Book Scavenger Hunt Tag

This was such a fun tag to be able to complete. I’ve actually taken part in some scavenger hunts but never a bookshelf one so this was a unique experience for me. I wasn’t sure if I’d have any books that fit all the categories, and yes I did end up ‘cheating’ a little on one, but for the most part once I started looking I found a few I could have picked for each.

I was tagged by Izzi at Ravenclaw Book Club and Lauren at Wonderless Reviews. Thank you both so much for the tag; everyone else should definitely check out Izzi’s and Lauren’s original posts and while you’re there check out their blogs as well, you won’t regret it.

Book Scavenger Hunt Tag


…A Book with the Letter Z in the Title or Authors Name

Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter

Book Scavenger Hunt Tag, #1

All three books in this trilogy have a Z in the title; and based on the subject of the books, zombies, it’s kind of an obvious choice as well. However believe it or not this is the only book on my bookshelves that has a Z in the title or the authors name, the rest are on my Kindle.

…A Classic

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Book Scavenger Hunt Tag, #2

This is the only classic on my bookshelves and the only classic I’ve not only read but really enjoyed. Alice in Wonderland is a childhood favourite of mine, and a book I love going back and re-reading whenever I have a chance. When I saw this special edition in Waterstones one afternoon I knew I had to have it even though, at the time, it was quite an expensive purchase for me.

…The Oldest Book on Your Shelves

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

Book Scavenger Hunt Tag, #3

While this isn’t the first book I ever received it’s the oldest one left on my shelves; the rest have been relegated to my loft or the local charity shop. My parents brought this for me when it was first released back in 1997 and it started my obsession with the Harry Potter series. Since then my edition of this book has been read so many times the spine is cracked and nearly falling apart in places.

…A Book with a Key on the Cover

Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor

Book Scavenger Hunt Tag, #4

OK so I kind of cheated with this one; I could not, no matter how hard I looked, find a book with a key on the cover. Instead I picked Dreams of Gods and Monsters because it has a lock on the cover and, after all, you can’t have a lock without a key.

…Something on Your Shelves which isn’t a Book

Alice in Wonderland Litographs print

Book Scavenger Hunt Tag, #5

When I discovered Litographs I desperately wanted one of their posters, however it was only when I went to a Christmas fair in Winchester last year and found a stall selling them that I got to buy one for myself. It’s my favourite thing on my bookshelves and there are still a few more I want to buy; Cinder, Throne of Glass and The Princess Bride are going to be the next three I buy.

…A Book with an Animal on the Cover

Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin

Book Scavenger Hunt Tag, #6

The wolves are a key part of this book, something key to Yael’s character as well as Felix’s and Adele’s in their own way, so it’s only fitting one be on the cover of this book. Even though it’s only a silhouette of a wolf I still pick Wolf by Wolf out of all the other books on my shelves with animals on, which isn’t all that many actually.

…A Book with a Girl on the Cover

Splintered by A.G. Howard

Book Scavenger Hunt Tag, #7

The cover for this book was the very first thing I noticed. It’s so incredibly striking and it definitely stands out from the rest of the books on my shelves. Splintered is my favourite Alice in Wonderland retelling; honestly the story inside is just as brilliant as the cover itself is.

…A Non YA Book

All Things Marshmallow
The London Marshmallow Company

Book Scavenger Hunt Tag, #8

I love baking so as well as YA books I have more than a few cookbooks on my bookshelves. All Things Marshmallow is the most recent one I got, brought for me by my sister for Christmas last year, and although I haven’t attempted any of the recipes in there yet I am excited to get started on some of them. They all look amazingly delicious.

…A Book with Stars on the Cover

The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh

Book Scavenger Hunt Tag, #9

The hardcover edition for this book, and the sequel, are amazing. Normally I don’t get hardcover editions unless the story is truly exception, they’re so expensive, but for this series I couldn’t resist. The Wrath and the Dawn was one of my favourite books of last year and the sequel ended up being one of my favourite books of this year as well.

