      15. No neither have I, in fact all the books I’ve read in the last few years I haven’t looked ahead on. It’s successfully become something I’ve grown out of! 😀
        Well we’ve got until next year, is that enough time for you?
        Thanks for the link! I’ll definitely use that for a reference because it’s a great starting point, but I do agree with you about the whole stats things, I think the quality and tone of the reviews as well as what books you read is a more important aspect.
        Good luck with your email then, you’ll have to let me know how it goes and what you hear back. 🙂

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      16. I’m hoping so. We’ll see when it comes time to actually read the it next year lol.
        I completely agree! I also think it’s how much you review. I know publishers want to see reviews more than anything else on blogs. I feel like that’s why I’ve been denied in the past. I need to build up my review list lol. I’m such a slow reader though.
        I will! 😊

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      1. Well yeah, it’s great when I’m on the train into work and I’m reading my book on my Kindle and I have my iPod in to block out all the noise of the people commuting around me. I just can’t stand silence you know, and excuse to have music playing somewhere! 🙂

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  5. Ahh these are some of my all time favourite artists 😍 I’ve been listening to Fall Out Boy for 10 years and they’re one of my favourite bands EVER. I love the songs you mentioned!! Imagine Dragons, Taylor and Bastille are some of my favourites too. Have you heard Bastille’s new album? I have it downloaded, but haven’t listened to it yet! I’m really excited too though. I like listening to Florence occasionally too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohh yay, they’re amazing bands aren’t they?! I’ll also admit when you said that I did have to check when Sugar We’re Goin Down was released so I could say how long I’ve been listening to Fall Out Boy and yeah about 10 years for me as well (how has it been that long?!) I do have Bastille’s new album, I’ve listened to it a couple of times bit at the moment I couldn’t choose my favourite song. I’m at that stage where I’m listening to them all on repeat over and over again!
      I’ always listening to music and these five bands are the ones I’ll listen to more than a few times each day. I still need to download her newest album but it’s probably gonna be just as great right?


  6. I think we have very similar tastes – I literally LOVE all of these bands/artists and listen to them regularly, except for Bastille – I only have one song, I think. BUT Taylor Swift and Florence + the Machine and Fall Out Boy? Definitely on my top most played list. I don’t have Imagine Dragons’ full albums, but the songs that I have, I really loved. Have you ever seen any of them live? 🙂

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    1. Ha, first books now music right? Yeah I will listen to at least one song by each of these bands each day, more often than that it’s a lot more than one song. I’d recommend checking out more of Bastille, especially if you liked that one song, all their albums are just amazing.
      Fall Out Boy are number one on my most-played list, probably with Imagine Dragons close behind, so again another ban I’d recommend checking out more of. They have not had one song that I haven’t loved!
      Unfortunately no, I’ve seen some amazing bands live; Muse, The Script, Coldplay, but none of my favourites yet. I would give my right arm to see any of them live though! Have you seen any of them live? (I admit I’ll be really jealous if you have!)


      1. I’ve seen Owl City, James Blunt, Taylor Swift twice, The Script also twice, and Pitbull live (that last one is a bit of an outlier). Oh, I’ve also seen Florence and the Machine – probably the best in terms of voice because her voice is just amazing. But Taylor Swift’s concert is also seriously great in terms of performance…

        My dream is to see Fall Out Boy, Ed Sheeran and Of Monsters and Men live – I think I’d pay quite big bucks to see them! I honestly splurge quite a lot on concerts. 😂

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      2. Wow that is quite a few amazing artists! I’d love to see Taylor Swift live but I don’t think she played in the UK before. I have seen The Script as well (not sure if I’ve already mentioned that one) and I would LOVE to see Florence + the Machine, I imagine she’s just amazing live!
        Oh concerts are amazing as well, always such a great atmosphere! Even if it’s not a band I really really love I’ll still see pretty much anyone live you know? 🙂


      3. I know, I’ve been lucky and I do tend to get quite a bit impulsive when it comes to buying tickets. I LOVE CONCERTS.

        Florence + the Machine is AMAZING live. In Melbourne they held it in an open/outdoor space, and it works so, so well with her songs. She’s probably the best voice-wise I’ve heard live so far – like Swift’s performance as a whole is great because she’s got dancers and fireworks and stuff, but Florence takes the cake when it comes to actual voice.

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      4. I feel like I need to be more impulsive when it comes to concerts just because there are still so many bands I want to see and I need to get started crossing them off my list!
        Oh I can imagine, even hearing her albums it’s clear her voice is amazing and I can only imagine it would be so much better to see her live!
        Yeah performance is one thing, for me Coldplay and Muse were the best bands I saw in terms of performance, but vocals are a completely different aspect aren’t they? 🙂


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