Book Blogger Blind Date | Would You Rather with Cat from The Book Finch

Just over a month ago Jill at Rant and Rave About Books came up with the idea of hosting book blogger interviews. However, as a little bit of a twist, instead of her interviewing a variety of bloggers she decided to create a Book Blogger Blind Date feature.

Everyone who signed up was paired with another blogger and it was up to us to decide how we wanted to go about the interview. I was paired with Cat at The Book Finch, and you can check out her half of our interview here. Cat is an amazing person and an amazing blogger as well. She’s someone I’ve been following pretty much since I started my blog and I count her as one of the best people I’ve met through WordPress to date.

After going back and forth for a while, trying to work out how we wanted our interviews to go we decided on a bookish game of Would You Rather. Granted there were some difficulties with the time difference between our two countries but we made it work and it was a lot of fun both coming up with my own questions and answering Cat’s.

Book Blogger Blind Date

Would you rather be a character in your favourite fantasy series, or your favourite dystopian series?

Also do you think you’d survive? My favourite dystopian is Red Rising so I’d be dead within five minutes!

So I definitely had to sit back for a second and think of my favourite fantasy.  Anyone who reads my blog knows I’m a major SJM fan (and JK Rowling!). But I’d probably end up choosing being a character in the ACOTAR world.

I would def be a part of the Night Court. Not because Rhysand (#swoon) but because of everything the court stands for. I would be some secret spy so hell ya I’d survive.

Would you rather team up during the zombie apocalypse with the main character of the first book you read, or the latest book you read?

Again would you survive? (And I swear my later questions will be less death related)

Fun fact, I actually put a lot of thought into the zombie apocalypse (thanks to an epic marathon of The Walking Dead) and I  concluded that the concept of zombies is actually terrifying. Did you know there’s a fungus that controls brains and can move  corpses?  No fun.

Since the last book I read was HP and siiiince Harry is kind of a ditz, I sub in Dumbledore and conquer all. 🙂

Is that cheating? Maaaaybe.

Would you rather erase from existence one terrible book to film or TV show adaptation, or create a perfect book to film or TV show adaptation of a book/series that hasn’t been adapted yet?

Oh create a perfect one, definitely! I actually love all book to movie adaptations out there. It just makes me really happy that people actually took the time to actually recreate a world I’ve (likely) fallen in love with.

WAIT I TAKE THAT BACK.  I love all except The Lovely Bones.  I absolutely loathed that movie. Ugh. Ugh!

Would you rather only read books from your ONE favourite genre for the rest of your life (I’m assuming for you it would be fantasy right?) or read books from ANY genre except your one favourite?

I would only read fantasy for the rest of my life, zero issues. ðŸ™‚

You come across a time machine however it can only go either into the future or into the past, not both, and your first trip sets it in that mode forever. Would you choose to travel into the future or travel into the past?

I think I would go into the past. It could be cool to see the future but I don’t know if I like the idea of passing by too many vital moments. Plus, everything would be spoiled.

Would you rather have enough money to travel all over the world and see everything you want to see, or to live comfortably in one country for the rest of your life?

Ahhhh my question is so hard. I think a younger me (I’m 23) would definitely choose the travelling.  But now that I’ve graduated university I feel like living comfortably wouldn’t be that bad.  When you’re neck deep in student loan debt, having that money to pay them off seems pretty convenient.

Would you rather live Gwen’s life from the Ruby Red trilogy and travel back in time with Gideon, or be a member of the Night Court (A Court of Mist and Fury) and part of Rhys’s inner circle?

I know you’ve read both books and I think you love them both as well, at least I hope you do.




~I wish I wish I wish~

Pretty sure my obsession with SJM’s writing is unhealthy. 🙂

Would you rather meet up with your favourite author or favourite character?

I think my favorite character. There would really be nothing worse than admiring an author, meeting them, and being turned off.

You find a book; would you rather it contain the date and circumstance of your death, or every mean thought people have ever had about you?

