The Pastry Book Tag

Another food tag, yummy! The only thing that would make completing this tag any more fun would be having a tray of pastries by my side to eat while I think of my answers. Sadly I’m going to have to make do imagining all the delicious treats described.

I was tagged by Allie at Multifandomed Book Blogger and Jenna at Fictional Neverland. Thank you both so much for the tag; everyone else should definitely check out Allie’s and Jenna’s original posts and while you’re there check out their blogs as well.

The Pastry Book Tag

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Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books that Made Me Want to Travel the World

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week there is a new topic for bloggers to choose and list their top ten. This week’s theme is Top Ten Things Books Have Made Me Want to Do or Learn About After Reading Them.

I decided to do my own take on this week’s theme and instead I picked; Top Ten Books that Made Me Want to Travel the World.

If you don’t know by now then, other than reading, travel is one of the main loves of my life. I want to see the world and I don’t think I’m ever going to be content in one place. The past few Top Ten Tuesday themes have been filled with travel and books. First there was top ten travel facts about me, then my top ten books that were set outside the US, and now top ten books that made me want to travel. There were more than a few, and this list is a mixture of books that have inspired holidays I’ve been on and books that have made me want to hop on a plane and fly far away.

Top Ten Tuesday #31

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Red Queen

Red Queen, CH

Title: Red Queen

Author: Christina Henry

Series: The Chronicles of Alice, #2

Publisher: Titan Books

Release Date: July 12th 2016


Four Stars

The land outside of the Old City was supposed to be green, lush, hopeful. But the verdant fields are nothing but ash and hope is nowhere to be found. Still, Alice and Hatcher are on a mission to find his daughter: a quest they will not forsake even as it takes them deep into the clutches of the mad White Queen or into the realm of the twisted and cruel Black King. The pieces are set and the game has begun, and each move brings Alice closer to her destiny.

– Blurb courtesy of

This review may contain spoilers for previous book(s) in the series.

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Update #1

Just a quick post today to announce something very exciting. I finally have an Instagram account!

InstagramYep after blogging for nine months now I’m making my foray into the social media world starting with Instagram.

Does this mean a Goodreads account is in the works for my blog? Possibly but not for a few more days at least. I have YALC this coming weekend, more gifts to buy for #SFATW and a book blog blind date interview to finish; so a lot of things on my plate. However, fingers crossed, before the end of this month I will have a profile up and running on Goodreads. Until then though you can check out my account on Instagram.



Title: Alice

Author: Christina Henry

Series: The Chronicles of Alice, #1

Publisher: Titan Books Ltd.

Release Date: August 4th 2015


Five Stars

In a warren of crumbling buildings and desperate people called the Old City, there stands a hospital with cinderblock walls which echo with the screams of the poor souls inside.

In the hospital, there is a woman. Her hair, once blonde, hangs in tangles down her back. She doesn’t remember why she’s in such a terrible place-just a tea party long ago, and long ears, and blood…

Then, one night, a fire at the hospital gives the woman a chance to escape, tumbling out of the hole that imprisoned her, leaving her free to uncover the truth about what happened to her all those years ago.

Only something else has escaped with her. Something dark. Something powerful.

And to find the truth, she will have to track this beast to the very heart of the Old City, where the rabbit waits for his Alice.

– Blurb courtesy of

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The Blog Most Likely To…

The Blog Most Likely To… challenge is one that was inspired by Huntley Fitzpatrick’s book, The Boy Most Likely To. In the run up to its release bloggers were asked to choose their own superlative for their blog using the tag “The Blog Most Likely To…”. Even though the book is well past its release day this challenge is still floating around out there and I was tagged by Analee at Book Snacks, so thank you Analee for this tag.

The Blog Most Likely To...

When I read The Boy Most Likely To at the beginning of this year I loved it, even more than the previous companion novel My Life Next Door. Tim’s journey throughout was so wonderfully written, so moving, and it made the whole book felt real and incredibly well developed. Of course I jumped at the chance to take part in this challenge; despite the facts that The Boy Most Likely To has been released for a while now and that it’s taken me a long time to get around to this tag.

The Boy Most Likely To

He’s a kid. Not a man, not on some deadline. But with his jaw set and raised—I know that face. The I’m going to push on through, no problem, I’ll deal. Moving right along. Nothing to see here face. Know it as well as my own. It is my own. And I picture the rest of the lines on that paper.

Tim Mason: The Boy Most Likely To…
Forget his own name even before we do
Turn down the hottest girl in the world for the coldest beer
Be six feet under by our fifth reunion

Don’t go that way, Tim. Such a stupid, stupid waste.

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ARC Review: Nevernight


Title: Nevernight

Author: Jay Kristoff

Series: The Nevernight Chronicle, #1

Publisher: Harper Voyager

Release Date: August 11th 2016


Five Stars

Destined to destroy empires, Mia Covere is only ten years old when she is given her first lesson in death.

Six years later, the child raised in shadows takes her first steps towards keeping the promise she made on the day that she lost everything.

But the chance to strike against such powerful enemies will be fleeting, so if she is to have her revenge, Mia must become a weapon without equal. She must prove herself against the deadliest of friends and enemies, and survive the tutelage of murderers, liars and demons at the heart of a murder cult.

The Red Church is no Hogwarts, but Mia is no ordinary student.

The shadows love her. And they drink her fear.

– Blurb courtesy of

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books I Enjoyed Set Outside the US

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week there is a new topic for bloggers to choose and list their top ten. This week’s theme is Top Ten Books I Enjoyed Set Outside the US.

I read a lot of fantasy books so the topic for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday was an easy one for me. While most of my favourite books are set in completely made up places, Ravka and Ketterdam (The Grisha Trilogy and Six of Crows) and Godsgrave (Nevernight) among others, for this week’s topic I wanted to stick to books that were set in cities that actually exist in our world; although some are more inspired by those cities than strictly set in them.

Top Ten Tuesday #30

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