…A Book with Golden Letters

Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton

Book Scavenger Hunt Tag, #10

I really love the cover for this book; it isn’t just the letters in gold but some of the detailing around it, and all added together it creates a striking cover. Though there have been some mixed reviews for Rebel of the Sands around for me, even though the story started off a little slow, I really enjoyed this book and am interested to see where the sequel goes.

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And if there’s anyone else out there who wants to take part, consider yourself tagged. Just send me a link to your post in the comments so I can see what your answers are.

53 thoughts on “Book Scavenger Hunt Tag

  1. This post is gorgeous! You need to start a Bookstagram, Beth 😉

    That edition of Alice in Wonderland is absolutely stunning!! And that litograph print!! 😍 I love that story and world so much. It’s definitely my favourite classic.

    I started reading Alice in Zombieland forever ago and was enjoying it, but I put it on hold – I need to finish it! And start Splintered! I love how many Alice inspired books are in this post.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Lauren 😀 Yeah a Bookstagram is on my ‘social media I need to create’ list. I’m hopeful that before the end of this month I’ll have one up and running! 🙂
      Yeah it’s my favourite non-book on my bookshelves, and honestly I want more because even though Alice in Wonderland is my favourite as well there are a few other favourite books with prints available.
      I did notice the Alice in Wonderland theme towards the end of drafting this post! But I can’t complain, and both those series are amazing aren’t they, you should definitely finish Alice in Zombieland as soon as you get a chance! 😀


  2. I love this tag, it sounds like so much fun, thank you for tagging me! 🙂 I love Alice in Wonderland as well, actually I think that’s one of the few classics I own haha. I love the story so, so much! 🙂 I am still eager to read The Rose and The Dagger, I need to buy it very soon, AS SOON AS I CAN. But I am also saving because I’ll probably hit about 20 Waterstone’s when I get to your country so…. I am struggling hahahaa.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That’s all right, honestly I think to date it’s the tag I’ve had the most fun with so I hope you enjoy it as well!
      It’s pretty much the only classic I own so it was an obvious choice for that one, and it’s one of my favourite stories as well! 🙂
      The Rose and the Dawn is AMAZING, honestly I can’t wait for you to read it. Ahh yes, I’m the same when I go on holiday, especially to America, I always hit the bookshops literally as soon as I can! And I buy so much as well! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It definitely one of my favourite non books on my bookshelves, and there are so many more gorgeous ones on their website as well. I need to buy more of them soon!
      If you get the marshmallow book you won’t regret it, if only because the pictures look so yummy. I’ll hopefully end up creating an Instagram account sometime soon for pictures of books and food so if I do I will let you know! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Interesting tag! I loved reading your answers. 😀
    You’ve got a beautiful edition of Alice in Wonderland. Also, I love buying cookbooks too, especially baking books! They look so colorful and pretty on the bookshelves. 😮
    Thanks for the tag! I might take a while to do this one since I’m lagging behind tags at the moment. But, I’ll try to post my answers as soon as possible. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, I had a lot of fun with this one and I’m glad you enjoyed reading my answers for it! 😀
      It’s a gorgeous book, as soon as I saw it I just had to buy it! All my recipe books have actually been brought for me (by my sister!) but they do look really pretty on my bookshelves, and at the moment the marshmallow one is my favourite! 🙂
      That’s all right, it took me a while to get around to this one as well. I know all to well about the tags queue bloggers seem to always have! 🙂 Take all the time you need.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! As soon as I saw it I know I had to have it, but I’m a sucker for a pretty cover 🙂
      I’m slowly building up my collection of recipe books but at the moment the marshmallow one is my favourite just because of the recipes it has. They all look so yummy! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I loved the Splintered series!! And that Marshmallow book looks a-mazing! I actually DNFed TWATD because, clearly I am a minority!! I actually have Rebel of the Sands on my kindle! 🙂 still need to read it though!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It’s amazing isn’t it, I’m definitely feeling the need to re-read that series very soon! And yep, I saw some of the pictures of the recipes inside and knew I needed that book! 🙂
      I’ve seen a few other negative reviews for TWATD so it’s not too much of a minority, but I hope you enjoy Rebel of the Sands, it has some mixed reviews but I really enjoyed it! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Great answers, Beth! Did you like Alice in Zombieland? I’ve only read Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld series – and only some books, at that – and they’re so… adult, haha. I can’t imagine her writing a YA series. 😛