Every mean thought, definitely.  I’m a SUPER nosy person sometimes (most times) (I try not to be, I promise) (it passed down from the English side of my family) (we’re all nosy).

I really don’t want to know how I die, that just terrifies me. 😦

Would you rather; have immediate access to every new book you want a month before their release date but have to read all the spoilers beforehand, or wait an extra year after its release date to start a book but nothing will be spoiled for you?

I’d wait a year. I would be PISSED if I was spoiled for a really awesome book coming out 😦

You’re trapped on a desert island with only one book. Would you rather it be a book you’ve already read and loved, or a book yet to be released which you’re eagerly anticipating?

Also what book would you choose and why?

I would definitely be on the island with a book I was anticipating the release of.  IN FACT, it would be Empire of Storms by SJM.


Would you rather live one one thousand year life, or ten one hundred year lives spread out however you choose?

1000 straight years. I could pull a Cullen and keep attending high school, college, get a PhD, so many options 😉

Would you rather be a famous musician with an amazing singing voice, or the world’s greatest actress?

Actress! I always wanted to be one as a kid but never had the charisma for it.

Would you rather lose all feeling in your hands (you’d still be able to use your hands just not feel anything with them) or lose all sense of taste?

I’d prefer to lose sensation in my hands. I love food, it’s so amazing and delicious. Although now that I think of it, it’d be way easier to diet if I didn’t taste the food recommended.

If you could take one magical item of clothing from a book would you rather have Kell’s many-sided coat (A Darker Shade Of Magic) or Harry’s invisibility cloak (Harry Potter).

Invisibility cloak! IT WOULD BE AWESOME. I was told today my sleuthing and mischievous skills are subpar (aka I’m super obvious). This obviously needs to be rectified 😉

If you could travel to any place would you rather choose a city/country that exists in the real world, or one that is completely made up from a fantasy book/world?

Also where would you choose and why?

Fantasy world visit all day every day!  The dreamer in me would be too happy. 🙂

I think I’d really like to visit Velaris. 🙂

Would you rather never be able to go back and read or re-read anything by your favourite author, or never be able to discover any new authors?

You legit left the toughest question for last. HMMMMMM…. By “go back” I’m assuming you mean everything she (she, being SJM) has ever written or published.  But what about the stuff she writes in the future?

Regardless, I would stop reading her stuff because I couldn’t ever imagine not finding new authors.  Also with 6(?) more books being added to her current series, somebody I love is bound to die and NOBODY HAS TIME FOR THAT HEARTBREAK.

And that’s the end of my half of mine and Cat’s Would You Rather interview.

You can check out Cat’s blog for the second half and in the meantime let me know what you thought of our questions. What would be your answers be for them? Did you pick different to Cat on anything?

Thanks Jill for hosting this feature, thanks Cat for being my Book Blogger Blind Date, and thanks all of you for reading this.

13 thoughts on “Book Blogger Blind Date | Would You Rather with Cat from The Book Finch

  1. I have to agree with Sammie.. These questions are amazing, but they seem very difficult. This is also such an amazing way to meet other bloggers, and learn more about them. Loved this, and what you did with it! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you! 🙂
      Oh yeah I think we both tried to come up with difficult questions for each other, makes it more fun that way! 🙂 But the last question Cat asked me (I’ve linked to her part of this interview in mine if you want to check it out) was seriously the worst of the lot!
      I did think it was a brilliant idea as well, and it was so much fun getting to know another blogger and coming up with our interview ideas! I think Jill may be making it a more regular feature so if she is maybe you can sign up as well next time! 😀


  2. These questions are AWESOME and so, so difficult! Such a good idea. Obviously I’d love to join your in The Light Court and Rhys’ inner circle *omg cries* 😍 An invisibility clock would also be great. Love your answers as usual Beth. 😊

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Sammie! 🙂
      Yeah I had a few on my list once we came up with the idea of doing a Would You Rather style interview. Actually these are Cat’s answers (her post has my answers to her questions!) but I did agree with a lot of them, especially the invisibility cloak one! 😀 Who wouldn’t want one of those?! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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