    All Things Marshmallow looks so cute. I actually really hate marshmallows but those cakes look yummm, I might just have to look it up and see if they have any recipe available online.

    Thanks for the tag! This would be so hard for me to do because I don’t have a lot of physical books on my shelves… I guess I can do like an e-book version of it. ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I did really enjoy it, I think though I thought because of the title it would be more Alice in Wonderland inspired but it wasn’t (which was a little disappointing because Alice in Wonderland with zombies would have been pretty cool). I’ve read some of the Lords of the Underworld books as well and while I think she’s better at adult than YA I still enjoyed her YA series.
      I don’t really have strong feelings either way for marshmallows but I saw some of the picture and knew I had to have this book, now j just need to actually attempt some of them for myself!
      That’s all right! And an ebook version of this tag could be pretty cool as well! 🙂


      1. Her Lords of the Underworld series reminds me SO MUCH of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series. For me those books are books to binge, because once I stop binging them I get a bit sick of them – I feel like plot-wise and character-wise they’re generally quite similar from book to book.

        The pictures ARE really cute! Cookbooks are the best. ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah I made that connection as well, and I was the same I used to binge read both series but I am now kind of behind on both. There are a lot of similarities but I suppose given how many DH books have been released there are bound to be a few here and there.
        Part of me always spends more time drooling over the pictures than actually making any of the recipes in them! 😀


      1. Sounds good. I’ll start working on it after I read all the instructions again.
        Tags are seriously the best though.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I wanted to get one for Great Expectations or Jane Eyre because they’re two of my favorite books, but I also love the print for My Antonia… AHH they’re all so pretty ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  6. That marshmallow book!!!!!!!!!! ~flailing because I want it!!~

    Just gave me an idea for a baking series? Baking a treat inspired by a book. I would be all over that @_@

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It is an amazing book, and some of the recipes look amazing. It’s not all marshmallows either, some are recipes you can make that feature marshmallows! All the pictures look very yummy either way! 😀
      Ohh that sounds like an amazing idea, I’d definitely follow it and be very interested in what foods you make if you did it! 🙂


  7. Thanks for the tag! This is so much fun. We were just talking about Alice and she’s all over this post. I love it! I’m such a huge fan of Carroll’s and now I’m a fan of the Splintered series. I just need to finish it. 🙂 Daughter of Smoke and Bone I bought a while ago. I was waiting to see what my book club was reading this month before opening it. That’s a great picture. Looks like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. I could never get enough of that movie or the book when I was a kid. I still need to go see the second movie that just came out not too long ago. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s all right! 🙂 I really loved this one so I hope you do as well. And yeah while taking the pictures for this tag I did realise there was a strong Alice in Wonderland theme going on, but I guess it’s my favourite for a reason! 🙂
      Splintered is obviously an amazing series, but I really loved Daughter of Smoke and Bone as well so that’s worth a read too.
      They do have two designs for Alice in Wonderland, the second is her looking up at the Cheshire Cat in the tree, but I got the one that was available and I do love it! Given how much we’ve talked about it recently I’m really feeling a need to read all the books I have based on Alice in Wonderland and watch the films I have of it too! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’ll be a lot of Alice in Wonderland but I think it will be a lot of fun as well! The only series I really have ongoing are the ones that haven’t had the latest book released yet! All the rest should be finished, or most of them at least 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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